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Learn Nepali Typing Practice | Typeshala, Typing Tutor for Windows

Are you looking for Learn Nepali Typing Practice | Typeshala, Typing Tutor for Windows?

Welcome here, you are at the right place. We will provide you with the best lesson to practice the Nepali language with some tips and tricks as well.

Everything in this article is written with my experiences. I used Windows to practice and learn Nepali Typing software Typeshala and for English Typing practice Typing Tutor.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Learn Nepali Typing?
  3. Typeshala: A Powerful Typing Tutor
  4. Installation and Setup
  5. User Interface Overview
  6. Beginner Typing Lessons
  7. Advanced Typing Techniques
  8. Gamification in Typing Practice
  9. Compatibility and Updates
  10. Success Stories
  11. Community Support and Forums
  12. Tips for Effective Typing Practice
  13. Comparative Analysis with Other Typing Tutors
  14. Future Developments and Upcoming Features
  15. Conclusion

IntroductionIn today’s digital era, where typing has become an essential skill, mastering the art of typing is more important than ever. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone looking to enhance your digital literacy, improving your typing skills is a valuable investment. This article delves into the world of Nepali typing practice, with a focus on Typeshala, a powerful typing tutor designed for Windows users.

Why Learn Nepali Typing?

Typing is not just about convenience; it’s a skill that can open doors to various opportunities. In a world driven by technology, efficient typing is crucial for productivity, communication, and even career advancement. For Nepali speakers, the ability to type in their native language can be a game-changer, especially in a globalized job market.

Typeshala: A Powerful Typing TutorEnter Typeshala, a feature-rich typing tutor tailored for those who wish to enhance their Nepali typing skills. This user-friendly software offers a range of lessons and exercises designed to accommodate users of all proficiency levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced typist looking to fine-tune your skills, Typeshala has something to offer.

Installation and Setup

Getting started with Typeshala is a breeze. Simply follow our step-by-step guide to install the software on your Windows system. We’ll also provide you with some essential configuration tips to optimize your typing practice experience.

User Interface Overview

Navigating through Typeshala’s interface is intuitive. Learn about the main features and how to make the most out of this powerful tool. From basic lessons to advanced exercises, Typeshala caters to your learning needs.

learn nepali typing

Beginner Typing LessonsEmbark on your typing journey with easy-to-follow beginner lessons. Gradually progress to more challenging exercises, ensuring a steady improvement in your typing speed and accuracy.

Advanced Typing Techniques

Unlock the secrets of advanced typing with our expert tips. Discover techniques that will not only boost your speed but also enhance your overall typing precision. Challenge yourself with lessons designed for experienced users.

Gamification in Typing Practice

Typeshala incorporates gamification to make your learning experience enjoyable. Explore how game elements are seamlessly integrated into the typing lessons, turning practice sessions into engaging activities.

Compatibility and UpdatesFind out about Typeshala’s compatibility with Windows and stay informed about regular updates. The developers are committed to refining the software based on user feedback, ensuring a continuously improved learning environment.

Success Stories

Read real-life testimonials from individuals who have benefited from Typeshala. Their stories serve as inspiration for those who are just beginning their typing practice journey.

Community Support and Forums

Engage with a community of like-minded users through online forums. Share your progress, seek advice, and be part of a supportive network that understands the challenges and victories of improving typing skills.

Tips for Effective Typing PracticeEstablishing a consistent practice routine is key to improvement. Learn about common mistakes to avoid and implement strategies that will accelerate your progress in Nepali typing.

Comparative Analysis with Other Typing Tutors

Discover how Typeshala stands out among other typing tutors. We’ll conduct a comparative analysis, highlighting the strengths and unique features that set Typeshala apart.

Future Developments and Upcoming Features

Get a sneak peek into the future of Typeshala. Learn about upcoming updates and features that will further enhance your typing practice experience.


In conclusion, learning Nepali typing through Typeshala is a rewarding journey with numerous benefits. From improved digital literacy to increased career opportunities, the investment in enhancing your typing skills is well worth it. Start your typing practice today and witness the positive impact it can have on your personal and professional life.


