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boom beach guide: best tactics with tips and tricks

In Boom Beach, you’re responsible for defending the native islanders against the Blackguards. To do so, you’ll need to build up a formidable defense before heading to other islands to assist the residents in reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. You’ll need to spend your in-game coins and diamonds wisely because resources are limited and troops are rare. Making smart decisions early on will determine whether you win or lose the game. This is where iMore can help! Here are a few pointers to help you stay on track when playing Boom Beach:

Boom Beach Quick Tips and Tricks:

1. You Need Gold to train troops, to explore the archipelago, and for Armory Upgrades.
2. Wood Stone And Iron are Valuable building materials. Conquer resources bases and destroy enemies to get more!
3. Resource bases produce building materials that are transported by cargo ships to your home island.
4. Explore the archipelago to discover more islands, resources bases and enemies to destroy! You can unlock more regions for exploration by upgrading your Radar.
5. Residences on your island produce gold. Freed villages also send you gold as thanks!
6. Earn victory points by destroying enemies and taking over resource bases!
7. You will earn diamonds when your defenses in your home base destroy enough enemy units!
8. Each statue is a work of art and its powers are impossible to predict in advance.
9. Mystical crystals stolen by the Blackguard are kept in their base buildings. Destroy enemy building to find them!
10. Every time a resource base is conquered, its defenses get automatically upgraded.
11. You can’t upgrade the buildingsin a resource base.
12. support your troops to minimize casulties!
13. If a fight looks unwinnable, retreat to save your remaining troops!
14. Destroy the enemy Headquarters to win a battle!
15. Destroying enemy base building damages the enemy Headquarters, making it easier to finish off.
16. Each landing craft can only hold one troop type at a time.
17. When you change to a different troop type in a landing craft, the cost of the current troops will be refunded.
18. The vault keeps some of your resources safe, even if an enemy manages to destroy your Headquarters.
19. Upgrade the vault to keep more of your resources untouchable by enemies!
20. To find New bases to attack, you can either explore more of the map or wait for enemy invasions.
21. The more free villages you have on your map, the more often you’ll get enemy invasions on them.
22. You can freely move defensive and prodution buildings on resource bases.
23. Destroying a Boss enemy’s base will give you lots of resources and Mystical Crystals!
24. Riflemen are a cost-effective all-around units.
25. Use Rifelmen to overwhelm cannons, whose slow rate of fire can’t keep up with the swarming Rifles.
26. The Heavy can soak up lots of damage. Make sure he’s cloeset to turrents so that they target him.
27. Zookas can deal out massive damage, but they’re very vuinerable to enemy fire.
28. Don’t send Zookas into battle alone! Make sure they’re safely behind Heavies.
29. The worriors’ speed allows them to run through very light defenses and destroy key targets behind them.
30. The Tank is powerful and versatile, but vulnerable to cannon fire. Try using Heavies or Rifleman to support it.
31. The sniper in the sniper Tower is accurate and deadly, but his slow rate of fire means the tower can be Swarmed.
32. The Machine Gun sprays bullets everywhere, making it good against large number but somewhat unpredicatable.
33. Place Mortars Behind your, other defense and buildings.
34. A crowd of enemies shooting at one of your buildings is a perfect target for the Mortar!
35. Flamethrowers are perfect for stopping massed enemy infantry charges.
36. Flamethrowers set enemies on fire. They burn for 5 senconds, causing additional damage.
37. Cannons deal massive damage, especially to Tanks.
38. Cannons’ low firing speed means that they’re ineffective against groups of infantry.
39. The Rocket Laundrer has an extremly long range. Make sure it gets to fire as many salves as possible.

    • Upgrade or reinforce your skills.

You can only create one thing at a time, and some structures and buildings take much longer to construct than others. This implies that you must ensure that you are effectively managing your time. Build stuff that requires low wait times while playing the game, and then start creating items that require higher wait times immediately before the game is closed. When your products are finished being constructed, Boom Beach can send you a push notification. This should help you resist the temptation to spend actual money on diamonds in order to expedite large tasks.

  • Upgrade sawmills as quickly as possible.

Everything you construct in Boom Beach will be constructed of wood. Stone and iron can be used to reinforce or improve constructions, but wood is your best option. You won’t be able to build anything if you run out. It’s critical to construct and upgrade sawmills as soon as possible. You’ll have to level up a little before you can fully enhance them, so make sure you pay attention. Increase lumber output as soon as you have the resources to do so. When you need artillery and don’t have enough wood to make it, you’ll be pleased you did.

  • Wood is followed by stone and iron.

Later in the game, stone and iron become more significant, and you’ll need both wood and stone or iron to upgrade existing buildings or construct new ones. Winning fights is usually enough to obtain enough stone and iron. It’s vital, but you’re not going to use it very often. Simply hoard the rewards you receive from triumphs, and you’ll usually have enough to get by.

  • Plan your attacks after scouting the region.

When planning an attack on a new island, always scout it out beforehand. It’ll cost you nothing, and you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into. This provides you the option of selecting which troops to send in. If you don’t have to, why risk losing more expensive and costly troops in an attack? Only send in what you believe you’ll need.

  • Attack the bases as soon as possible

This is related to tip number four. Make a plan of attack after you’ve scouted an area. If you can get away with it, avoid the weapons and towers. Go straight for an opposing island’s base camp and demolish it. You’ll win 99.9% of the time with the fewest number of casualties if you do it this way.

  • Use trees as lumber, especially in the beginning.

Lumber is scarce in the early stages of Boom Beach. You can exchange coins for lumber to increase your collection. You won’t be able to mine all of the mangrove trees in your area, but you’ll be able to collect enough to start a small collection. This should be sufficient to obtain a few dwellings and other structures capable of creating cash or resources.

  • Build as many houses as possible.

One of the few methods to make cash on your own island is through residences. Make sure you build as many as you can and upgrade them on a regular basis. To cruise to other islands and assault them, you’ll need coins, unless you choose to pay diamonds for the privilege. Residences are a good strategy to ensure you always have some coins in your bank if you want to avoid this.

  • With a little patience, you can get a lot more diamonds for a lot less money.

In Boom Beach, you can rush practically every task, but that doesn’t mean you should. Preparing troops or rushing buildings, for example, can cost a lot of diamonds. Diamonds, like any other freemium gaming model, are exceedingly hard to come by, so use them cautiously unless you want to spend real money.

Hold off for 10 or 15 minutes and then check how many diamonds it costs to rush anything that takes 30 minutes to make and costs 20 diamonds to rush. You’ll discover that the sum falls down the longer you wait. It’s a nice thing to remember when you’re running out of patience.

  • Upgrade your radar on a regular basis.

Radar is what allows you to travel to islands further away from your home base. Build radar as quickly as possible, and then enhance it on a regular basis. If you’re running out of islands to attack around you, it’s definitely time to update your radar so that you can see further and have more options.

  • Remember to collect your achievement awards.

Achievement awards are one of the few ways to acquire diamonds in-game without actually purchasing them. Keep an eye out for them, and once you’ve found one, head over to the achievements section to claim your prize. They can be as many as 20 diamonds or more at times.