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Top Eleven Football Manager Player’s PlayStyle Guide

Top Eleven Football Manager Player's Play styles guide

In Top Eleven football Manager player’s playstyle defines an individual player’s playing style. There are different playing styles in the game such as Box-to-Box, Mezzala, Regista, False Wingers, Target Man, Full Back, Wing Back, Stopper, Sweeper keeper, Poacher, etc.


Use Set-Piece Training to quickly develop your Play-styles.


Position: MC

Real Box-to-Box Players: Paul Pogba / Steven Gerrard / Frank Lampard / Bastian Schweinsteiger / Yaya Toure

Present in a large area of the field, the box-to-box MC appears wherever needed, supporting other midfielders. He can take part in both attacking and defending plays.

Formation that fits for Box-to-Box: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-5-1(V-Style), 4-2-3-1


  • High work-rate.
  • Active in both defense and attack.
  • Ball winner.


  • Loss of stamina.
  • Out of position when the opponent develops Counter attacks.


Position: MC

Real Mezzala Players: Kevin De Bruyne / Angel Di Maria / Luka Modric

A Mezzala is a wide central-midfield player in a trio or diamond, playing outside and ahead of a single, deeper midfielder. A Mezzala brings dynamism to the midfield and feeds their teammates with his passing skills and space creation. Teammates with high mobility will get the most from him.

Formation that fits for Mezzala: 4-3-3, 4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow Diamond), 4-5-1 (V-Style)


  • Helps to exploit gaps in the opposition backline with through balls.
  • Make runs into a gap between a center-back and a full-back.
  • Movement ahead of a full-back with overlapping runs that allow the winger to cut inside with the ball.


  • The runs that the mezzala makes ahead of the ball can leave gaps behind them.
  • A mezzala is less defensive than a pure box-to-box midfielder.
  • One defensive midfielder player should be placed to cover the defensive gap created by the player


Position: DMC, MC

Real Regista Players: Jorginho, Andrea Pirlo

The Regista or a deep-lying playmaker is a director. They are responsible for providing the link between defense and attack and controlling the tempo of the game through their passing. With just a few yet very precise and effective actions, he’ll pick up the ball deep in his own half and set up an attacking phase for the team.

Formation that fits for Regista: 4-5-1(V-Style), 4-1-2-1-2(Narrow Diamond), 4-3-3, 4-1-3-2


  • Ball Possession
  • Accurate Long Ball passing
  • Control in Mid-Field


  • Lacks the ability to cover ground quickly.
  • Requires intelligent movements ahead of the ball, otherwise, the regista becomes almost useless.




Deployed on the wings, False wingers drift into central areas of the pitch, creating a numerical advantage in the midfield that disrupts and overwhelms rival defenses.

Formations that fits for False Winger: 4-4-1-1, 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1


  • Creating space behind the opponent’s Full-Backs.
  • Nightmare for one on one defense.
  • Dangerous on space
  • Creates lots of chances.
  • Scores lots of goals.


  • Less responsible in defense.
  • Leave space on his position for the opponent to counter.

How to write a blog?

How to write a blog

Writing a blog is the easiest part which will brainstorm your mind. You don’t have to do anything, type simple words that come into your mind after you have researched and learned about the topic. You have to note down the researched information about the topics so you can get references and remember them while writing.

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Where can you find these data?

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How to start?

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How to choose Keywords?

Keywords are the most important element for blogging because if you have good keywords with a decent amount of traffic then your content will rank higher on google. Various elements matter while choosing good keywords, such as;

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Question to ask yourself before getting into #1 competition

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Heading Templets

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  1. How to [Achieve the desired outcome]
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Introduction Templets

The introduction is the first paragraph of the content so you must write a good and easy-to-read introduction that will define your content in brief. To create a good intro you must include

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BLIND DATE NEPAL | New Reality Show | Superhit Cinema Nepal

Blind Date Nepal is the Nepal's First reality dating show of Nepal

What is Blind Date Nepal?

