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Saya by Subin Bhattarai – Book Summary & Review

Saya Book Summary and Review

Saya Book Subin Bhattarai Summary by Wilson Shrestha

Saya is the second part or sequel of Summer love by Subin Bhattarai. Saya Book Summary by me. In this book, the part of the story from Saya is mentioned. After releasing the summer love book, this book was very much popular among the Nepalese and one day a friend of Saya mentioned this book to her. After some time, Saya read this book and found out this book has the story of her life in it. Summer Love book has given a negative role to Saya and she felt very bad about it. Then she decided to get back to the writer of this book and she just wanted to mention the correct story in it. She was very furious to know that in this book it is mentioned that Saya has ditched Atit and the character of Saya was a negative to the readers.

After some time Saya returned back to Nepal from Norway and called the writer to discuss the book. They met in the cafe and Saya told all the parts of his story to the writer. After listening to part of the real story from Saya the writer got shocked and was very furious to fill up the puzzle of this story. Saya told him some part of the story was written but it’s not the whole story. Yes, I started ignoring Atit not because I don’t love him or I have no heart. I was feeling depressed by the activities of Atit, it was killing me emotionally. This started when I was in Norway and I was feeling alone. For some days I have gone to visit my sister in England and shared my real story of getting married to Atit. She suggested to me that, if there is no possibility of accepting your relationship with your parents then there is no reason to take your relationship ahead. We talked a lot about it and she suggests me to meet her NRN friend named Sujan. If you both liked each other and got married then your family will also be happy about it. Saya couldn’t say no and they mate. Sujan has a good personality but Saya still loves Atit and can’t cheat him.

On the other hand, Atit was furious for not being able to talk to Saya for a week. Atit was getting more concerned about Saya. She didn’t tell Atit that she was going to meet her sister in England. After some days Atit saw her picture visiting England on Facebook. Atit sent lots of messages to Saya, but she didn’t reply. But after some days she returned back to Norway, checked her Facebook, and found lots of messages from Atit and replied to the message. One day Saya found Atit and Susmita getting close and being happy with each other’s company. Then Saya called Susmita and she told Saya that Atit is happy, and we are having fun by traveling to different places together. This statement shocked Saya and asked Susmita to tell the truth about her relationship with Atit. Did you guys do anything? She forced Susmita to tell the truth. Then Susmita told her they were very close and physical relations had happened between them. By listening to this Saya’s heart was broken and she didn’t tell anything to Atit and started ignoring Atit.

Atit was very concerned about the relation of marriage between him and his wife Saya. They were not talking for a long time. Atit was missing Saya a lot and he started drinking alcohol and got into a video call with Saya then he tore everything which reminds him of Saya. Atit shared his relationship with Saya to Susmita. She also liked and felt sympathetic to Atit. Susmita was very supportive and she also cared for Atit. She told him to forget Saya now, she has moved on from you, Now you also have to move on. Still, Atit had lots of questions to ask with Saya but she was not ready to answer. After a year Atit decided to apply for Norway on a study visa. He also wants to meet Saya and get his answer. After sharing his relationship story with his boss and his friends, he collected some money and flew to Norway. Before flying to Norway, he called his family and they were crying for him because it’s been a long time since he hadn’t called his parents and they felt very sad to know that he was flying without meeting them.

Saya knew that Atit was coming to Norway and she told him, it’s your choice to come here but do not expect any help from me. Atit applied for a different University, and he doesn’t know where Saya lives but some people helped him to find it here. Saya knew it wasn’t difficult to find a location of Nepali in Norway. She knew one-day Atit would visit there so she was prepared for it. After some time Atit got three and they mate after a long time. Atit slowly started to ask her, What had happened to their relationship Saya?” As Always She didn’t reply. Atit came to visit her unless he will get his answer but Saya did not reply. One day Atit felt there is no feeling of love for her and then he angrily told the truth between Susmita and him. Saya did not respond because she knew that and again she ignored him. They both were falling apart now and moved on.

After the breakup between them, Saya’s friend suggests to her a book called Summer love and she reads that book and completes the story by telling the writer. But still, the writer was confused, it’s not a complete story without hearing from Susmita. The writer wants to know what had really happened between Atit and her. Then the writer decided to visit Susmita on Dhangadhi and took a flight the next day. The writer had gone to the previous office of Atit where Susmita worked as a receptionist. But someone told that she left the job and worked as a cashier at a bank. He went searching for her and got into that bank and found Susmita. Then they decided to talk after her working hour.

