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Roshani Rasaili Biography


Roshani Rasaili, a prodigious artist, has flawlessly honed her artistic skills through a remarkable voyage of self-directed education. Born on the illustrious day of November 5, 1984, in the captivating region of Baglung, nestled amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Gandaki, Nepal, Roshani has engraved her name in the chronicles of artistic magnificence, especially in the domains of Folk, Duet, and Lok Pop.

Category Information
Full Name Roshani Rasaili
Date of Birth November 5, 1984
Place of Birth Baglung, Nepal
Nationality Nepalese
Occupation Singer
Musical Genre Duet, Folk and lok pop
Education Music Education (Intermediate in arts TU)
Family Married to Ramesh Shivashankar and have daughter Shuhana Shivashankar
Awards and Honors
  • Guinness World Records (2018)
  • South Asian Partnership Summit & Business Excellence Awards (2021)
  • Chhayachhabi Teej Music Award (2021)
  • Star Music And Film Award (2021)
  • National Creative Citizen Award (2023)
  • Sagarmatha Music Award (2023)
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The Beginning of Singing Career

The Fearless Debut: “Kati Palayo Dali” Mrs. Rasaili’s musical journey began with the groundbreaking debut of “Kati Palayo Dali,” a harmonious duet and folk composition that defied the prevailing norms of overlooking female vocalists. This masterpiece not only showcased her exceptional vocal prowess but also launched her into the celestial realm of stardom.

In a time when female vocalists faced challenges, Mrs. Rasaili fearlessly collaborated with over a hundred male vocalists. This collaborative spirit not only strengthened her position in the industry but also showcased her indomitable presence in Nepali music.

Solo Triumph: “Mutu Bijhaune” (2009) A pivotal moment in Mrs. Rasaili’s career occurred in 2009 with the release of her inaugural solo album, “Mutu Bijhaune.” This album not only demonstrated her boundless adaptability but also highlighted her enthralling prowess in captivating audiences single-handed.

Roshani Rasaili honored award

Extraordinary Contributions and Global Acclaim: Chart-Topping Repertoire

Beyond her remarkable discography, Mrs. Rasaili’s contributions to the Nepali music scene are truly extraordinary. Her positive demeanor and exceptional interpersonal communication skills set her apart as an artist of distinction. Not only does she possess immense talent, but she also radiates humility, a rare and admirable quality in the realm of entertainment. Her unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled entertainment for her audience is evident in every mesmerizing performance

Mrs. Rasaili’s music transcends boundaries, captivating listeners worldwide and earning her global acclaim. With its captivating, soothing, and enchanting qualities, her music has consistently dominated the charts and achieved remarkable commercial success, solidifying her position as one of the industry’s most exceptional female vocalists. From the enchanting melodies of “33 Kilo Suna” to the soul-stirring rhythms of “Melamchi Aauchh,” her repertoire is adorned with a string of consecutive hits that have deeply resonated with audiences.

Roshani Rasaili

Personal and Family Insights

Roshani Rasaili’s romantic entanglements and matrimonial status demand utmost attention, for she gracefully embarked on the sacred voyage of matrimony with none other than the esteemed Ramesh Shivashankar. Consequently, their divine union was showered with the arrival of a breathtakingly beautiful daughter, none other than the illustrious Shuhana Shivashankar.