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PES Mobile Complete Guide with Tactics and Tips & Tricks

PES Mobile Complete Guide with Tactics and Tips & Tricks

I enjoyed playing Pes Mobile. It is one of the best Football Mobile games I have ever played. I enjoyed its playing style.  It’s very realistic and we can play this game a lot more. The more you play, the more you get better in this game. You will increase your playing skills and other interesting modes. I also enjoyed playing this game with my friends as well. I have listed tips and tricks listed down below.

Tips For PES Mobile

Speed Burst

Flick on the left side of the screen in the direction you want to dribble while Dash Dribbling.

Cursor Change

Tap on the right side of the screen while defending to change the cursor to a player who is near the ball.

Player Skills

Some players posses unique skills which trigger in certain situations.

Cursor Change Control

You can choose the way you switch the cursor between players by going to [Cursor Change Control] in [Play Settings] and selecting either “Tap” or “Double Tap & Flick”.

Stronger Foot

You can adjust the direction of dribbling to favour the player’s strong foot.

Playing Style

Some players possess unique playing styles. Play them in their favoured positions for best results.

Finesse Dribble

Flick the left side of the screen while dribbling.


Players may have the Inspire characteristic based on his abilities. When on the ball, such players inspire teammates to behave in a way that complements their playstyle


A player may miss-kick when trying to kick while dash dribbling, when kicking before controlling the ball and when kicking in a difficult direction.

Pass, shot block

Position to automatically block the course of the opposition’s passes and shots.

High Punt Kick

Double-tap on the right side of the screen when the keeper has the ball in hand.

Goal Celebration Area Events

After scoring a goal, a player may perform a unique goal celebration when in the relevant area.


Flick the left of the screen in the direction you want to feint. Not possible while Dash-Dribbling.

Pass and Move

Right after applying a pass, flick on the left side of the screen in the direction you want to pass to.

Chipped Through Ball

Drawback on the right side of the screen, slide, and stop in the direction you want to pass.

Short corner

Tap the “Short Corner” Button to call a teammate to the kicker during corner kicks.

Command list

Tap the pause menu during a match to see the command list.


Drawback and flick on the right side of the screen when close to the penalty area.

Gk runs towards the ball

While pressing an attacker on your side of the pitch, drawback quickly on the right side of the screen and then flick.

COM Playing Styles

Some Players possess COM Playing Styles when on the ball. Set to COM Control for best results.

Boom Beach Guide: Best Tactics with Tips and Tricks

boom beach guide: best tactics with tips and tricks

In Boom Beach, you’re responsible for defending the native islanders against the Blackguards. To do so, you’ll need to build up a formidable defense before heading to other islands to assist the residents in reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. You’ll need to spend your in-game coins and diamonds wisely because resources are limited and troops are rare. Making smart decisions early on will determine whether you win or lose the game. This is where iMore can help! Here are a few pointers to help you stay on track when playing Boom Beach:

Boom Beach Quick Tips and Tricks:

1. You Need Gold to train troops, to explore the archipelago, and for Armory Upgrades.
2. Wood Stone And Iron are Valuable building materials. Conquer resources bases and destroy enemies to get more!
3. Resource bases produce building materials that are transported by cargo ships to your home island.
4. Explore the archipelago to discover more islands, resources bases and enemies to destroy! You can unlock more regions for exploration by upgrading your Radar.
5. Residences on your island produce gold. Freed villages also send you gold as thanks!
6. Earn victory points by destroying enemies and taking over resource bases!
7. You will earn diamonds when your defenses in your home base destroy enough enemy units!
8. Each statue is a work of art and its powers are impossible to predict in advance.
9. Mystical crystals stolen by the Blackguard are kept in their base buildings. Destroy enemy building to find them!
10. Every time a resource base is conquered, its defenses get automatically upgraded.
11. You can’t upgrade the buildingsin a resource base.
12. support your troops to minimize casulties!
13. If a fight looks unwinnable, retreat to save your remaining troops!
14. Destroy the enemy Headquarters to win a battle!
15. Destroying enemy base building damages the enemy Headquarters, making it easier to finish off.
16. Each landing craft can only hold one troop type at a time.
17. When you change to a different troop type in a landing craft, the cost of the current troops will be refunded.
18. The vault keeps some of your resources safe, even if an enemy manages to destroy your Headquarters.
19. Upgrade the vault to keep more of your resources untouchable by enemies!
20. To find New bases to attack, you can either explore more of the map or wait for enemy invasions.
21. The more free villages you have on your map, the more often you’ll get enemy invasions on them.
22. You can freely move defensive and prodution buildings on resource bases.
23. Destroying a Boss enemy’s base will give you lots of resources and Mystical Crystals!
24. Riflemen are a cost-effective all-around units.
25. Use Rifelmen to overwhelm cannons, whose slow rate of fire can’t keep up with the swarming Rifles.
26. The Heavy can soak up lots of damage. Make sure he’s cloeset to turrents so that they target him.
27. Zookas can deal out massive damage, but they’re very vuinerable to enemy fire.
28. Don’t send Zookas into battle alone! Make sure they’re safely behind Heavies.
29. The worriors’ speed allows them to run through very light defenses and destroy key targets behind them.
30. The Tank is powerful and versatile, but vulnerable to cannon fire. Try using Heavies or Rifleman to support it.
31. The sniper in the sniper Tower is accurate and deadly, but his slow rate of fire means the tower can be Swarmed.
32. The Machine Gun sprays bullets everywhere, making it good against large number but somewhat unpredicatable.
33. Place Mortars Behind your, other defense and buildings.
34. A crowd of enemies shooting at one of your buildings is a perfect target for the Mortar!
35. Flamethrowers are perfect for stopping massed enemy infantry charges.
36. Flamethrowers set enemies on fire. They burn for 5 senconds, causing additional damage.
37. Cannons deal massive damage, especially to Tanks.
38. Cannons’ low firing speed means that they’re ineffective against groups of infantry.
39. The Rocket Laundrer has an extremly long range. Make sure it gets to fire as many salves as possible.

    • Upgrade or reinforce your skills.

You can only create one thing at a time, and some structures and buildings take much longer to construct than others. This implies that you must ensure that you are effectively managing your time. Build stuff that requires low wait times while playing the game, and then start creating items that require higher wait times immediately before the game is closed. When your products are finished being constructed, Boom Beach can send you a push notification. This should help you resist the temptation to spend actual money on diamonds in order to expedite large tasks.

  • Upgrade sawmills as quickly as possible.

Everything you construct in Boom Beach will be constructed of wood. Stone and iron can be used to reinforce or improve constructions, but wood is your best option. You won’t be able to build anything if you run out. It’s critical to construct and upgrade sawmills as soon as possible. You’ll have to level up a little before you can fully enhance them, so make sure you pay attention. Increase lumber output as soon as you have the resources to do so. When you need artillery and don’t have enough wood to make it, you’ll be pleased you did.

  • Wood is followed by stone and iron.

Later in the game, stone and iron become more significant, and you’ll need both wood and stone or iron to upgrade existing buildings or construct new ones. Winning fights is usually enough to obtain enough stone and iron. It’s vital, but you’re not going to use it very often. Simply hoard the rewards you receive from triumphs, and you’ll usually have enough to get by.

  • Plan your attacks after scouting the region.

When planning an attack on a new island, always scout it out beforehand. It’ll cost you nothing, and you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into. This provides you the option of selecting which troops to send in. If you don’t have to, why risk losing more expensive and costly troops in an attack? Only send in what you believe you’ll need.

  • Attack the bases as soon as possible

This is related to tip number four. Make a plan of attack after you’ve scouted an area. If you can get away with it, avoid the weapons and towers. Go straight for an opposing island’s base camp and demolish it. You’ll win 99.9% of the time with the fewest number of casualties if you do it this way.

  • Use trees as lumber, especially in the beginning.

Lumber is scarce in the early stages of Boom Beach. You can exchange coins for lumber to increase your collection. You won’t be able to mine all of the mangrove trees in your area, but you’ll be able to collect enough to start a small collection. This should be sufficient to obtain a few dwellings and other structures capable of creating cash or resources.

  • Build as many houses as possible.

One of the few methods to make cash on your own island is through residences. Make sure you build as many as you can and upgrade them on a regular basis. To cruise to other islands and assault them, you’ll need coins, unless you choose to pay diamonds for the privilege. Residences are a good strategy to ensure you always have some coins in your bank if you want to avoid this.

