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Bitlife Business Update Guide

Hello there! As a long-time gamer and industry expert, I’m excited to share my insights on the new Bitlife Business Update.

Bitlife is a highly sought-after game that allows you to live a digital life from birth to the grave. It’s like a parallel universe, but all conveniently located on your mobile phone!

As you play, you shape your character’s life trajectory by making key decisions such as choosing the right school, career path, or significant other. You could even embrace your dark side and turn to a life of crime or aim for the stars and become a famous personality.

The game has a diverse array of scenarios and challenges, ranging from job hunting, and family building, to money management. Moreover, you can even personalize your character’s appearance, name, and gender.

BitLife Cheats: Tips, Tricks, and Guide to Master the Life Simulator Game

Welcome to our BitLife Life Simulator guide! If you’re new to this game and looking for ways to master it, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will take you through the core concepts of the game, provide you with tips and tricks to progress, and share some cheats that you can use to your advantage.


BitLife Life Simulator is a mobile game developed by Candywriter LLC, where players start a virtual life as a random character. You will come across various events that write your life timeline in the game, including relationships with family members, happiness, health, smarts, looks, and more. Choosing the right career path is important, as it determines the field of job you will work in. Some of the highest-paying jobs in the game include Actor and CEO.

Getting Started

When you start a new game, you can choose to play as a random girl or boy character or create a custom life where you can change the gender, country, and city. The character will be assigned random stats at the time of birth, including happiness, health, smarts, and looks. These stats matter a lot, so it’s recommended to start with a character that has good stats (90+).

Progressing in the Game

To progress further, you need to tap the age button, and random events will occur as you progress through the game. You start as an infant, then go to primary school, secondary school, and university. After university, you can go to other schools such as law school or medical school for further study.

There are various things you can do in the game, including starting a relationship, having kids, going on vacation, buying assets such as cars and houses, and owning pets. Money is essential for survival, so it’s important to choose a career that pays well. There are over 140 careers available in BitLife, so it’s important to set your goal first and decide what you want to become.

Tips to Progress in BitLife Life Simulator

Here are some tips to help you progress in the game and become successful:

  1. Take care of your stats: Your stats matter a lot in BitLife Life Simulator. If you want to be successful, you must start with a character that has good stats (90+).
  2. Choose the right career path: Choosing the right career path is crucial in the game, as it determines the field of job you will work in. Some of the highest-paying jobs in the game include Actor and CEO.
  3. Use the job shuffle cheat: Jobs are listed randomly, and you might not see the job that you are looking for. In that case, you need to shuffle the jobs. There are two ways to shuffle the jobs – enter the next year by tapping the age button or restart the app. Check the jobs, and you will find different jobs every time you restart the app.
  4. Maintain your stats: Activities help you maintain all your stats, including happiness, smarts, looks, and health. You can do an unlimited number of activities every year to maintain your stats.
  5. Find ways to make money: Money is essential for survival, so it’s important to find ways to make money in the game. Some ways to make money include getting a job, gambling, or winning the lottery.

In-Game Tips and Tricks:

  1. Utilizing the “back out glitch” can assist players in avoiding negative outcomes in the game.
  2. The “Mind and Body” diet tab provides several options for players to preserve their character’s health and happiness.
  3. Certain jobs in the game possess specific prerequisites, including good looks for some entertainment positions or attending medical school to become a brain surgeon.
  4. A video exists that compiles every royalty country in the game, with Monaco being the most profitable.
  5. Pursuing the influencer job or social media fame may not be a worthwhile use of time, as the ad revenue is unrealistic. Players can subscribe to the YouTuber’s channel for additional advice and tips.
  6. Rename your lives in BitLife based on what you did in that life for easy reference later.
  7. If you’re in the mafia, take multiple martial arts classes to learn new moves for conflicts with members of rival mafia.
  8. You can increase your relationship level with someone by gifting them a business or citizenship in BitLife.
  9. Use the “restore purchase” button in the settings tab to transfer your BitLife purchases to a new device.
  10. Use the “try again as whoever you are” button in BitLife to restart a life from the same age and continue playing with your previous progress.

Starting a Business vs Buying an Existing One

In BitLife, you have the option to either start your own business or buy an existing one. Each option has its own advantages and challenges.

Starting a Business

  1. Creativity: You have the freedom to decide what kind of business you want to start.
  2. Control: You have full control over every aspect of the business.
  3. Cost: It can be less expensive to start a business from scratch.
  4. Challenge: It can be more challenging to start a business as you have to build everything from the ground up.

Buying an Existing Business

  1. Established: The business is already established and has a customer base.
  2. Less Risky: It can be less risky as the business already has a proven track record.
  3. Cost: It can be more expensive to buy an existing business.
  4. Limited Control: You may have less control over the business operations as you have to follow the existing business model.
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