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Bitlife Business Update Guide

Bitlife Business Update Guide

Hello there! As a long-time gamer and industry expert, I’m excited to share my insights on the new Bitlife Business Update.

Bitlife is a highly sought-after game that allows you to live a digital life from birth to the grave. It’s like a parallel universe, but all conveniently located on your mobile phone!

As you play, you shape your character’s life trajectory by making key decisions such as choosing the right school, career path, or significant other. You could even embrace your dark side and turn to a life of crime or aim for the stars and become a famous personality.

The game has a diverse array of scenarios and challenges, ranging from job hunting, and family building, to money management. Moreover, you can even personalize your character’s appearance, name, and gender.

BitLife Cheats: Tips, Tricks, and Guide to Master the Life Simulator Game

Welcome to our BitLife Life Simulator guide! If you’re new to this game and looking for ways to master it, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will take you through the core concepts of the game, provide you with tips and tricks to progress, and share some cheats that you can use to your advantage.


BitLife Life Simulator is a mobile game developed by Candywriter LLC, where players start a virtual life as a random character. You will come across various events that write your life timeline in the game, including relationships with family members, happiness, health, smarts, looks, and more. Choosing the right career path is important, as it determines the field of job you will work in. Some of the highest-paying jobs in the game include Actor and CEO.

Getting Started

When you start a new game, you can choose to play as a random girl or boy character or create a custom life where you can change the gender, country, and city. The character will be assigned random stats at the time of birth, including happiness, health, smarts, and looks. These stats matter a lot, so it’s recommended to start with a character that has good stats (90+).

Progressing in the Game

To progress further, you need to tap the age button, and random events will occur as you progress through the game. You start as an infant, then go to primary school, secondary school, and university. After university, you can go to other schools such as law school or medical school for further study.

There are various things you can do in the game, including starting a relationship, having kids, going on vacation, buying assets such as cars and houses, and owning pets. Money is essential for survival, so it’s important to choose a career that pays well. There are over 140 careers available in BitLife, so it’s important to set your goal first and decide what you want to become.

Tips to Progress in BitLife Life Simulator

Here are some tips to help you progress in the game and become successful:

  1. Take care of your stats: Your stats matter a lot in BitLife Life Simulator. If you want to be successful, you must start with a character that has good stats (90+).
  2. Choose the right career path: Choosing the right career path is crucial in the game, as it determines the field of job you will work in. Some of the highest-paying jobs in the game include Actor and CEO.
  3. Use the job shuffle cheat: Jobs are listed randomly, and you might not see the job that you are looking for. In that case, you need to shuffle the jobs. There are two ways to shuffle the jobs – enter the next year by tapping the age button or restart the app. Check the jobs, and you will find different jobs every time you restart the app.
  4. Maintain your stats: Activities help you maintain all your stats, including happiness, smarts, looks, and health. You can do an unlimited number of activities every year to maintain your stats.
  5. Find ways to make money: Money is essential for survival, so it’s important to find ways to make money in the game. Some ways to make money include getting a job, gambling, or winning the lottery.

In-Game Tips and Tricks:

  1. Utilizing the “back out glitch” can assist players in avoiding negative outcomes in the game.
  2. The “Mind and Body” diet tab provides several options for players to preserve their character’s health and happiness.
  3. Certain jobs in the game possess specific prerequisites, including good looks for some entertainment positions or attending medical school to become a brain surgeon.
  4. A video exists that compiles every royalty country in the game, with Monaco being the most profitable.
  5. Pursuing the influencer job or social media fame may not be a worthwhile use of time, as the ad revenue is unrealistic. Players can subscribe to the YouTuber’s channel for additional advice and tips.
  6. Rename your lives in BitLife based on what you did in that life for easy reference later.
  7. If you’re in the mafia, take multiple martial arts classes to learn new moves for conflicts with members of rival mafia.
  8. You can increase your relationship level with someone by gifting them a business or citizenship in BitLife.
  9. Use the “restore purchase” button in the settings tab to transfer your BitLife purchases to a new device.
  10. Use the “try again as whoever you are” button in BitLife to restart a life from the same age and continue playing with your previous progress.