Susmita was a nice girl, and she also read the book “Summer Love”. She told everything about her and Atit. She told that I got feelings for Atit and want him in his life so when Saya called her she told indirectly Atit is happy with me and not missing Saya now. Saya used to call Susmita a lot and wanted to know what’s going on with Atit’s life. Sometimes Saya requests to give her phone to Atit if he is near you but Susmita told he is busy right now. Susmita felt jealous when Atit shared his never-ending love with Saya so she did what she liked and became selfish. After listing the other half story from Susmita the writer requested Susmita to tell the truth and make Atit greater in the eyes of Saya. She agreed and decided to meet Saya the next day in Kathmandu.

The writer and Susmita met Saya in a cafe and told the story between Susmita and Atit. Susmita told the story in such a way that it felt like it was not Atit’s mistake. Susmita apologized to Saya and returned back to Dhangadhi. After that Saya and Atit mate and decide to build their relationship in Norway without telling their parents. Both were happy and decided to leave for Norway. They both thanked the writer for helping to get their love and flew back to Norway. 

Next year they came back to Nepal together and went to their own house respectively. Atit after a conversation with his parents he told them that he got married. They were shocked and wanted to meet his wife. Atit called Saya to his house to meet his parents. Saya was liked by Atit’s family and gave her a Tilhari (necklace for married girls). She was happy by meeting his family and one day Atit’s father told Saya you should tell your parents as well so that your relationship will be strong. Saya told ok and She left Atit’s house alone to go back to her. When she reached her house, that NRN guy Sujan was there waiting for her. Sujan was called by Saya’s parents to meet. Saya’s parents liked Sujan and wanted to build their relationship. One day Sujan and Saya went out for a date to talk about each other. Atit knew about it and called Saya at that time and forced her to tell about our relationship with Sujan. She told everything to Sujan and he left.

After some days, Saya and Atit went back to Norway. Their Normal life was running and suddenly after some months, Saya’s parents wanted to visit Saya in Norway. They didn’t know Saya and Atit were living together so Atit and his stuff were shifted from there for some days. Few days after Saya’s parents found Tilhari which was given by Atit’s parents. Her parents got furious before getting back to Nepal. Her parents didn’t talk to her for a week now and she was feeling depressed and afraid. She started living in the dark and she didn’t feel hungry. After seeing this situation of Saya, Atit also felt bad and called her parents on phone to tell them the situation of Saya and also scold them it’s all because of them. After a few weeks, Atit and Saya talked and Saya decided to get back to her parents and marry a guy they had chosen.

Now Atit was broken by this decision of Saya. Saya went back to Nepal by leaving Atit alone in Norway where Atit was waiting for his death by not eating anything. It’s been 2 days since Atit had not eaten anything and suddenly Saya called Atit from Nepal and called him Nepal to meet her parents. After hearing this Atit booked the ticket to Nepal and went to Saya’s house. Saya saw Atit’s condition, he was not looking well, and asked haven’t you eaten anything?. After that, she provided him with some food. Then he met his parents. Her father told him, we didn’t know all these things had happened, if we knew before this would not happen. We just want you both to be happy and get married again to complete rituals.

So, they got married again by gathering friends and family together and lived happily ever after.

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Summer Love Book Summary & REVIEW NEPALI NOVEL

Summer Love book Summary in Nepali by Wilson Shrestha

समर लभ / Summer Love

Author: Subin Bhattarai
Language: Nepali language
Publisher: FinePrint
Pages: 247
ISBN: 9789937856386
Summer Love Book Summary is a heart-touching romantic love story and one of the most selling Nepali books. A romantic intercaste love Story of Saya and Atit.

For Audio-BooksBook Review

Summer Love Book Summary

Once the book writer was traveling on a ship, he found a man sitting alone. The writer goes near and gave a smile but the man did not respond. The writer said he looked like a South Asian so the writer wants to know about him. After some time they talked and introduced themself and the writer found out the guy was a Nepali and his name was Atit Sharma. Then that, guy Atit knew about the writer and asked, ” Will you write a story of mine?”. At first, the writer was not interested because he listened to lots of stories, but none of them are good for writing. After a few conversations, Atit convinces the writer to listen to the story. It was nighttime and they decided to have dinner together and listen to Atit’s story.

