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Typeshala vs Typing Tutor Free Nepali Typing Software

Are you looking for Free Nepali Typing Software?

There are various Free Nepali Typing Software, among them I have listed 2 of the most popular Free Nepali Software available in the market right now.

  1. Typeshala
  2. Typing Tutor

If you are confused about these 2 programs, I will completely solve your confusion. Then you will be clear about which software is useful.

I have been using both of the software since 2017, and I have the best experience on both of them. I have used each and every function of them and I got to know that both of them have different advantages of using it. We can practice on both software which everyone does to get their job done for documentation preparation, graphic design, blogging, etc. These I have usually done most.

Simply to let you know, Typeshala is made by Nepali Developers and it is best for Nepali typing practice but it does not have a good user interface and design like Typing Tutor, which is mostly used to practice English typing. Other differences between this software are listed below.

Typeshala vs Typing Tutor

Feature Typeshala Typing Tutor
Language Support Primarily focused on Nepali typing May support multiple languages
Target Audience Widely used in Nepal for Nepali learners General typing software for various users
Special Features Customized for Nepali keyboard layout May have adaptive lessons, games, etc.
Availability Often used locally in Nepal Available internationally with variations
Operating Systems Primarily for Windows Available for various operating systems
Popularity Popular in Nepali-speaking regions Widely used globally