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Dollar Card in Nepal

Dollar Card in Nepal

Nepal has also launched an International Payment Gateway, which is also known as the dollar card in Nepal. Most of the Banks have this Card Service i.e. (Nabil Bank, NMB, NIC Asia, etc.). With this card’s use, you can buy International goods from foreign E-commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc., and can do many other International Goods and services transactions.

Dollar card in Nepal, some banks which provides dollar card

Use of Dollar card in Nepal

  1. Facebook Boost, Instagram Boost
  2. Google Adwords (Advertise your product and services on Google search engine, Google ads, etc.)
  3. International E-commerce Shopping (Amazon, Flipcart, Alibaba, etc,)
  4. Google app Purchase
  5. Game coin Purchase (Diamond, Gold, Top-up, etc.)
  6. Can be linked to Paypal Account
  7. Domain and Web Hosting Purchase
  8. International Education Course Online (Udemy, Skillshare, etc.)
  9. Netflix Subscription
  10. Google Console Account (Publish Android Apps on Google Play Store)

How to get Dollar card?

Steps to Get Dollar card

  • Bank Account (Nabil Bank, NIC Asia Bank, NMB, etc.)
  • Fill KYC Form(Know your Customer Form). You need PP size photo& Citizen Photocopy.
  • Then, Just load Cash to your card.

Dollar Card Details

NMB Bank is best to issue Dollar Card.

NMB Bank Charge Rs.500 to issue Dollar card and charge 1-time Rs.500 to load balance up to $500 for 1 year. No Extra charges, No Transaction Fee, valid up to 3years.

I have issued this card from NIC Asia Bank.

First of all you have to pay Rs.750 to Issue this card for 3 years of validity.
If you want to load the balance on the dollar card you just have to pay $500 on Nepalese Rupee. You will not have to pay the First service charge 1 time. If you want to Reload the balance on that card you have to pay Rs.250 per reload. The Bank will also charge 0.5 % on each Transaction.

When I ask NIC Asia Bank about Dollar Card, they forward me these details.

Features :
Limit: Maximum $500 within one year
Issuance Fee: Rs.750/-
Cash Load Fee: Rs.250( Free for 1st Load)
Transaction Fee: 0.5% of transaction Amount
Tenure: Valid for 3 years
Renewal Fee: N/A
It can be issued instant over the counter.

$ Card can be used for the below-mentioned segment,
1.International video streaming Service –Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar
2.Social Media Advertisement –Facebook, YouTube, etc.
3.International e-commerce platform –Alibaba, etc
4.International newsletter and Magazine Subscription
5.Payment to International Business Institutions.

How to create a storyboard

How to create a storyboard?

Follow these steps to create a storyboard:

  • Pre-Production
    1. Story Genres
      (Romance, Friction, Horror, Thriller,Comedy, Sci-fi, etc.)
    2. Character
      -Primary (Main Character)
      -Secondary Character (Support for Primary)
      -Trisery Character (Villain)
  • Research
    Analyse location, stage planning, character looks, Environment & weather, etc.
  • Concept Art
  • Story Writing
  • Break Down
  • Scripting
  • Story Boarding
    1. Make a Short list
    2. Sketch it out
    3. Fill in details
    4. Fill texts
  • Production
    1. Modelling
    2. Texturing
    3. Rigging
    4. Animation
  • Post-Production
    1. Compositing
    2. Color Grading
    3. Color Correction

This story is made by Wilson Shrestha.

Horror Story

When we were child we always heard about witches and witchcraft. In my childhood, I heard a story about a witch who takes the youth and beauty of other people. So today I am going to share a story.
On a dark rainy night, a truck driver was driving the truck to the hills to load some logs of woods. Suddenly when he was traveling to the hills, the weather got worst, wind storms and thunders began to strike near the hills. It was being very difficult for him to drive so he was looking for shelter. Then he saw a small light on another top of the hills, then he decided to travel there with his truck.

After some time he reached there and found that it was an old tree-house, where there were many birds on that tree. He came near to the house and peek from a window there was a burning candle on the wooden table. He didn’t saw any person from the window then he opened the wooden cracked door and entered the house and gave a voice “Is anybody in there?”. Then someone came from the dark, it was a woman with a white sari dress. She looked so beautiful with a smile on her face and silky straight hair.
The truck driver asked for help in a polite voice, then she told him to sit on the chair, and will bring him a cup of soup and a blanket. After a while, she came with a cup of soup and a blanket. The soup tastes awesome but he felt dizzy and fell asleep.
Then the woman carried and throw him into the basement where there was a chunk of dead bodies.