    1. Is Typeshala suitable for absolute beginners in typing?
      • Yes, Typeshala provides beginner lessons that cater to users with varying levels of typing proficiency.
    2. Can I use Typeshala on a Mac operating system?
      • Currently, Typeshala is designed for Windows users. Compatibility with other operating systems may be explored in future updates.
    3. Are there any fees associated with using Typeshala?
      • Typeshala offers a free version with basic features. There is also a premium version with additional benefits available at a nominal fee.
    4. How often should I practice typing to see significant improvement?
      • Consistent practice is key. Aim for regular sessions, even if they are short, to see continuous improvement.
    5. Is there a support system for troubleshooting issues with Typeshala?
      • Yes, Typeshala has an online community and support forums where users can seek help and share their experiences.

Typeshala vs Typing Tutor | Free Nepali Typing Software

Are you looking for Free Nepali Typing Software?

There are various Free Nepali Typing Software, among them I have listed 2 of the most popular Free Nepali Software available in the market right now.

  1. Typeshala
  2. Typing Tutor

If you are confused about these 2 programs, I will completely solve your confusion. Then you will be clear about which software is useful.

I have been using both of the software since 2017, and I have the best experience on both of them. I have used each and every function of them and I got to know that both of them have different advantages of using it. We can practice on both software which everyone does to get their job done for documentation preparation, graphic design, blogging, etc. These I have usually done most.

Simply to let you know, Typeshala is made by Nepali Developers and it is best for Nepali typing practice but it does not have a good user interface and design like Typing Tutor, which is mostly used to practice English typing. Other differences between this software are listed below.

Typeshala vs Typing Tutor

Feature Typeshala Typing Tutor
Language Support Primarily focused on Nepali typing May support multiple languages
Target Audience Widely used in Nepal for Nepali learners General typing software for various users
Special Features Customized for Nepali keyboard layout May have adaptive lessons, games, etc.
Availability Often used locally in Nepal Available internationally with variations
Operating Systems Primarily for Windows Available for various operating systems
Popularity Popular in Nepali-speaking regions Widely used globally



Are you looking to free download kalimati font?

You are at the right place, I have provided a download link button down below so that you can free download Kalimati font.

I have used this font for different purposes of my work like graphic designing, Nepali Document typing, and in blogging as well. It is one of the best-looking and easy-to-read fonts available in the font market of Nepal. That’s the reason it is the most popular Nepali typing font.

Kalimati is a Devanagari font that is inspired by traditional Nepali calligraphy, but it has been updated to be more modern and accessible. Kalimati is used for a variety of uses, such as websites, apps, and print materials. You can Free Download Kalimati Font from the given link below.

Font Name Kalimati
Designer Google Fonts
Release Date 2010
Style Serif
Copyright Google Fonts
License SIL Open Font License 1.1

Kalimati Regular is one of the fonts of the Nepali language. Many artists like to use this style of calligraphy in their designs.

If you are going to do any kind of graphics or work on any kind of web design project, we highly recommend trying out Kalimati Regular in your projects. Not only will it make all your images stand out but it helps you get more traffic to your website. Download this font for free.


In Nepal, Preeti Font is one of the most used fonts in local Graphic Design, Nepali Documentation, blogger, etc. It is the most simple to read and elegant choice for all the users. Preeti Font is a combination of style and Legibility, which makes it an ideal choice for both print and digital media. It is also used in Government office documentation. I have also used this font in my daily life as in graphic design and to create documents. So here I have provided to Free download of Preeti Font just in one click.
Preeti Font is one of the oldest computer font of Nepal. It is developed by Ananda K. Maharjan and officially released in 1996.

Name Preeti Font
Type Nepali Font
Designer Ananda K. Maharjan
Release Year 1996
Appearance Elegant and Traditional
Readability High
Versatility Suitable for Various Applications
Used in
Wedding Invitations, Certificates, Cultural Publications
Graphic Design, Printing press, Documentation, blogs

To be able to use this font, first of all, you need to Download this font from the above button (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD). Then you need to learn to type this font from your keyboard. I will provide you Preeti font layout so that it will be helpful for you to type by watching the placement of words on the keyboard. Also, I am suggesting you download Typeshala to practice typing.