Forge of Empires Strategy & Guide: 11 Winning Tips to Master the Game

Forge of Empires Tips

Over 5 years of playing Forge of Empires, I have learned this game is more than a simulation game. After a long experiment, I have listed the 11 best strategies to help you master this game, whether you’re new or experienced at playing. Here I have listed Forge of Empires tips:

Forge of Empires Tips

  1. Prioritize gathering resources such as food, wood, and stone, as they are crucial for advancing your technology and constructing buildings.
  2. Plan your city layout carefully to maximize efficiency and minimize space. Consider factors such as road placement and building placement to create a streamlined and functional city.
  3. Research wisely, focusing on technologies that will give you the most immediate benefits, such as new units or resources.
  4. Participate in quests and events to earn unique rewards and bonuses, as well as limited-time buildings and units.
  5. Join an alliance to gain protection and resources, as well as participate in multiplayer battles.
  6. Use turn-based combat strategically, positioning your units and using their unique abilities to defeat your opponents.
  7. Customize your city and units to make your gameplay experience more personalized and enjoyable.
  8. Keep an eye out for new updates and content releases, as the developers of Forge of Empires are constantly adding new features and improvements.
  9. Stay patient and persistent, as building and expanding your empire takes time and effort.
  10. Finally, have fun! Forge of Empires is an exciting and immersive game, so enjoy the experience and embrace the challenge of building your own empire.

What we should not do while playing Forge of Empires:

  1. Don’t Rush: Like, it’s super important to not rush through the game, okay? If you go too fast, you might miss some seriously rad quests, buildings, or stuff that could totally help you out later. So, like, take your time and enjoy the journey, dude!
  2. Don’t neglect your city’s needs: It’s important to regularly upgrade your city’s roads, buildings, and resources to keep progressing in the game. Neglecting them can slow you down and make it harder to move forward quickly. So, remember to keep up with maintenance and upgrades!
  3. Don’t forget to research: To stay ahead in the game, it’s crucial to keep researching new technologies and advancements. Ignoring research can lead to slower progress and falling behind other players. So, don’t forget to keep researching!
  4. Don’t overspend: Overdoing spending in the game can use up resources and hinder progress. To prevent this, monitor your spending and save for bigger investments. Stay aware and avoid excessive spending!
  5. Don’t forget to have fun: Playing Forge of Empires strategically is important, but remember to have fun too. Take breaks when necessary and avoid letting the game take up too much of your time and energy. Enjoy the game!

How can I progress through the game faster?

To move ahead faster in the game, players need to complete quests, research new technologies, and upgrade their city. They should also use resources smartly, trade with others, and make alliances.

How can I protect my city from attacks?

To protect your city from attacks, players should build walls and towers, train military units, and team up with others to participate in battles.

How can I improve my chances of winning battles?

If you want to be successful in battles, you must educate yourself on the latest military technologies, train diverse military units, and strategically attack your opponents’ weaknesses. Moreover, it’s crucial to work with other players to gain extra support and increase your chances of winning. Remember, collaboration is key to achieving victory in Forge of Empires.

7 Best Tips & Guide for CALL OF WAR to Dominate the Game

call of war guide to win this game with tips & tricks with strategies

In this guide, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge from the basics of gameplay to advanced tactics for outmaneuvering opponents. Learn the most effective methods for building your economy, training troops and expanding territory. Gain insider tips on negotiating alliances, spying on enemy nations and launching devastating surprise attacks.

But that’s not all! This guide also features winning tips from top players, comprehensive analyses of each nation’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as in-depth analyses of Call of War’s mechanics. With this comprehensive resource at your disposal, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way in Call of War with ease.

Here are the lessons taught in Call of War:

  1. Early in the game, AI is generally passive. Attacking neighboring AI nations can provide a sense of accomplishment and success.
  2. Playing as part of a coalition provides security and expansion opportunities.
  3. It is essential to have a navy to safeguard your waters and stop enemy transport fleets from reaching your continent.
  4. Having allies beyond those of your adversaries can be invaluable.
  5. Being part of one cohesive nation and having control over everything can lead to better performance than being part of multiple nations with the same number of units.