Informative Story

A story about ZEN – Empty your mind

Once upon a time,
A professor went to a zen master. He asked him the meaning of zen.
The Master quietly poured a cup of tea. The cup was full but he continues to pour. The professor could not stand any longer, so he questioned the master impatiently: Why do you keep pouring when the cup is full. I want to point to you, The master said you are similarly attempting to understand zen while your mind is full.
First, empty your mind of preconceptions before you attempt to understand zen. If your mind is empty. It is always ready for anything: it is open to everything.
In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind, there are few.
You see in life, in your life, we all are full of preconceptions all the time. We are constantly judging and trying to relate things, actions, disasters to one another but this is wrong, our mind must be empty, we should not have any preconceptions, and we should take every event, every word, every feeling as what it is. Keep an empty mind, and your heart will be always full.

Zen is a type of Buddhism that focuses on awareness through the practice of meditation. … The definition of zen is slang for feeling peaceful and relaxed. An example of zen as an adjective is to have a zen experience, how you feel during a day at the spa.
Zen Means Felling peaceful and relaxed

Nepali Jokes In English

Nepali Jokes in English

Here are some of the interesting and my favorite Nepali Jokes in the English Language

Chat between Husband and Wife
Wife: How much you love me?
Husband: As much as Shah Jahan does.
Wife: If so, after I die, you will build the Taj Mahal in my rememberance?
Husband: I have already bought land for it, You are doing Late. 🤣🤣🤣

If GF mood is hyper
BF: Darling Relax, Go get a beer.
GF: I don’t want a beer.
BF: Who said it was for you.🤣🤣🤣

Teacher: Why you haven’t done your homework?
Student: I haven’t done my homework because my father was in Hospital.
Teacher: What happened to him?
Student: He is a Doctor. 🤣🤣

Two married women are talking about their husband
First Wife: my husband is very kind. He weeps when someone kills a goat too.
Second wife: my husband is more kind. He weeps while cutting onion too.🤣🤣🤣

Teacher: Maile talai hijo Gadha ko barema essay lekhna vaneko thiye, la suna!
Student: Sir, Hijo maile lekhna lako theye gadha kahapo vagihalyo.🤣🤣🤣

Shere: Mero Chora ratvari Book📚 ko Najeek basirahanxa.
Ghede: Aani kasari Fail vo tw?
Shere: Aare yrr Facebook ko Najeek basxa.🤣🤣🤣

Boss: Why do you wear short dresses
Personal Assistance: Because you provide me a low salary.
Boss: Then from now you wont get any Salary.🤣🤣🤣

Boy:- Masanga bihe garchau?
Girl:- Nai.
Boy:- Garana plz, ma timilai eclairs dinchu.
Girl:- Nai.Arkai sanga DairyMilk ma kura milisakya cha.

Shere: Temi le ma maa testo k khas dekhau ra bihe ko lagi “Yes” Garidiyou?

Shere ko Budi: Temi lai ekdin vada dhuna lageko dekhera ni malai vada dhuna naparla vani.

Ma Hotel ma nasta khana gayeko theye, sabai table ma COUPLE haru baseka theye, malai basnalai thau theyena, maile ni mobile nikalye ani vane,”Tero GF aru kasai sanga basira xa, xitto aaija”.
Kassam se aada kt haru gayab vaihalin.

Nepali Memes

Nepali jokes in English, Memes, Nepali boy chatting with mark zukerburg
Nepali Jokes in English, beautiful Nepali looks and design banner

List of Top 10 Pharmaceuticals Companies in Nepal

List of Top 10 Pharmaceuticals Companies in Nepal

These are some of the best pharmaceuticals of Nepal, which I have listed as “List of top 10 Pharmaceuticals Companies in Nepal”. Here I have provided contact details of each company and its location on Google Maps so that you don’t have to search it manually. If anything missing, let me know by your comments down below.

National Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Head Office:
Shreepur, Birgunj, Nepal
Tel: +977-51-524336, +977-51-528537
Fax: +977-51-533400

Marketing Office:
Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4444878

Chhatapipra, Bara,Nepal
Tel: +977-51-580236, +977-51-580508



Nepal Pharmaceuticals Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

Location: Om Ashram-14, Birgunj, Parsa
Contact No. : (+977-51) 521097, 528689
Fax : (+977-51) 522084


Quest Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
Daab Sadan, Sungabha Marg Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal
01-4240304, 01-4239293


Deurali-Janta Pharmaceutical Lab. Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 679 Budhanilkantha Sadak, Bansbari-03, Kathmandu
G.P.O. Box: 4239, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact No.: +977 1 4018777, 4018503

Asian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing and Corporate Office
Omsatiya- I, Rupandehi, Nepal
Contact No.: +977-71-429-152, 621-558

Fax: +977-071-429-252


Marketing Office
GPO Box No 4444
Address: Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-442 -3711, 442-1650, 441-6337
Fax: +977-1-441-5050

Ohm Pharmaceuticals Lab. Pvt. Ltd.
Head-Office: Babu Ram Acharya Marg, Sinamangal Kathmandu
(+977) 4110791, 01-4110761

Factory: Tathali, Bhaktapur Nepal
01-6205710, 01-6915193



Time Pharmaceuticals Lab. Pvt. Ltd.