Alt key Combination

preeti font alt key keyboard combination

English To Nepali Type Converter Unicode

Are you looking for a Nepali Unicode converter?

You are in the right place, you will find an easy and quick English and Nepali Unicode converter plus a converter for Unicode to Preeti Font. So that you can perform both tasks on the same page. I have created this because it was not available on another site.

I use this page everyday in my day to day life for my work like Graphic designing, blogging, and Nepali Documentation.

Easy way to convert English letters to Nepali letters Unicode. No need to know Nepali Typing, now you can convert English alphabets to Nepali letters. It automatically translates your English letter into Nepali letters.

You can use this in sending messages, Graphic design, Documents, or letter typing.

English to Nepali Unicode Converter.

English to Nepali Unicode Converter
Other special characters
ri^ = रि (as in प्र)
rr= र्‍ (as in गर्‍य)


शब्दको अन्त्यमा हलन्त राख्नको लागि backslash (\) अक्षर प्रयोग गर्नुहोस् । Example: bas = बस, bas\ = बस् |
If a Nepali letter gets wrongly analyzed with the preceding letter, use the slash (/) key to separate. Example: pratishatko = प्रतिशत्को, pratishat/ko = प्रतिशतको |
Combine English into your Nepali Unicode text: Simply put any English text inside the curly {} brackets to keep it in English. Example: yo {mobile} mero ho. = यो mobile मेरो हो

Convert Unicode to Preeti Font

Download Nepali Fonts

Preeti Normal  Download

Ganess  Download

Urmila  Download

Kalimati Download

Here you can also download the popular fonts for free. this page will help you to save you time.

Conclusion for English to Nepali Type converter unicode

I think it is the best page or site for Unicode converter. In this page, you will get the following:

  • English to Nepali Unicode Converter
  • Unicode to Preet Font converter (also known as Devnagrik to Nepali typing converter.)
  • Also, How to type in using English text in Nepali
  • Links for downloading popular Nepali Fonts.

Free Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC

Typeshala Nepali typing keyboard layout

Typeshala is computer software that teaches you to type letters in Nepali and English format. This is very useful for office work and learning for students. You just have to practice 15 to 30 minutes per day for 10 to 15 days. Free Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC

The download link for Offline Typeshala is given below.

Free Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC

This typing tutor will help you to learn Nepali typing in Devanagari script and English typing as well. It is used for freehand typing with entertaining games within.

No Internet is needed to use this application, you just need the internet to download this application.

Typeshala software is very useful if you want to learn Nepali and English typing. Ramayan Game is one of the most entertaining games on this platform which helps you to increase your typing speed with fluency.

Nepali typing is one of the hardest typing languages but by using this software for 15 minutes every day you will learn typing in 3 to 4 weeks. Download this for free and start learning Nepali and English typing from today.

System Requirements for Typeshala:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • RAM: 512 MB or more
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more
  • Graphics: Standard VGA graphics (or higher resolution)
  • Input: Keyboard and mouse
Typeshala Nepali Keyboard Download

Free Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC. Start Typing

It has been ages that we use Offline Typeshala as a typing tutor to learn English and Nepali Typing. We also can learn to type online.

Why Download Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC?

Downloading Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC allows users to improve their typing skills in both Nepali and English languages, enabling efficient and accurate typing proficiency, which is beneficial for various purposes such as work, communication, and personal development.

Pros Cons
Free to download and use Only available for Windows PC
Beginner-friendly Limited to Nepali and English typing
Includes additional features such as free hand typing and games May not be suitable for advanced typists

Here you can Download Typeshala for free and without any difficulty. Download the software with just one click. This is the trusted platform for free downloading Nepali and English Typeshala for Windows PC.