Beginners Guide you must Follow to Win this Game

  1. Choose a doctrine and country to play as.
  2. Allies are the best option for beginners, offering various advantages like decreased production time, research costs, and upgrade costs.
  3. When selecting which country to play as, take into account whether they have access to the sea.
  4. Be familiar with the properties and strengths of each starting unit, such as anti-air, infantry, armored cars and interceptor.
  5. Gain knowledge about all the armored classes available in the game and use your chosen unit to attack each one appropriately.
  6. Be familiar with the resources in the game, such as food, goods, metal, oil and rare materials and how they are utilized to craft various units.
  7. Be sure to attack the right armored class with the appropriate unit.
  8. Visit the game’s wiki for more details regarding all resources and units available in it.

Here is a list of Economy Guides to be Noted

  1. Stay Awake to Your Economy: Your economy is the engine of your war machine, so it’s essential to always keep an eye on it.
  2. Building Types: In each province, there are three major building types: industry, recruitment stations and propaganda offices. Industry contributes to resource production while recruitment stations increase manpower production while propaganda offices boost morale.
  3. Building Restrictions: Industry and recruitment stations can only be built within one province, and their effects only pertain to that area. Furthermore, propaganda offices are restricted to the province where they are constructed.
  4. Building Upgrades: Cities can upgrade industry to level 5 while recruitment stations and propaganda offices may be upgraded to level 3, while local industry can also be built in rural provinces and brought up to level 3.
  5. Efficiency: Construct only one unit production building per city to conserve resources. Constructing multiple buildings that can only be utilized one at a time is an unnecessary waste of resources.
  6. Resource Management: Construct military production buildings, then upgrade all industries to level 1 according to your strategy and resource needs.
  7. Objective: By day 4, our goal is to have level 2 industry in each province and level 2 recruitment stations in all five cities, so that we don’t run out of manpower later on.
  8. Production Building Upgrades: When researching or using level 2 units, make sure to upgrade military production buildings to level 2 in order to avoid production time penalties.
  9. Propaganda Offices: Construct propaganda offices in the late game to combat morale issues. Each level can boost morale by 10 on level 1, 23 on level 2, and 40 on level 3.
  10. Capital management: Expansion quickly and move your capital to a province far from your core provinces can cause morale problems. Building propaganda offices is one solution to address this issue.

Noob players often make the following mistakes in Call of War

  1. Believing that militia is superior to basic infantry: Many new players mistakenly assume that militia is a great unit due to its cost-saving benefits, but in reality it should only be used as a last resort when faced with large sand dunes; standard infantry offers much greater protection at half the price point.
  2. Lack of understanding that an army moves at the speed of its slowest unit: Many new players don’t understand why troops move faster or slower. They may add air defense to their army but find themselves now slower and not as ready as before. To solve this problem, research mobile anti-aircraft units that can shoot enemy planes while moving; this will enable your army to maintain regular tank movement speeds.
  3. Researching is expensive and time-consuming: Some new players take a “no research stance” because research can be expensive and time-consuming. Unfortunately, not researching can result in weaker armies. Researching may be costly and time-consuming, but in the end it will give your army a stronger foundation.
  4. Declaring war on day one: either against a player or large NPCs, or declaring war against everyone is generally not recommended since players may lack the resources or units necessary to wage effective battle at the start of the game.
  5. Attacking ineffectively: such as using tanks in a city where they receive a minus 50 penalty or using anti-air units against ground units, will not yield victory in battles. Players must utilize their units strategically in order to achieve victory.
  6. Failing to use artillery correctly or incorrectly: Artillery is an invaluable unit in the game and can be incredibly helpful when used properly. Players must learn how to utilize this powerful unit effectively so they can fully benefit from its potential.
  7. Overtaking officers can lead to a shortage of resources and the inability to produce necessary units. Players should balance their officer count with their resource production.
  8. Neglecting to pay attention to morale: Morale is an integral factor in the game and can significantly impact a player’s capacity for victory. Players must maintain high spirits in order to remain competitive and stay ahead of other players.