Blind Date Nepal is Nepal’s first reality dating show, in which two persons of opposite genders meet in a location to form a couple in the show or in real life as well. When they meet they will discuss their interests, likes, and dislikes. Some couples share good feelings and some couples express thoughts about each other.

Superhit Cinema Nepal organized this program which is published on their YouTube Channel (Superhit Cinema Nepal). I also want to mention the Superhit Cinema Nepal is a production house and an institute where you can learn video editing which is located in New Baneshwor, Thapagaun. 

Superhit Cinema Nepal is Blind date Nepal Presenter

You can Follow Superhit Cinema Nepal on

How to get into the Blind Date Nepal show?

First and foremost, you must pass the audition. Following that, you will be chosen based on your performance during the audition. For additional information on how to apply for an audition, call 9823648972 or send a message at Facebook Page.

Sneak Peek of Blind Date Nepal Season 1


Devendra Raj Pandey

Devendra Raj Pandey


Location: New Baneshwor Kathmandu.

Bio: I am Deven and I am a girl’s lover.

C-lu Pokhrel

C-lu Pokhrel


Location: Kathmandu.

Bio: I am Shilu and I am born to be Sexy.

Asal Adhikari

Asal Adhikari


Location: New Baneshwor Kathmandu.

Bio: I’m Ashal, but I’m not good with selfish individuals.

Narbada lakandri

Narbada lakandri


Location: From Jhapa to Kathmandu.

Bio: I’m Narbada Lakandri, I am a strong and independent girl.

Bikash Kharel

Bikash Kharel

IT Officer

Location: From Jhapa to Kathmandu.

Bio: I am Bikash, I am Jhapali but malai Guff dina aaudaina.

Pranima Dahal

Pranima Dahal


Location: Kathmandu.

Bio: I’m Pranima, and I don’t know to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Ram Prasad Pokharel

Ram Prasad Pokharel


Location: Kathmandu.

Bio: I’m Ram, and I am a Businessman.

Laxman Baniya

Laxman Baniya


Location: Kathmandu.

Bio: I’m Laxman, and I am an angry man.

Mamta Majhi

Mamta Majhi


Location: Kathmandu.

Bio: It’s me Mamta, and it’s not easy to trap me in love.

Mina Budhathoki

Mina Budhathoki


Location: Bhaktapur.

Bio: Myself Mina, and I will get what I want.


Nepse Update


This is my Share market Guide, which helps me to analyze the company share of Nepal. NEPSE UPDATE has different up and down growth from which you have to choose the Share you want to invest and get profited. Here are only shares that I have evaluated to get knowledge if it grows or not.


Share Analysis

Chilime Hydropower Company Limited

Bhotekoshi, Rasuwa District
Established= 1995 AD
Comercial Generation= 8th Bhadra 2060 (24th August 2003)
Shareholders= NEA 51% General Public= (Locals 10% + others 39%)
Energy Production= 1,47,899.9 MWh or (22.1 MW)
Buy Value= >650
Sell Value= 700<
High to Low Value= 752 – 382

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited

Tamakoshi, Dolakha District
Established= 7-March-2007 A.D. (2063/11/25 B.S.)
Comercial Generation= 2078 B.S.
Shareholders= 51%(NEA has 41% stake, NTC has 6% and CIT & RBS each has 2%) General Public= (General Public 15% and residents of Dolakha District 10%)The remaining 24% share will be taken over by contributors in Employees Provident Fund (EPF), NEA & Companys staffs and staffs of financial institutions providing loans.
Energy Production= 456 MW
Buy Value= >700
Sell Value= 1000<
High to Low Value= 908 – 219

Butwal Power Company Limited

Established= 1966 A.D.
Comercial Generation= 2078 B.S.
Shareholders= NEA 0.86%
Shangri-la Energy Limited 56.27%
Government of Nepal 7.42%
Interkraft Nepal AS 1.58%
United Mission to Nepal 1.37%
Other General Public Shareholders 29.29%
Energy Production= 17.1 megawatts (MW) through its two plants in western Nepal
Buy Value= >450
Sell Value= 500<
High to Low Value= 562  – 350

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