The story starts like this, in the past few years ago Atit went to Tribhuvan University to Check the Entrance Exam result of his Master’s Degree. Then he started to look his name from up to down and found out his name was in the middle somewhere and the topper was a girl named Saya Shakya. He was very curious about the girl and wanted to find out who was she, He has made various images of the girl and used different tactics to know about her but could not find her. After some conversation with the girls of that class, he finally found her, but she was much better than his imagination. Then they started to talk and found that they can come and go to University at the same time. After that, there began to come close together and one day suddenly Atit proposed to Saya but she told him, she will reply to him after and that night Atit could not sleep and suddenly his mobile phone rings and it was Saya and she said yes to his proposal.

The days were passing by and they became more closer to each other but their relationship was not public, they were hiding from their friends and family. Saya helped Atit in his study and started visiting each other rooms and their romance got started. The end of their University education was also going to be over and both of them are planning to go for foreign study. After some day Saya got a scholarship from Norway University but Atit did not get the Scholarship and he decided to work in Nepal for some time and he’s also told he got a job offer from Dhangadhi and he was planning to work there. They both planed to focus on their career and after 2 years they will get together and plan for the future.

Lots of Emotion and love began to trouble them but they are mature enough to handle this situation. One day Saya called Atit and her friends to the farewell party which was going to happen in her house. Everyone came and had fun, they drank and celebrate. Atit was not a good drinker, he has thrown out everything from his mouth after just 2 glasses of drink. Saya cleans it off and it was time to go back.

The day came to say goodbye to Saya for the journey and she told Atit we will be in contact. Then Atit also has gone to Dhangadhi for his new experience but he missed her a lot at that time. They felt they were addicted to each other and they contact each other through social media. It was not easy for them to get in touch with each other. Time zone and busyness in their life made them miss each other’s company to get together. They both were badly missing each other and cannot live without the company. After some months Suddenly Saya decides to come back to Nepal for 10 days by taking leave from the University. She told this to Atit and they decide to meet and get married without knowing their family. Both of their parents were not happy because of inter-caste marriage. But they decided to get married privately and after 2 years they will convince their family.

Saya Booked the flight to New Delhi because she does not want to let her know about her arrival in Nepal. Atit took holiday for 2 days and gone to pick Saya in New Delhi. They came back to New Delhi and called all their close friends to Dhangadhi for the celebration of Marriage. They were very happy together and started to get married in the temple. Everything was done in a hurry because they did not have any time to waste. They have gone to register their marriage but that could not be done from Dhangadhi because Atit’s permanent location was from Biratnager so the marriage should be registered from Biratnagar. They decide to go to Biratnagar the Next day and enjoy their celebration that night. Again Atit had a drink and this time he vomit at his friend. He just couldn’t handle Alcohol.

Now, it was time to go to Biratnagar and he again asks leave from his boss. By some of the colleagues, the boss got to know Atit has done Marriage and his boss asked Atit did you got married? and he said,” yes”. Then the boss smiled and told him, our office’s minibus is going to Kathmandu tomorrow if it’s only 1-day work then you can take it. Atit thanked his boss but his boss again called Atit and said, “We all staff need to celebrate and don’t forget to introduce to your wife. Atit had no option and said ok to his boss and took the office minibus and the travel to Biratnager that day. This time they register the marriage now they were certified married couples. Now it was the time to say goodbye to their friends and their friends drove back to Kathmandu from that minibus and now Atit and Saya drove back to Dhangadhi. Atit and his office colleague celebrate his marriage together. The next day it was time to drop Saya to New Delhi. Atit and Saya both gone to New Delhi and it was a very emotional moment for them.

Atit came back and started to do his work, he was glad and they communicate through social media. Everything was going fine, but one day Saya told Atit to visit her father at her house. She told her father about them, and her father wants to meet Atit personally. Atit was very nervous about the meeting but Saya forced Atit to meet her dad as soon as possible. Atit goes to Kathmandu and mate Saya’s dad and had a conversation together, at the end of the conversation her dad did not convince and indirectly told him, “we don’t support intercaste relationship”. So it was like a ‘No’ from her father. Then Atit returns back with humiliation and anger so he argues with Saya for that humiliation. Saya was also disappointed, she knows that her family will never accept Atit. After that Saya told Atit ” My family will not accept you, you can search for others”. They had a big argument on this topic and Saya was ignoring Atit. They did not have a conversation for days now. Atit called Saya but her number was not reaching and she was not active on social media.