Some best Attacking Strategies:

  1. Artillery-Based Strategy: This strategy utilizes a stack composed mainly of artillery units, supported by infantry and anti-aircraft units. To maximize efficiency, the stack should remain around 10-11 units with an armoured car for better vision and range. This tactic works best in early game when air units are weak enough to pose any threat. Position the stack defensively so as to shield its artillery units while firing on enemy stacks or positions from a safe distance.
  2. Blitzkrieg Strategy: This tactic employs tanks and infantry units to launch rapid, decisive attacks against enemy positions. The tanks break through enemy lines while infantry capture territory. Timing and positioning are critical for success; however, if not executed correctly could prove costly. Both strategies have their strengths and drawbacks which can be adjusted depending on the player’s playstyle and current game situation.

Cookies Run Guide: Mastering the Art of Baking Delicious Cookies

cookies run kingdom guide with tips and tricks

Cookies Run Kingdom: Experience the Sweetest Adventure Game You’ll Ever Play

Are you searching for an addictive mobile game to get addicted to? Look no further than Cookies Run Kingdom from Devsisters Corporation. This thrilling adventure game revolves around cookies, frosting and a magical kingdom – everything you need to know about Cookies Run Kingdom!


  1. Save your crystals to pull new cookies from the Gacha.
  2. Keep your buildings busy to have a stock of items.
  3. Check events for free resources and extra tasks.
  4. Use toppings on your cookies and upgrade them.
  5. Focus on upgrading the cookies you mostly use.
  6. Upgrade your cookie houses to generate valuable resources.
  7. Buy the third sugar gnome hut to speed up building and upgrading.
  8. Send cookies on expeditions to collect loot.
  9. Use the Tree of Wishes to exchange materials.
  10. Watch videos to learn about new cookies and their playstyle.

A Complete Beginners guide to head starts in the beginning.

Invest in Quality Cookies: Select some great cookies to invest in, such as Eclair, Constant, Caramel or Strawberry Crepe. Don’t spend all your crystals on one banner; invest some of them instead into some quality treats so that you won’t get stuck without treats later on. Utilize Coupon Codes: Take advantage of available coupon codes such as People’s Choice Award and Dev Now to get a head start on your gacha pulls purchases. Prioritize building cookie houses: Your cookie houses are your main source of experience points or exp star jellies to level up your cookies. Build as many cookie houses as you can and level them up when you have enough resources. Mass-produce Basic Materials: Utilizing the “Mass Produce” button for basic materials helps you save time and prevents getting stuck in later missions. Focus on Wishes: Make your wishes a reality by fulfilling missions for both aurora materials and kingdom pass/event completion. Consider purchasing the kingdom pass: If you’re a daily player with the money to spare, consider purchasing the kingdom pass for its benefits like extra attempts on bounties and shorter refresh times in Kingdom Arena. Extend your kingdom towards soda island, trading port and harbor, and lavatory: As your kingdom level increases, these areas will become unlocked for use. Prioritize expanding towards these locations for their advantages.

Team compositions players can utilize during a game

DPS Team: This team specializes in dealing high damage to enemies. Common cookies used are Ginger Brave, Dark Choco Cookie and Cinnamon Cookie. Players should equip them with treasures which increase their attack power and critical hit rate as well as pets that increase their damage output.

Healer Team: This team prioritizes healing and maintaining the team’s health. It includes cookies such as Angel Cookie, Herb Cookie, Pancake Cookie, treasures and potions that enhance their healing powers.

Balanced Team: This team consists of DPSs, healers and tanks. It includes cookies such as Espresso Cookie, Milk Cookie and Snow Sugar Cookie as well as treasures and pets which enhance their performance.

