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Typeshala Nepali typing keyboard layout

Typeshala is computer software that teaches you to type letters in Nepali and English format. This is very useful for office work and learning for students. You just have to practice 15 to 30 minutes per day for 10 to 15 days. Free Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC

The download link for Offline Typeshala is given below.

Free Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC

This typing tutor will help you to learn Nepali typing in Devanagari script and English typing as well. It is used for freehand typing with entertaining games within.

No Internet is needed to use this application, you just need the internet to download this application.

Typeshala software is very useful if you want to learn Nepali and English typing. Ramayan Game is one of the most entertaining games on this platform which helps you to increase your typing speed with fluency.

Nepali typing is one of the hardest typing languages but by using this software for 15 minutes every day you will learn typing in 3 to 4 weeks. Download this for free and start learning Nepali and English typing from today.

System Requirements for Typeshala:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • RAM: 512 MB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more
  • Graphics: Standard VGA graphics (or higher resolution)
  • Input: Keyboard and mouse
Typeshala Nepali Keyboard Download

Free Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC. Start Typing

It has been ages that we use Offline Typeshala as a typing tutor to learn English and Nepali Typing. We also can learn to type online.

Why Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC?

Downloading Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC allows users to improve their typing skills in both Nepali and English languages, enabling efficient and accurate typing proficiency, which is beneficial for various purposes such as work, communication, and personal development.

Pros Cons
Free to download and use Only available for Windows PC
Beginner-friendly Limited to Nepali and English typing
Includes additional features such as free hand typing and games May not be suitable for advanced typists

Here you can Download Typeshala for free and without any difficulty. Download the software with just one click. This is the trusted platform for free downloading Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC.

Features and Benefits of Learning Nepali Typing:

  1. Know Devanagari Script
  2. Improve Nepali language skills like Nepali words and sentences
  3. Get Job Opportunities and Career Advancement
  4. Learn New Things to activate the learning cells of the brain
  5. Helps in advancing digital communication
  6. Typing speed improvement
  7. Learning while having fun
  8. Additional skills in yourself

Steps involved in downloading and installing Typeshala

To download Typeshala:

  • Click on the Download Button above (Red and orange Gradient Download Button)

To install Typeshala:

  1. After downloading Typeshala you need to unzip the zip file. Extract that file into the computer folder.
  2. Then open the Typeshala folder, and you will find a Typeshala.exe file for setup.
  3. Now open the Typeshala.exe file as administrator and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned and file install location.
  4. Launch Typeshala and Enjoy Typing.

Note: You will get some issues while installing the Typeshala software in some of the newer versions of Windows. Then watch the video attached to solve this problem. If any issue other than that you can comment down below. I will be happy to help.

List of some of the Additional Features of Typeshala Software

  1. Lesson Customization
  2. Multi-Language Support
  3. Progress Tracking
  4. Games and Challenges:
    • Interactive Typing Games
    • Offline Mode
    • Compatibility with Various Operating Systems
    • Keyboard Shortcut Training
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Community and Support

    Real user Testimonials

    I have been using this Typeshala Software for more than 10 years of my working career. I used it to teach my students to help them with Nepali Typing exercises. It is one of the best Nepali Typing software available in the market right now. There has been no issue with this software while working with it. It is user-friendly to new learners and easy to learn. Basically, if you practice 2 hours per day for 7 days you will be pretty much good at Nepali Typing which will help you in Nepali Documentation writing, Graphic design, Blogging etc.

    Suraj Raj Shrestha

    Computer Engineer and Instructor, Blueprint Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    I used this Typeshal Typing Software and I have learned Nepali Typing in 4 days. I have done as my teacher Suraj Raj Shrestha said and I am doing good in Nepali and English Typing. I think it is the best software to start your Typing journey. Highly recommended to beginners who are interested and want to learn Typing in Journey.

    Gunjan Shrestha

    Computer Student


    What is Nepali and English Typeshala?

    Nepali Typeshala is a typing tutor software specifically designed for learning and improving Nepali typing skills, while English Typeshala is a typing tutor software focused on enhancing English typing skills.

    Which language Typing can we practice in Typeshala?

    Typeshala is a Nepali typing tutor software that primarily focuses on helping users improve their typing skills in the Nepali language.

    Can we Download Typeshala For Windows 10/8/7?

    We can download, install, and run Typeshala for Windows 10/8/7. There will be no issue, it will run smoothly without any lags because it is lite software for your computer.

    Is Typeshala available offline?

    Yes, we can use Typeshala offline. We don’t need any internet service to run this Typeshala offline.

    Is Nepali Typeshala a free to use or free resource?

    Yes, as of now Nepali Typing practice software is free to use as a free resource. Users could download and use the software without incurring any cost. However, keep in mind that software offerings and pricing models can change. I will update you if there have been any changes in its pricing or usage terms.

    Hi everyone I am Wilson Shrestha, author of this article. In my previous days, while learning typing, I used Typeshala and I can guarantee you that it is the best software available now for learning Nepali and English typing. If you install this software on your computer for learning typing you won’t need other software. This one software will be enough for you at the beginning. Practice a minimum of 1 hour per day and it will help you a lot in typing. I am a blogger and graphic designer, and this software helped me a lot in my field, it’s been more than 10 years since this software was launched but you can’t get the best software other than this. so I will suggest you as well to go ahead and start practicing today.

    I also taught students Nepali typing in this software for more than 1 year. In that period I have taught 100-plus students in Nepali Typing with Typeshala. We are also known as the typing educational institute in Nepal. Right now I am working in a software company called Blueprint Technologies Pvt. Ltd. where various computer and web-based software is created. In this period of my work, I found that Typeshala is the Best software, and no need to upgrade this software for now because it captures all the required demand of the market till now.