Features and Benefits of Learning Nepali Typing:

  1. Know Devanagari Script
  2. Improve Nepali language skills like Nepali words and sentences
  3. Get Job Opportunities and Career Advancement
  4. Learn New Things to activate the learning cells of the brain
  5. Helps in advancing digital communication
  6. Typing speed improvement
  7. Learning while having fun
  8. Additional skills in yourself

Steps involved in downloading and installing Typeshala

To download Typeshala:

  • Click on the Download Button above (Red and orange Gradient Download Button)

To install Typeshala:

  1. After downloading Typeshala you need to unzip the zip file. Extract that file into the computer folder.
  2. Then open the Typeshala folder, and you will find a Typeshala.exe file for setup.
  3. Now open the Typeshala.exe file as administrator and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned and file install location.
  4. Launch Typeshala and Enjoy Typing.

Note: You will get some issues while installing the Typeshala software in some of the newer versions of Windows. Then watch the video attached to solve this problem. If any issue other than that you can comment down below. I will be happy to help.

List of some of the Additional Features of Typeshala Software

  1. Lesson Customization
  2. Multi-Language Support
  3. Progress Tracking
  4. Games and Challenges:
    • Interactive Typing Games
    • Offline Mode
    • Compatibility with Various Operating Systems
    • Keyboard Shortcut Training
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Community and Support

    Real user Testimonials

    I have been using this Typeshala Software for more than 10 years of my working career. I used it to teach my students to help them with Nepali Typing exercises. It is one of the best Nepali Typing software available in the market right now. There has been no issue with this software while working with it. It is user-friendly to new learners and easy to learn. Basically, if you practice 2 hours per day for 7 days you will be pretty much good at Nepali Typing which will help you in Nepali Documentation writing, Graphic design, Blogging etc.

    Suraj Raj Shrestha

    Computer Engineer and Instructor, Blueprint Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    I used this Typeshal Typing Software and I have learned Nepali Typing in 4 days. I have done as my teacher Suraj Raj Shrestha said and I am doing good in Nepali and English Typing. I think it is the best software to start your Typing journey. Highly recommended to beginners who are interested and want to learn Typing in Journey.

    Gunjan Shrestha

    Computer Student


    What is Nepali and English Typeshala?

    Nepali Typeshala is a typing tutor software specifically designed for learning and improving Nepali typing skills, while English Typeshala is a typing tutor software focused on enhancing English typing skills.

    Which language Typing can we practice in Typeshala?

    Typeshala is a Nepali typing tutor software that primarily focuses on helping users improve their typing skills in the Nepali language.

    Can we Download Typeshala For Windows 10/8/7?

    We can download, install, and run Typeshala for Windows 10/8/7. There will be no issue, it will run smoothly without any lags because it is lite software for your computer.

    Is Typeshala available offline?

    Yes, we can use Typeshala offline. We don’t need any internet service to run this Typeshala offline.

    Is Nepali Typeshala a free to use or free resource?

    Yes, as of now Nepali Typing practice software is free to use as a free resource. Users could download and use the software without incurring any cost. However, keep in mind that software offerings and pricing models can change. I will update you if there have been any changes in its pricing or usage terms.

    Hi everyone I am Wilson Shrestha, author of this article. In my previous days, while learning typing, I used Typeshala and I can guarantee you that it is the best software available now for learning Nepali and English typing. If you install this software on your computer for learning typing you won’t need other software. This one software will be enough for you at the beginning. Practice a minimum of 1 hour per day and it will help you a lot in typing. I am a blogger and graphic designer, and this software helped me a lot in my field, it’s been more than 10 years since this software was launched but you can’t get the best software other than this. so I will suggest you as well to go ahead and start practicing today.

    I also taught students Nepali typing in this software for more than 1 year. In that period I have taught 100-plus students in Nepali Typing with Typeshala. We are also known as the typing educational institute in Nepal. Right now I am working in a software company called Blueprint Technologies Pvt. Ltd. where various computer and web-based software is created. In this period of my work, I found that Typeshala is the Best software, and no need to upgrade this software for now because it captures all the required demand of the market till now.