The top 10 cookies to build in Cookie Run Kingdom

Wild Berry Cookie: This defensive unit can absorb a lot of damage and stun enemies, making it perfect for shielding your team from enemy attacks.
Venezia Financier Cookie: This defensive unit provides healing, attack and damage resistance buffs to the highest attacker on your team. It’s ideal for keeping everyone healthy while increasing their damage output.
Macaroon Cookie: This powerful magic user deals area damage and heals your team. It is ideal for taking down large groups of enemies while keeping everyone healthy.
Swaltz Walder Cookie: This charge unit provides AOE damage and crowd control buffs to your team, ideal for dealing with large groups of enemies while keeping them from attacking your group. It’s perfect for dealing damage to groups of enemies and keeping them away from attacking yours.
Purple Yam Cookie: This charge unit is built to be an unstoppable tank, featuring high damage resistance and HP buffs. It’s ideal for taking damage and shielding your team against attacks.
Moonlight Cookie: This magical user deals area damage and debuffs to enemies, making it ideal for dealing damage in groups and decreasing their effectiveness.
Alchemist Cookie: This magical user provides debuffs to enemies and buffs for your team. It can reduce enemy attacks’ effectiveness while increasing your own attacks’ power.
Sparkling Cookie: This defensive unit grants buffs to your team and debuffs to enemies, increasing team efficiency while decreasing enemy attacks’ effectiveness. It’s great for increasing team effectiveness and decreasing enemy attacks’ impact.
Lemon Cookie: This magical user provides debuffs and buffs to your team, decreasing enemy attacks’ effectiveness while increasing your own attacks’ power. It can be extremely useful in combatting various attacks.
Black Raisin Cookie: This charge unit deals AOE damage and buffs to your team. It is perfect for dealing damage to groups of enemies while increasing the effectiveness of your own attacks.


Cookies Run Kingdom is an engaging side-scrolling adventure game set in a magical kingdom full of delicious treats. Play as one of several teams of cookies, each with their own special abilities, as you navigate levels filled with enemies, obstacles and hidden items. The gameplay is straightforward yet addictive with intuitive controls that are simple to pick up but difficult to master.

Cookies Run Kingdom offers a vast variety of levels that are both exciting and challenging. Each one presents its own set of obstacles and enemies to conquer, so utilize your team’s special abilities to successfully traverse each one – whether that means jumping over obstacles, sliding under barriers, or using special attacks against enemies.


Cookies Run Kingdom offers an impressive selection of characters to play as. Each character has their own special abilities, from powerful attacks to protective shields. Some characters are better suited for certain levels than others, so it’s important to experiment with different teams in order to find the ideal combination for each level.

Cookies Run Kingdom offers players the chance to unlock characters by opening cookie jars, which can be purchased with gems or earned through gameplay. Furthermore, existing characters can be upgraded and leveled up through collecting cookies and levelling up. Doing so increases their stats and unlocks new abilities that make them even more formidable in battle.

In-Game Purchases

Cookies Run Kingdom is free to play, but there are in-game purchases that can help you progress more quickly through the game. For instance, gems with real money can be bought and used for cookie jars or speeding up upgrades. While these purchases aren’t necessary to enjoy the experience, they may come in handy if you want to advance faster or acquire certain characters more quickly.


One of the greatest features of Cookies Run Kingdom is its vibrant community of players. There are various online forums, social media pages and Discord servers where players can connect and exchange tips and strategies while discussing the game. Whether you need advice on beating a certain level or just want to chat with other fans of the title, there’s a place for everyone in this expansive Cookies Run Kingdom online community.


Cookies Run Kingdom is an outstanding game perfect for anyone who appreciates sweet treats and challenging gameplay. With its diverse characters, varied levels, and enthusiastic community of players, there’s always something new to discover in this enchanting kingdom. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just searching for a fun new mobile game to try, Cookies Run Kingdom definitely deserves checking out.

Master Hunt Royale with These 7 Proven Tips and Strategies: Ultimate Guide

hunt royal guide to win the game

Welcome to Hunt Royale – a game that’s so addictive, you’ll forget to eat, sleep, and basically do anything else! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the wild world of Hunt Royale, from catching your first prey to battling other players like a pro.

Now, if you’re a beginner, you might be thinking, “Oh no, I’ll never survive this game!” But fear not, my fellow hunter, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve that even the pros will envy. And if you’re already a seasoned player, stick around, because we’re about to unleash some secret tips that’ll take your gameplay to the next level.