  • With a little patience, you can get a lot more diamonds for a lot less money.

In Boom Beach, you can rush practically every task, but that doesn’t mean you should. Preparing troops or rushing buildings, for example, can cost a lot of diamonds. Diamonds, like any other freemium gaming model, are exceedingly hard to come by, so use them cautiously unless you want to spend real money.

Hold off for 10 or 15 minutes and then check how many diamonds it costs to rush anything that takes 30 minutes to make and costs 20 diamonds to rush. You’ll discover that the sum falls down the longer you wait. It’s a nice thing to remember when you’re running out of patience.

  • Upgrade your radar on a regular basis.

Radar is what allows you to travel to islands further away from your home base. Build radar as quickly as possible, and then enhance it on a regular basis. If you’re running out of islands to attack around you, it’s definitely time to update your radar so that you can see further and have more options.

  • Remember to collect your achievement awards.

Achievement awards are one of the few ways to acquire diamonds in-game without actually purchasing them. Keep an eye out for them, and once you’ve found one, head over to the achievements section to claim your prize. They can be as many as 20 diamonds or more at times.

Supremacy 1914 | A Complete Beginner Tips & Guide.

Supermacy 1914 A complete guide with tips and Tricks

Supremacy 1914 | A Complete Beginner Tips & Guide.

It’s been more than a year I have been playing this game continuously. It’s interesting and strategy is the main tactic to win this game. You have to be aware of your surroundings and make good relations with everyone. Join their Coalition or share the road with them. Take war with 1 enemy at a time cause multiple enemies will kill your troops from both sides.

  • Choose a country near the ocean and should not be surrounded by enemies.
  • Build Recruiting Office in every Province.
  • Build WORKSHOP on half of the provinces and BARRACKS limited to 1 or 2.
  • Build Fortress on your borders.
  • Produce Armoured cars and Cavalry.
  • Attack the weakest country around you.
  • Join Coalitions near you.
  • Make many allies as much as you can.
  • Set your relation Share Map with AI to increase Popularity

Upgrade your Factory to Level 1 as soon as possible to produce Artillery. Artillery is the most important at the beginning of the game to attack and defense. It will save your infantry from the enemies. I usually keep this behind the infantry so that the enemy could not attack directly. It is most useful from the long-range. While in short-range it is useless because infantry can easily destroy this.

Keep producing a lot of Artillery and Iron cars. The combination of Iron Car and Artillery is the best during the attack as well as in defense also. Enemy troops will be busy destroying the iron car at that time artillery will do its work by attacking the enemy from long distance

Here is how you can create Flower Defense.

Flower Defense Tutorial step 1

Step-1: Collect your Infantry in one place.

Flower Defense Tutorial Step 2
Flower Defense Tutorial

Step-2: Select them and press the split command. Then choose 1 Infantry to move one step forward.

Step-3: Now press the Delay button.
Flower Defense Step 3

Step-3: Now press the Delay button.

Flower Defense step4

Step-4: Again Select the collected Infantry. Split 1, move forward then press the Delay button. 

supremacy 1914 flower defense tips and tricks

Step-5: Repeat the process again and again.

Here are some of the advanced tactics in this video. Follow this and become a hero in this game.

Step-1: Begin Recruiting

Your first reaction could be to establish workshops to improve your technical skills. We advise you to take a different path.
Instead, move your cursor to the right side of the screen to get a fordable menu. Begin by establishing a recruiting office in each province.
It’s a quick procedure, but the end result is well worth it. This action assures that you will have enough troops to secure your borders in the coming days.

Step-2: Strengthen Your Defense

It’s pretty normal for newcomers to launch an attack right away. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Instead, strengthen your defense immediately to deter them from striking early (and to be ready in case they do).
You’ve already started constructing your army, so it’s time to focus on physical, non-human defense. Your new soldiers should be able to guard your borders, therefore it’s time to focus on defending the provinces that are landlocked.

Build at least three barracks in each landlocked province to accomplish this. You could want to construct fortifications for increased defense.