Factory: Gaindakot-10, Nawalpur
+977 78 402004

Head-Office: Gaindakot-10, Nawalpur
Contact No.: +977 78 502004

Marketing: Bakhundol-3, Lalitpur, Nepal
Contact No.: +977 1 5426905, 1 5427417

Magnus Pharma Lab. Pvt. Ltd.

Factory: Rampur Tokani – VDC, Ward No. 2 Bara, Nepal

Head-Office: 2nd Floor, Alok Super Market
Adarsh Nagar, Birgunj, Nepal
Contact No.: 051-531886/529108/531887

Marketing: Jyatha Marg, Kantipath Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact No.: +977-1-6215915 / 4266878

Lomus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

P.O. Box No.: 4506
Address: Lomus House, Kailashchour, Gairidhara
Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Contact No.: +977-1-4436396, Fax:4436395,

Cheap Hotels in Nepal

Here are some of the cheap hotels in Nepal which I have mentioned by visiting that places.

Cheap hotels in Nepal, Kantipur guest house and fast food bhaktapur

Kantipur Guest House & Fast Food

Location: Bhaktapur
Hotels Near Siddha Pokhari
Contact Number: 01-6615517
✅Free Wifi
✅Double Bed or 2 seperate beds are also Available.

For 1 Room Rs.700 only for 1day & 1 Night
Best for couple to spend some time, Friendly and 24hours services Available.

Cheap hotels in Nepal, Kantipur guest house and fast food bhaktapur

New Dungkar Guest house

Location: Boudha-6 Dharatole (4 min walk to Boudha stupa)
Contact Number: 01-4469601, 4460929, 9813392955

✅Double Beds or 2 separate beds are also available.
✅ Free Parking ✅ Sanitized Rooms
✅ 24 hr Check-in ✅ High-speed Wi-fi
✅ Restaurant ✅ Couple & family Friendly

Normal Room Rs.1276 Only

Offer price Rs.1500/- Standard Twins (2 pax)
Offer Price Rs.2000/- Double Deluxe (2 Pax)
All above prices are inclusive of taxes and service charges.
(No Hidden charges apply)

Stay Tune for more Cheap Hotels in Nepal

Step by Step Begins online Investing in Share market in Nepal

Step by Step Begin online Investing in Share market in Nepal

Step-1: Create a Bank Account from Siddhartha Bank / NIC Asia / Citizen Bank / Nepal Investment Bank / NABIL Bank etc.
Step-2: Create a Demat Account on same bank which you made your Bank Account
Step-3: Get CRN Number
Now you will be able to Apply Share from your Bank
Step-4:   Get a MeroShare form from Bank and Fill up form for MeroShare Account and get User ID and Password.
Form now you can Apply Share Online from MeroShare (

Step to sell share online in Nepal

Step-1: Go to Share Broker’s office Near you.
Step-2: Fill up the form (Details of Natural Person)
Items required:
2pcs PP size Photo
Bank Account Details
Demat Account Details

Share bata karodpati book summary in Nepali

Read This Book for More Details and I have mentioned a summary of this book please check that first.


P/E Ratio= Price per Share / Earning per share
(Undervalue Stock= P/E Ratio less than 15
Overvalue Stock=P/E Ratio more than 25)

Networth per share(Book Value)= (Total Assests-Total Liabilities) / Total Public Share

EPS(Earning per Share)= 1year earning of 1 Unit Share

Divident Yield%= (Annual Dividend per Share / Current MRP. of 1 Share)*100

Sarbottam cement Analysis

-IPO Price- Rs. 750 (20% Up or 20% Down)
-Public Share Issue- 25 Lakh Units
-Share Bonus after 3 Month of IPO, which includes 10%Bonus Share and 25% Cash Dividend.
-Company will get 50% discount on income tax for 3 years.
-This share can be reach up to Rs.2500 per unit in a short period of time.

I am going to invest in Sarbottam cement from a different Family Account. You should also apply this because it has very low risk and high gain.

Upcoming IPO Rumours