So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. We promise to make you laugh, cry, and maybe even snort out loud as we explore the exciting world of Hunt Royale together. Let’s get started!

tier with its respective hunters

E Tier: Captain Hook

D Tier: Crow, Pirate, Axe Master, Dragonite, Render Man, Wizard, Frozen Queen

C Tier: Gentlemen, Sniper, Protector, Voodoo, Imp Master, Raging Orc, Engineer, Angel, Grey Wolf

B Tier: Ancient One, Phantom, Gorgon, Huntelisk, Rocky, Barbarian, Spider Queen, Roller King, Druid, Elf Archer, Mad Doctor

A Tier: Dragon, Shadow, Iron Knight, Blaster, Necromancer, Raccoon, Big Mama, Cyber Medic, Robot

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don’t upgrade too many hunters past level 5.
  2. Spend gems on additional event tickets.
  3. Spend gems on token boost.
  4. Know which hunters to use.
  5. Get the monthly subscription and premium pass.
  6. Join an active clan.
  7. Do bounty hunter.
  8. Disregard what was said earlier and stick with hunt mode for beginners.
  9. Complete daily quests.
  10. Watch ads to optimize your total earnings.

Apply these steps to win the Hunt Royale game.

  1. Understand your opponents: Before you start playing, learn about the different types of players in the game and their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you develop a strategy that can help you win.
  2. Choose the right weapons: The weapons you choose can make a huge difference in your success in the game. Choose weapons that suit your playing style and can give you an advantage over your opponents.
  3. Be patient: Rushing into battles can often lead to failure. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to strike.
  4. Learn the map: Knowing the map can give you a huge advantage in the game. Take some time to explore and learn the different areas and landmarks.
  5. Practice makes perfect: Like any other game, practice is key to success in Hunt Royale. Keep practicing and refining your skills to improve your chances of winning.
  6. Stay alert: Always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for opponents. Being alert can help you avoid getting caught off guard and increase your chances of winning.
  7. Work with your team: If you’re playing in a team, communication is key. Work together and coordinate your attacks to take down opponents more efficiently.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of winning in Hunt Royale and have more fun while playing.

Top 10 Cheats for Big Farm Mobile Harvest You Need to Know

big farm mobile harvest cheats

Are you looking for the best way to dominate Big Farm Mobile Harvest? Look no further! Our top 10 cheat codes will help you get to the top of the leaderboards quickly and easily. Learn how to take advantage of our knowledge and excel in the game with simple steps.

Use our cheat code to get unlimited gold, which is essential for fully maximizing your farming experience in Big Farm Mobile Harvest. With this cheat you’ll be able to upgrade buildings, purchase additional land, and unlock more powerful equipment faster than ever before. This can give you a huge advantage and make you the envy of your competitors!

Big Farm Mobile Harvest is a super trendy agricultural simulation game that permits players to plant and nurture crops, breed livestock, and create an accomplished farm. While the game is relatively simple to pick up, players can use some cheats and tips to up their game. Here are the top 10 game-changing cheats for Big Farm Mobile Harvest that you definitely must know:

  1. Daily Rewards are a Must: If you’re not logging in to the game each day to receive your daily reward, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t let the chance to maximize your earnings slip away.
  2. Go for High-Yield Crops: Want to get the most out of your crops? Focus on planting those that offer the best return on investment. Your bottom line will thank you.
  3. Expand Your Land: As your farming empire expands, you’ll require more land to keep up with the growth. Make the most of your earnings by expanding your land and making room for new crops and animals.
  4. Sell Unwanted Items: If you’re not utilizing an item and it’s just taking up valuable space, get rid of it. You can always sell items you don’t need for some extra cash.
  5. Complete Missions for Rewards: Completing missions is an excellent way to level up and earn rewards that can help you progress. Be sure to complete all the missions available to you for maximum benefits.
  6. Upgrade Your Farm: Upgrading your farm buildings and equipment is a smart way to increase your production and profits. Prioritize your upgrades to make your farm the best it can be.
  7. Join a Co-op: Joining a co-op is an excellent way to get access to more resources and support. You can make friends and improve your game by working together.
  8. Use Boosters Wisely: Boosters can help to increase production and reduce wait times, but be sure to use them strategically to get the most out of them.
  9. Keep Your Animals Happy: Your livestock is a valuable asset, so it’s essential to keep them happy and healthy. Feed and care for them regularly to increase their production and your profits.
  10. Watch Advertisements: You can watch advertisements to earn extra rewards and resources, so don’t miss this opportunity to speed up your progress.

By following these tips and tricks, you can increase your profits and create the farm of your dreams in Big Farm Mobile Harvest. So, it’s time to get your hands dirty and start planting those crops! Good luck!

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