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cookies run kingdom guide with tips and tricks

Cookies Run Kingdom: Experience the Sweetest Adventure Game You’ll Ever Play

Are you searching for an addictive mobile game to get addicted to? Look no further than Cookies Run Kingdom from Devsisters Corporation. This thrilling adventure game revolves around cookies, frosting and a magical kingdom – everything you need to know about Cookies Run Kingdom!


  1. Save your crystals to pull new cookies from the Gacha.
  2. Keep your buildings busy to have a stock of items.
  3. Check events for free resources and extra tasks.
  4. Use toppings on your cookies and upgrade them.
  5. Focus on upgrading the cookies you mostly use.
  6. Upgrade your cookie houses to generate valuable resources.
  7. Buy the third sugar gnome hut to speed up building and upgrading.
  8. Send cookies on expeditions to collect loot.
  9. Use the Tree of Wishes to exchange materials.
  10. Watch videos to learn about new cookies and their playstyle.

A Complete Beginners guide to head starts in the beginning.

Invest in Quality Cookies: Select some great cookies to invest in, such as Eclair, Constant, Caramel or Strawberry Crepe. Don’t spend all your crystals on one banner; invest some of them instead into some quality treats so that you won’t get stuck without treats later on. Utilize Coupon Codes: Take advantage of available coupon codes such as People’s Choice Award and Dev Now to get a head start on your gacha pulls purchases. Prioritize building cookie houses: Your cookie houses are your main source of experience points or exp star jellies to level up your cookies. Build as many cookie houses as you can and level them up when you have enough resources. Mass-produce Basic Materials: Utilizing the “Mass Produce” button for basic materials helps you save time and prevents getting stuck in later missions. Focus on Wishes: Make your wishes a reality by fulfilling missions for both aurora materials and kingdom pass/event completion. Consider purchasing the kingdom pass: If you’re a daily player with the money to spare, consider purchasing the kingdom pass for its benefits like extra attempts on bounties and shorter refresh times in Kingdom Arena. Extend your kingdom towards soda island, trading port and harbor, and lavatory: As your kingdom level increases, these areas will become unlocked for use. Prioritize expanding towards these locations for their advantages.

Team compositions players can utilize during a game

DPS Team: This team specializes in dealing high damage to enemies. Common cookies used are Ginger Brave, Dark Choco Cookie and Cinnamon Cookie. Players should equip them with treasures which increase their attack power and critical hit rate as well as pets that increase their damage output.

Healer Team: This team prioritizes healing and maintaining the team’s health. It includes cookies such as Angel Cookie, Herb Cookie, Pancake Cookie, treasures and potions that enhance their healing powers.

Balanced Team: This team consists of DPSs, healers and tanks. It includes cookies such as Espresso Cookie, Milk Cookie and Snow Sugar Cookie as well as treasures and pets which enhance their performance.

The top 10 cookies to build in Cookie Run Kingdom

Wild Berry Cookie: This defensive unit can absorb a lot of damage and stun enemies, making it perfect for shielding your team from enemy attacks.
Venezia Financier Cookie: This defensive unit provides healing, attack and damage resistance buffs to the highest attacker on your team. It’s ideal for keeping everyone healthy while increasing their damage output.
Macaroon Cookie: This powerful magic user deals area damage and heals your team. It is ideal for taking down large groups of enemies while keeping everyone healthy.
Swaltz Walder Cookie: This charge unit provides AOE damage and crowd control buffs to your team, ideal for dealing with large groups of enemies while keeping them from attacking your group. It’s perfect for dealing damage to groups of enemies and keeping them away from attacking yours.
Purple Yam Cookie: This charge unit is built to be an unstoppable tank, featuring high damage resistance and HP buffs. It’s ideal for taking damage and shielding your team against attacks.
Moonlight Cookie: This magical user deals area damage and debuffs to enemies, making it ideal for dealing damage in groups and decreasing their effectiveness.
Alchemist Cookie: This magical user provides debuffs to enemies and buffs for your team. It can reduce enemy attacks’ effectiveness while increasing your own attacks’ power.
Sparkling Cookie: This defensive unit grants buffs to your team and debuffs to enemies, increasing team efficiency while decreasing enemy attacks’ effectiveness. It’s great for increasing team effectiveness and decreasing enemy attacks’ impact.
Lemon Cookie: This magical user provides debuffs and buffs to your team, decreasing enemy attacks’ effectiveness while increasing your own attacks’ power. It can be extremely useful in combatting various attacks.
Black Raisin Cookie: This charge unit deals AOE damage and buffs to your team. It is perfect for dealing damage to groups of enemies while increasing the effectiveness of your own attacks.


Cookies Run Kingdom is an engaging side-scrolling adventure game set in a magical kingdom full of delicious treats. Play as one of several teams of cookies, each with their own special abilities, as you navigate levels filled with enemies, obstacles and hidden items. The gameplay is straightforward yet addictive with intuitive controls that are simple to pick up but difficult to master.

Cookies Run Kingdom offers a vast variety of levels that are both exciting and challenging. Each one presents its own set of obstacles and enemies to conquer, so utilize your team’s special abilities to successfully traverse each one – whether that means jumping over obstacles, sliding under barriers, or using special attacks against enemies.


Cookies Run Kingdom offers an impressive selection of characters to play as. Each character has their own special abilities, from powerful attacks to protective shields. Some characters are better suited for certain levels than others, so it’s important to experiment with different teams in order to find the ideal combination for each level.

Cookies Run Kingdom offers players the chance to unlock characters by opening cookie jars, which can be purchased with gems or earned through gameplay. Furthermore, existing characters can be upgraded and leveled up through collecting cookies and levelling up. Doing so increases their stats and unlocks new abilities that make them even more formidable in battle.

In-Game Purchases

Cookies Run Kingdom is free to play, but there are in-game purchases that can help you progress more quickly through the game. For instance, gems with real money can be bought and used for cookie jars or speeding up upgrades. While these purchases aren’t necessary to enjoy the experience, they may come in handy if you want to advance faster or acquire certain characters more quickly.


One of the greatest features of Cookies Run Kingdom is its vibrant community of players. There are various online forums, social media pages and Discord servers where players can connect and exchange tips and strategies while discussing the game. Whether you need advice on beating a certain level or just want to chat with other fans of the title, there’s a place for everyone in this expansive Cookies Run Kingdom online community.


Cookies Run Kingdom is an outstanding game perfect for anyone who appreciates sweet treats and challenging gameplay. With its diverse characters, varied levels, and enthusiastic community of players, there’s always something new to discover in this enchanting kingdom. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or just searching for a fun new mobile game to try, Cookies Run Kingdom definitely deserves checking out.