Atit came back and started to do his work, he was glad and they communicate through social media. Everything was going fine, but one day Saya told Atit to visit her father at her house. She told her father about them, and her father wants to meet Atit personally. Atit was very nervous about the meeting but Saya forced Atit to meet her dad as soon as possible. Atit goes to Kathmandu and mate Saya’s dad and had a conversation together, at the end of the conversation her dad did not convince and indirectly told him, “we don’t support intercaste relationship”. So it was like a ‘No’ from her father. Then Atit returns back with humiliation and anger so he argues with Saya for that humiliation. Saya was also disappointed, she knows that her family will never accept Atit. After that Saya told Atit ” My family will not accept you, you can search for others”. They had a big argument on this topic and Saya was ignoring Atit. They did not have a conversation for days now. Atit called Saya but her number was not reaching and she was not active on social media.

Atit’s heart was broken by the words of Saya, and he just wants to minimize the pain so he began to drink Alcohol. Once Atit was not a good drinker but now he cannot live without it. This was all observing by Susmit (Receptionist from Atit’s Office). Susmit’s house was nearby Atit’s room, she saw his condition and began to help him. Atit shares the condition of his relationship with Saya, she felt for Atit and began to care and help him through that condition but still, Atit was missing Saya A lot and want to find out what happens to their relationship. Atit had lots of questions but not the answers.

Between these times, Susmita and Atit came very close to each other and they also had physical relations between them. After some days Atit and Saya have a conversation on social media, Atit asked lots of questions to Saya but she had no Answer. She kept silent and started ignoring Atit. Atit was getting crazy and began to burn all the memory of Saya, in front of Saya in Video Chat. Still, that did not affect Saya and she started ignoring him. The condition of Atit was getting worse day by day, he started drinking a lot.

It’s been a year now; still, Atit could not forget Saya and now he decided to go to Norway to meet Saya and get the answer. He was also want to apply to the same University where Saya was but it could not be possible there but found another University where it would be possible to get a visa. He told Saya that he was applying for Norway but Saya replied, ” if you want then you can but do not aspect any type of help from me”. After listening to this Atit told his decision to his boss and all about the relationship. His boss got convince about it and helped him a little bit financially. Then he gathers some money from his friends as well. Then he has been ready for Norway.

Finally, Atit has been ready to fly for Norway by saying goodbye to his friends and family. After landing in Norway he started to find Saya with the help of some Nepalese there. Time was spending rapidly, suddenly Atit realizes that he was going out of money and began to find a part-time job there. It was very difficult to get a part-time job in Norway and he did anything he got. One day Atit got the news from a Nepalese friend in Norway that she found the address of Saya. Then Atit went to that address and mate Saya after a long time, he had lots of mixture of emotions with him and there were lots of questions as well. Saya did not have the answer of Atit, she replied, “I couldn’t go against my family”. Atit has done everything to convince but Saya did not melt.

Now there was no hope left for Atit, he felt now he has lost Saya forever.

Free Nepali Audio Books

Nepali Audio books free download

You can access Nepali Audiobooks here, which are one of Nepal’s most popular books. There are numerous reasons to read books, however, these books can also be listened to. I have listed the most popular Nepali audiobooks which are popular in the Nepali market. Hope you will like it and if you also want audiobooks you want then you can comment down below the name book you want to listen to.

चिना हराएको मान्छे / China Harayeko Manchhe

Author: Hari Bansha Acharya
Language: Nepali language
Publisher: FinePrint
Publication date: April 2013
Number of Pages: 294 Pages
ISBN: 9937866642

This autobiography portrays the author’s childhood experiences, goals, and obstacles during his adolescent years.

कर्नाली ब्लुज / Karnali Blues

Author: Buddhi Sagar
Language: Nepali language
Publisher: FinePrint
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9789937827935
The tale opens with the birth of Brishabahadur, the narrative’s narrator. Brishabahadur describes his father’s difficulties. There are eleven days in the novel. During those eleven days, Brishabahadur is caring for his ailing father. Brishabahadur reflects on his father’s past.

