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Blender is an incredible 3D modeling software that comes with many useful features. However, with the help of some add-ons, you can make your work even easier and more efficient.

UV Edit Plugins

download free uvPackmaster 3 for blender

UvPackMaster V_3.1.1

✅ Fastpacking algorithms
✅ Advance UDIM options
✅ Organized UV Packing
✅ Customizable packing options
✅ Multiple Packing Modes
✅ Ability to specify texture sizes for each object
✅ Automatic resolution adjustment for optimized packing
✅ Ability to export packed UV maps in different file formats

zen uv addon for blender free download

ZenUV V_3.1.1

✅ Auto UV
✅ Straighten UV
✅ Island Organized
✅ Check Texel Density
✅ Check UV Coverage
✅ Display Stretch Map
Download UV-Packer for free

UV Packer V_1.3.0

✅ Tiles Grid
✅ Rescale UV Charts
✅ Auto UV
✅ Check Texel Density
✅ Check UV Coverage
✅ Auto Manage island 


free download speedretopo addon for blender

Speedretopo V_0.1.7

✅ Instant retopology
✅ Automatic mesh generation
✅ Manual retopology tools
✅ Symmetry support
✅ Surface snapping
✅ Grid-based topology
✅ Adaptive quad size
✅ Multi-resolution editing
✅ Edge flow control
✅ Shrinkwrap projection

Free Download Blender Addons Draw x-ray with snap

Draw X-Ray With Snap V_2.5

Draw Xray addon will help you to draw retopo mesh on top of your high-poly mesh, without problems of build-in blender xray (no proper back-face culling).

3d Modeling


OCD V_1.5.0

✅ NEW Smart Scaling system
✅ NEW Smart Pattern Changer
✅ NEW Add-on Preferences
✅ NEW Non-Linear graph
✅Multi-selection feature
✅Instant visual feedback
✅Slim UI with adjustable parameters
✅Variety of procedural noises
✅Auto material creation
✅RECALL function
✅Ctrl/Cmd function
✅Procedural approach

free donwload checktoolbox addon for blender

CheckToolBox V_1.3

It Counts & highlights the following:
✅ Isolated edges
✅ Doubles Faces
✅ Isolated Points
✅ Isolated edges, and
✅Isolated faces,
✅ N-gons

HardOps Addons For blender Free download


It simplifies the process of creating complex models, making it ideal for anyone looking to create high-quality designs quickly.

Reduction of clicks and keystrokes to speed up the process.
Control over topology must be regained if booleans are introduced.

✅Modifiers such as lattices, curves, and lights

✅Boolean based cutting workflows


auto rig pro free download blender addons

Auto-Rig Pro V_3.67.18

✅ It is used for rigging characters, retargeting animations, and exporting to Fbx/Gltf.
✅ It provides presets for game engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot.

Here are our top five picks for the best Blender add-ons:

Animation Nodes
Animation Nodes is an add-on that enables you to create intricate animations quickly and easily. It uses a node-based interface that simplifies the process of making complex animations that might otherwise be challenging with traditional keyframe methods.

TextFX is an add-on that makes working with text in Blender much more manageable. With TextFX, you can create 3D text, apply textures and effects, and even animate your text with ease.

FLIP Fluids
FLIP Fluids is an add-on that is essential for anyone working with fluid simulations in Blender. With this add-on, you can create realistic fluid simulations like water and smoke with ease.

Top Free Blender Add-ons

  • Node Wrangler
  • UV Squares
  • Fast Carve
  • Material Utils
  • TextFX

Best Add-ons for 3D Printing

  • 3D Print Toolbox
  • Meshlab
  • MeshLint
  • 3D Printing Toolbox

Best Add-ons for Animation

  • Animation Nodes
  • Rigify
  • AnimAll
  • LoopTools

Best Add-ons for VFX and Compositing

  • Animation Nodes
  • Dynamic Paint
  • F-Curve Offset
  • Compositor Nodes Extra

Best Add-ons for Game Development

  • BSurfaces
  • BPainter
  • Auto Eye
  • Import Images as Planes

Blender is a popular 3D modeling software that allows users to create stunning 3D models, animations, and visual effects. To enhance the software’s capabilities, there are many free add-ons available that users can download to make their workflow more efficient and effective.

Here are some of the top free Blender add-ons:

  1. Node Wrangler: A useful add-on for working with nodes in Blender, providing shortcuts and tools to make the process faster and easier. Furthermore, with Node Wrangler, you can expediently create new nodes, effortlessly switch between different types of nodes, and instantly preview the result of your node setup with just a few clicks.
  2. UV Squares: A simple yet powerful add-on for creating UV maps quickly and easily by automatically squaring up your UV islands.
  3. Fast Carve: A great tool for sculpting and modeling complex shapes and structures by combining different objects and subtracting or adding them to each other.
  4. Material Utils: A collection of tools for working with materials in Blender, making the process easier and more efficient.
  5. TextFX: An add-on for creating 3D text and logos in Blender, providing a range of tools for customizing your text, including bevels, extrusions, and textures.