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call of war guide to win this game with tips & tricks with strategies

In this guide, you’ll gain invaluable knowledge from the basics of gameplay to advanced tactics for outmaneuvering opponents. Learn the most effective methods for building your economy, training troops and expanding territory. Gain insider tips on negotiating alliances, spying on enemy nations and launching devastating surprise attacks.

But that’s not all! This guide also features winning tips from top players, comprehensive analyses of each nation’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as in-depth analyses of Call of War’s mechanics. With this comprehensive resource at your disposal, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way in Call of War with ease.

Here are the lessons taught in Call of War:

  1. Early in the game, AI is generally passive. Attacking neighboring AI nations can provide a sense of accomplishment and success.
  2. Playing as part of a coalition provides security and expansion opportunities.
  3. It is essential to have a navy to safeguard your waters and stop enemy transport fleets from reaching your continent.
  4. Having allies beyond those of your adversaries can be invaluable.
  5. Being part of one cohesive nation and having control over everything can lead to better performance than being part of multiple nations with the same number of units.

Beginners Guide you must Follow to Win this Game

  1. Choose a doctrine and country to play as.
  2. Allies are the best option for beginners, offering various advantages like decreased production time, research costs, and upgrade costs.
  3. When selecting which country to play as, take into account whether they have access to the sea.
  4. Be familiar with the properties and strengths of each starting unit, such as anti-air, infantry, armored cars and interceptor.
  5. Gain knowledge about all the armored classes available in the game and use your chosen unit to attack each one appropriately.
  6. Be familiar with the resources in the game, such as food, goods, metal, oil and rare materials and how they are utilized to craft various units.
  7. Be sure to attack the right armored class with the appropriate unit.
  8. Visit the game’s wiki for more details regarding all resources and units available in it.

Here is a list of Economy Guides to be Noted

  1. Stay Awake to Your Economy: Your economy is the engine of your war machine, so it’s essential to always keep an eye on it.
  2. Building Types: In each province, there are three major building types: industry, recruitment stations and propaganda offices. Industry contributes to resource production while recruitment stations increase manpower production while propaganda offices boost morale.
  3. Building Restrictions: Industry and recruitment stations can only be built within one province, and their effects only pertain to that area. Furthermore, propaganda offices are restricted to the province where they are constructed.
  4. Building Upgrades: Cities can upgrade industry to level 5 while recruitment stations and propaganda offices may be upgraded to level 3, while local industry can also be built in rural provinces and brought up to level 3.
  5. Efficiency: Construct only one unit production building per city to conserve resources. Constructing multiple buildings that can only be utilized one at a time is an unnecessary waste of resources.
  6. Resource Management: Construct military production buildings, then upgrade all industries to level 1 according to your strategy and resource needs.
  7. Objective: By day 4, our goal is to have level 2 industry in each province and level 2 recruitment stations in all five cities, so that we don’t run out of manpower later on.
  8. Production Building Upgrades: When researching or using level 2 units, make sure to upgrade military production buildings to level 2 in order to avoid production time penalties.
  9. Propaganda Offices: Construct propaganda offices in the late game to combat morale issues. Each level can boost morale by 10 on level 1, 23 on level 2, and 40 on level 3.
  10. Capital management: Expansion quickly and move your capital to a province far from your core provinces can cause morale problems. Building propaganda offices is one solution to address this issue.

Noob players often make the following mistakes in Call of War

  1. Believing that militia is superior to basic infantry: Many new players mistakenly assume that militia is a great unit due to its cost-saving benefits, but in reality it should only be used as a last resort when faced with large sand dunes; standard infantry offers much greater protection at half the price point.
  2. Lack of understanding that an army moves at the speed of its slowest unit: Many new players don’t understand why troops move faster or slower. They may add air defense to their army but find themselves now slower and not as ready as before. To solve this problem, research mobile anti-aircraft units that can shoot enemy planes while moving; this will enable your army to maintain regular tank movement speeds.
  3. Researching is expensive and time-consuming: Some new players take a “no research stance” because research can be expensive and time-consuming. Unfortunately, not researching can result in weaker armies. Researching may be costly and time-consuming, but in the end it will give your army a stronger foundation.
  4. Declaring war on day one: either against a player or large NPCs, or declaring war against everyone is generally not recommended since players may lack the resources or units necessary to wage effective battle at the start of the game.
  5. Attacking ineffectively: such as using tanks in a city where they receive a minus 50 penalty or using anti-air units against ground units, will not yield victory in battles. Players must utilize their units strategically in order to achieve victory.
  6. Failing to use artillery correctly or incorrectly: Artillery is an invaluable unit in the game and can be incredibly helpful when used properly. Players must learn how to utilize this powerful unit effectively so they can fully benefit from its potential.
  7. Overtaking officers can lead to a shortage of resources and the inability to produce necessary units. Players should balance their officer count with their resource production.
  8. Neglecting to pay attention to morale: Morale is an integral factor in the game and can significantly impact a player’s capacity for victory. Players must maintain high spirits in order to remain competitive and stay ahead of other players.

Some best Attacking Strategies:

  1. Artillery-Based Strategy: This strategy utilizes a stack composed mainly of artillery units, supported by infantry and anti-aircraft units. To maximize efficiency, the stack should remain around 10-11 units with an armoured car for better vision and range. This tactic works best in early game when air units are weak enough to pose any threat. Position the stack defensively so as to shield its artillery units while firing on enemy stacks or positions from a safe distance.
  2. Blitzkrieg Strategy: This tactic employs tanks and infantry units to launch rapid, decisive attacks against enemy positions. The tanks break through enemy lines while infantry capture territory. Timing and positioning are critical for success; however, if not executed correctly could prove costly. Both strategies have their strengths and drawbacks which can be adjusted depending on the player’s playstyle and current game situation.