समर लभ / Summer Love

Author: Subin Bhattarai
Language: Nepali language
Publisher: FinePrint
Pages: 247
ISBN: 9789937856386
A heart-touching romantic love story and one of the most selling Nepali books. A romantic intercaste love Story of Saya and Atit.

साया / Saya

Author: Subin Bhattarai
Language: Nepali language
Publisher: FinePrint
Pages: 242
ISBN: 9789937887779
It is the sequel of summer love. It is based on point of view of the narrator, Atit, Saya, and Susmita. According to the story, the narrator takes the responsibility to mend the things between Atit and Saya. The novel starts with the narrator coming in contact with Saya to know her story. 

By evaluating the Nepali Book Market I recognized that Nepali people like more Love story Novels and Biography. The readers are getting more excited about books nowadays because It is getting easier to get information about the books and it also been easier to get the books with some online books store available which deliver books to home very conveniently.

Muna Madan Nepali Book Review

Laxmi Prashad Devkota

Laxmi Prashad Devkota

Maha Kabi

In this book the author has interpreted the epic love story of the character Muna and Madan. This is one of the most selling Nepali books of all time in Nepal. The author has shown the love between them after their distance between them because of foreign employment in which Madan has gone to the foreign country of Job with his friends and he was left dead in the way by his friends.

This is one of the very best books of Laxmi Prasad Devkota because he told before his death that you can burn all of his creation after his death but leave this book. So this is the evergreen book of all time.

This is a story of a middle-class family of Nepal, where there are 3 main characters in this story. In that family, there are Son named Madan, his wife Muna, and his Mother. They all belong to village family and they had some loans on their head. One day, the Son decided to go to a place called Lasha to earn some money, make his family out of loans, and buy some golden Jewels for his wife and make his family happy in the future.

So, he has decided to go to Lasha with his friends. Muna tries to stop him and tell him “Wealth is not everything, we are happy by eating what we have and where we are”, but also he did not listen to Muna and goes with his friends. He knows that Lasha has lots of gold and ready to travel behind the mountains.

He has spent lots of months in Lasha and after some time he wants to came back with some golds with him. He was coming from Lasha with his friends and got ill with a disease called Haiza, now he cannot walk and his friends leave him there. A bhotte of that place finds him and cared for him and he will be fine after some time. Then Madan wants to give the gold to that Bhotte but that Bhotte denies to take that Gold instead he will ask for a blessing from his mother. After being cured, Madan goes back to his own village and family. When he reaches there, he finds his mother and his wife were died due to the Death News of Madan, which was told by the Madan’s friends.

Seto Dharti – Nepali Book Review

Seto Dharti - Nepali Book Review
Amar Neupane

Amar Neupane


Amar Neupane is a Nepali youth novelist and personality in Nepalese literature. His first novel Paniko Gham was published in 2066 BS and won the Padhyashree Sahitya Samman award. His collection of children’s stories Kalilo Man won the Parijat Balsahitya Pandulipi Purashkar award.

This is a story about a girl named Tara, who was got married as she was a child of age 7. After her marriage, her husband went to India for work and he died there. So after that, she has been alone for some time and society did not let her live life her own way. She used to live in a very narrow-minded society and a very small friend circle. Even her husband has been dead but she felt like her husband is controlling her and her life. After that, she felt like a burden to her family and so that she will decide to move to a place called Dev Ghat to live her rest of the life.

A character named Yamuna, who was very happy in her life. She told Tara her relationship with her husband which was very good and full of happiness. After listening to the love story of Yamuna, Tara felt she needs physical and mental support as like Yamuna.

Another Character named Pavitra, who was also got married when she was a child, and her husband has also died like Tara. Tara and Pavitra both are very good friends from their childhood. Like Tara followed the rules of society, Pavitra did not follow the rules of the society and she will get what she wants both physically and mentally.

In the end, these all characters will meet at the place called Dev Ghat. There is also a male character named Govinda. Govinda was a teacher of Tara in her childhood. He also taught some letters to Tara. Tara used to admire Govinda from her childhood, she used to see him everywhere but never met him after marriage but at last, she met him and Tara will get all the happiness which she wants from her life.

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