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PES Mobile Complete Guide with Tactics and Tips & Tricks

I enjoyed playing Pes Mobile. It is one of the best Football Mobile games I have ever played. I enjoyed its playing style.  It’s very realistic and we can play this game a lot more. The more you play, the more you get better in this game. You will increase your playing skills and other interesting modes. I also enjoyed playing this game with my friends as well. I have listed tips and tricks listed down below.

Tips For PES Mobile

Speed Burst

Flick on the left side of the screen in the direction you want to dribble while Dash Dribbling.

Cursor Change

Tap on the right side of the screen while defending to change the cursor to a player who is near the ball.

Player Skills

Some players posses unique skills which trigger in certain situations.

Cursor Change Control

You can choose the way you switch the cursor between players by going to [Cursor Change Control] in [Play Settings] and selecting either “Tap” or “Double Tap & Flick”.

Stronger Foot

You can adjust the direction of dribbling to favour the player’s strong foot.

Playing Style

Some players possess unique playing styles. Play them in their favoured positions for best results.

Finesse Dribble

Flick the left side of the screen while dribbling.


Players may have the Inspire characteristic based on his abilities. When on the ball, such players inspire teammates to behave in a way that complements their playstyle


A player may miss-kick when trying to kick while dash dribbling, when kicking before controlling the ball and when kicking in a difficult direction.

Pass, shot block

Position to automatically block the course of the opposition’s passes and shots.

High Punt Kick

Double-tap on the right side of the screen when the keeper has the ball in hand.

Goal Celebration Area Events

After scoring a goal, a player may perform a unique goal celebration when in the relevant area.


Flick the left of the screen in the direction you want to feint. Not possible while Dash-Dribbling.

Pass and Move

Right after applying a pass, flick on the left side of the screen in the direction you want to pass to.

Chipped Through Ball

Drawback on the right side of the screen, slide, and stop in the direction you want to pass.

Short corner

Tap the “Short Corner” Button to call a teammate to the kicker during corner kicks.

Command list

Tap the pause menu during a match to see the command list.


Drawback and flick on the right side of the screen when close to the penalty area.

Gk runs towards the ball

While pressing an attacker on your side of the pitch, drawback quickly on the right side of the screen and then flick.

COM Playing Styles

Some Players possess COM Playing Styles when on the ball. Set to COM Control for best results.