Step-3: Communicate With Your Neighbors

It’s time to build some partnerships now that you have some basic protection in place. While you may desire absolute, unequaled power, you may need to collaborate with other armies in order to achieve it. You can always back-stab them later, so don’t worry.

Request an alliance by sending a message to the leaders in your area. If they refuse to cooperate, you can at least try to reach an agreement on non-aggression.

Remember, you’re the new kid on the block, so there’s no assurance they’ll bite. Having said that, having some powerful allies never hurts. In fact, for the first week or so of game-play, it may be essential to your survival.

Step-4: Gather Resources

Another common rookie error is failing to purchase resources soon away. As the game progresses, prices begin to rise, so now is the time to stock up on essentials.
Negative consumption should be used to deplete your resources so that you can create more of the higher-cost resources. You could, for example, live off of cheap fish while generating grain. As a result, you’ll have money coming in, allowing you to expand your barracks without starving your army.
It’s a good idea to always have at least 24 hours’ worth of supply on hand. Because the game continues to play while you’re not online, you’ll want to make sure your soldiers’ morale remains high and that they’re ready for battle.

Step -5: Decide the country you want to develop.

After you’ve finished all of your basic research, you’ll need to determine which province(s) you want to concentrate on expanding. Obviously, this is mostly a matter of personal preference.

However, you can choose which regions to concentrate on strategically. Is it possible, for example, for one province to provide double resource protection? Or is there a surplus of iron, wood, or grain? Consider your future intentions and identify areas where you can achieve your objectives.

Top Eleven Football Manager Player’s PlayStyle Guide

Top Eleven Football Manager Player's Play styles guide

In Top Eleven football Manager player’s playstyle defines an individual player’s playing style. There are different playing styles in the game such as Box-to-Box, Mezzala, Regista, False Wingers, Target Man, Full Back, Wing Back, Stopper, Sweeper keeper, Poacher, etc.


Use Set-Piece Training to quickly develop your Play-styles.


Position: MC

Real Box-to-Box Players: Paul Pogba / Steven Gerrard / Frank Lampard / Bastian Schweinsteiger / Yaya Toure

Present in a large area of the field, the box-to-box MC appears wherever needed, supporting other midfielders. He can take part in both attacking and defending plays.

Formation that fits for Box-to-Box: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1(V-Style), 4-2-3-1


  • High work-rate.
  • Active in both defense and attack.
  • Ball winner.


  • Loss of stamina.
  • Out of position when the opponent develops Counter attacks.


Position: MC

Real Mezzala Players: Kevin De Bruyne / Angel Di Maria / Luka Modric

A Mezzala is a wide central-midfield player in a trio or diamond, playing outside and ahead of a single, deeper midfielder. A Mezzala brings dynamism to the midfield and feeds their teammates with his passing skills and space creation. Teammates with high mobility will get the most from him.

Formation that fits for Mezzala: 4-3-3, 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow Diamond), 4-5-1 (V-Style)


  • Helps to exploit gaps in the opposition backline with through balls.
  • Make runs into a gap between a center-back and a full-back.
  • Movement ahead of a full-back with overlapping runs that allow the winger to cut inside with the ball.


  • The runs that the mezzala makes ahead of the ball can leave gaps behind them.
  • A mezzala is less defensive than a pure box-to-box midfielder.
  • One defensive midfielder player should be placed to cover the defensive gap created by the player


Position: DMC, MC

Real Regista Players: Jorginho, Andrea Pirlo

The Regista or a deep-lying playmaker is a director. They are responsible for providing the link between defense and attack and controlling the tempo of the game through their passing. With just a few yet very precise and effective actions, he’ll pick up the ball deep in his own half and set up an attacking phase for the team.

Formation that fits for Regista: 4-5-1(V-Style), 4-1-2-1-2(Narrow Diamond), 4-3-3, 4-1-3-2


  • Ball Possession
  • Accurate Long Ball passing
  • Control in Mid-Field


  • Lacks the ability to cover ground quickly.
  • Requires intelligent movements ahead of the ball, otherwise, the regista becomes almost useless.




Deployed on the wings, False wingers drift into central areas of the pitch, creating a numerical advantage in the midfield that disrupts and overwhelms rival defenses.

