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Share Bata Karodpati Nepali Book Summary

Rabindra Bhattarai

Rabindra Bhattarai


Qualification: MA in Finances & Investment
Work: Teacher at Sankar Dev Campus for more than 13 Years.
He is a share expert and travels to different parts of Nepal to provide training. He has written more than 10 share related books

How to earn money without work?

Let Money work for you

If you didn’t let money work for you then you will have to work for others for money.

Share market is the place where you let your money work for you.

First work for Money

At the beginning we might not have money to invest in share, so that we have to work for money by doing business or a job. Then we can handle our expense and save money for investment.

Early invest early retire

We have to be like players, they start earning in the young age and retire early in their life.

Do Business than Job

Job has constant income for certain time but business has no constant income and it can go for very long period of time.

Let Knowledge work

Investment in knowledge can pay the best interest.

Let system work

Let your business be automated which does not needs you to run. You must be in a Financial Freedom.

Let Technology work

If technology can replace manpower then get that technology in place of that manpower.

How to Enter Stock Market?

Primary Market

Primary issue of share in the share market is also known as initial public offering (IPO).

To apply for IPO you must have:

  • Applicant’s Photo
  • Citizenship’s Photocopy
  • Bank Account

If you are beginner and wants to enter in share market for the first time you should enter in Primary market first because its easy and less risky.


Secondary Market

Share which has been issue in Primary market and will be again traded between buyers and seller in presense of broker is called secondary market. Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. (NEPSE) is only one Nepal’s Secondary Market. For buying and selling in secondary market you have to Inlist your company share in NEPSE.



An authorized company by NEPSE for trading shares. It’s Illegal to trade shares without the brokers.


Trading Account

Its compulsory to create a trading account in broker’s company to trade shares.

Following items are needed to create a Trading Account.

  • 1 Applicant’s Photo
  • Citizenship’s Photocopy
  • Applicant’s birth certificate

You cannot use same Trading Account to different broker company, If you want to trade from different brokers you have to create different Trading Account from that respective broker’s company


Demat Account

Demat (Demataralisation) Account is also a compulsory account to register share in electronic system which provides the facility of securities and holding shares. You can create account through CDS and Clearing Limited(

Free Download Nepali Books PDF

Download Nepali Books PDf

Here we can get book description and book summary of Best Nepali Novel, Nepali Story Book, business, friction and Motivational and many more, you can even download pdf of Nepali books. Following list books are the most popular & top sell Nepali Books in the market. However, if you want to buy books you can order online aswell. There are many reasons to read regularly. Above all, it keeps you stress free. If you read these book, after that please comment below. 

मुनामदन | Muna Madan

Author: Laxmi Prasad Devkota
Publisher: Sajha Prakashan
First Publish Year: 2008 BS
Language: Nepali
Genre: Poetry

In this book the author has interpreted the epic love story of the character Muna and Madan.  This is one of the most selling Nepali books of all time in Nepal. The author has shown the love between them after their distance between them because of foreign employment in which Madan has gone to the foreign country of Job with his friends and he was left dead in the way by his friends.

This is one of the very best books of Laxmi Prasad Devkota because he told before his death that you can burn all of his creation after his death but leave this book. So this is the evergreen book of all time.

सुम्निमा | Sumnima

Author: Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala
Publisher: Sajha Prakashan
First Publish Year: 2010 BS
Language: Nepali
Genre: Novel

B P Koirala, a former Prime Minister of Nepal is about the painful complications that arise in a man-woman relationship. The story is about the powerful attraction that exists between a Brahmin boy “Somdutta” and an ordinary Kirati girl “Sumnima”. His unexpressed love for Sumnima haunts Somdutta till the end of his life. He comes to think that the sacred education, which was supposed to be a ladder to salvation and austerity, kept him from true happiness and actually experiencing life. He realizes that the false line drawn by religion separates the community into castes, classes and many other divisions. The novel depicts how the restriction of human desires and physical needs can all but ruin a person’s life.

दोषी चश्मा | Doshi Chasma

Author: Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala
Publisher: Sajha Prakashan
First Publish Year: 2073 BS
Language: Nepali
Genre: Novel

B P Koirala, a former Prime Minister of Nepal. The book Doshi Chasma explores the psychological aspect of its protagonist.

शाकुन्तल | Shakuntala

Author: Laxmi Prasad Devkota
Publisher: Sajha Prakashan
First Publish Year: 1945 BS
Language: Nepali
Genre: Poetry

Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota wrote Shakuntala, his first epic poem and also the first “Mahakavya” (epic poem) written in the Nepali language, in a mere three months. Published in 1945, Shakuntala is a voluminous work in 24 cantos based on Kālidāsa’s famous Sanskrit play Abhijñānaśākuntalam. Shakuntala demonstrates Devkota’s mastery of Sanskrit meter and diction which he incorporated heavily while working primarily in Nepali. According to the late scholar and translator of Devkota, David Rubin, Shakuntala is among his greatest accomplishments.

एक चिहान | EK CHIHAN

Author: Hridaya Chandra Singh Pradhan
Publisher: Phoenix Books
First Publish Year: 2075 BS
Language: Nepali
Genre: Novel

In this book the author has shown the problem of poor Newar family of Kathmandu which is based on the real story. This novel has inaugurated the farmers’ problems and has also highlighted the importance of interracial marriage. In our society, caste system is buried. People here are not able to get rid of the enclosed area of ​​territorialism and ethnicity. The novel has been presented by breaking this compressed circle. The main characters of this novel are standing as anti-social rites and traditions. Therefore, Shivwanara has been married to his brother Hushanara for marrying a woman Tamangi, while marrying Tarai Ram Khekhvan Tarai of Terai Nainthuku, Raut has formed an interconnected marriage.

Rabindra Bhattarai


Qualification: MA in Finances & Investment
Work: Teacher at Sankar Dev Campus for more than 13 Years.
He is a share expert and travels to different parts of Nepal to provide training. He has written more than 10 share related books


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