Formations that fits for False Winger: 4-4-1-1, 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1


  • Creating space behind the opponent’s Full-Backs.
  • Nightmare for one on one defense.
  • Dangerous on space
  • Creates lots of chances.
  • Scores lots of goals.


  • Less responsible in defense.
  • Leave space on his position for the opponent to counter.

Pubg Mobile Sensitivity Settings

pubg mobile sensitivity settings

What is Pubg Mobile Sensitivity?

Pubg Mobile Sensitivity is a controlled setting for the game that helps you to control your gameplay and it will make it easier to play like a pro. It can be customized from pubg mobile sensitivity settings. Players may primarily master recoil control as well as enhance their aim and reflexes by adjusting the sensitivity settings in the game’s options menu. It varies depending on the weapon.
You can manually control each and every tab of that setting to make your gameplay comfortable or you can even use the provided Pubg Mobile Sensitivity Codes which I have listed down below.

How to Change Pubg Mobile Sensitivity with shared codes?

Step-1: Open the Settings menu of the Pubg Mobile Game.
Step-2: Then go to the sensitivity tab.
Step-3: Now scroll down to the bottom of the Sensitivity tab.
Step-4: Click on Cloud layout Management
If you want to share your layout with your friends then click on share or If you want to copy and paste others’ sensitivity settings then click on Search Method and paste the 19-digits sensitivity code then apply.

WARNING: Before you change your sensitivity settings Upload to cloud. This will help you if you have messed up everything on the settings. I mean to say back up your setting before any changes on it.

Pubg Mobile Basic Settings Setup

Best Pubg Mobile Sensitivity with codes

4 FINGER LAYOUT: 6974-6312-0723-8631-890
FULL GYRO SENSITIVITY: 6974-6382-9048-4855-231

Athena Gaming:
Smokey (FPP):

Pubg Mobile Soul Mortal Sensitivity Settings

Soul Mortal Sensitivity setting Code:

RRQ D2E Pubg Mobile Sensitivity Settings

RRQ D2E Sensitivity setting Code:

Smashing Four Best Deck

Smashing Four Best Decks

Here I have listed the Smashing four best deck that will make your team strong and win you matches. Note that, all the decks given below is personally been tested by me and won the game. So I have listed these decks and their playing style to let you also progress on this game.

Before using this deck, first, check which arena you belong to. Use different Deck for the different arenas. 

Smashing Four Best Deck

Smashing four best deck

You should Save Assassin from opponents,
Treant should Take Damage,
Don’t let Wraith and Assassin Die first, they should attack the opponents combined with Treant.

Arena 1 (FARM)

Smashing four best deck
You should Save Paladin from opponents,
Knight should Take Damage,
Don’t let Archer and Assassin Die first, they should attack the opponents.

Arena 2 (Enchanted Glade)

smashing four best deck for arena 2 enchanted glade

Protect: Assassin
Attacker: Mice, Assassin
Tank: Treant

Arena 3 (Orc Camp)

smashing four best deck orc camp arena 3

Protect: Paladin
Attacker: Org
Tank: Pirates

Arena 4 (Lost City)

Smashing four best deck

Protect: Assassin & Ghost
Attacker: Assassin & Vampire
Tank: Treant

Arena 5 (Foundry)

Smashing four best deck

Protect: Assassin & Paladin
Attacker: Assassin & Archer
Tank: Soldier

Arena 6 (Mountain Peaks)

smashing four level 6 mountain peak best deck
Protect: Assassin
Attacker: Archer & Assassin
Tank: Trent & Pirate

Arena 7 (Frozen Lake)

smashing four best deck for frozen lake
Protect: Jaguar & Priest
Attacker: Jaguar
Tank: Treant

Arena 8 (Overgrown Temple)

smashing four best deck for level for overgrown temple

Protect: Skeleton
Attacker: Berserker & Bomber
Tank: Yeti

Arena 9 (Bamboo Castle)

smashing four level 9 bamboo castle aggressive attacking best deck

Tips for Smashing four

  1. Create a Balanced team with good attack and defense.
  2. In the match, at first focus on one enemy player who can do the maximum amount of damage.
  3. Use heroes and their skills accordingly.
  4. Only upgrade those heroes who you used the most.
  5. You must join an active clan that can help you to upgrade your heroes.

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