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Pagal Basti by Saru Bhakta book summary and review

Pagal Basti Book Summary

Author: Saru Bhakta

Published Date: 01-01-2014
Book Award: Madan Puraskar [मदन पुरस्कार]
ISBN: 9789937322980
Publisher: Sajha Prakashan
Book Genre: Novel

Pagal Basti is a classic Nepalese book. It’s a sad love story that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Family and society play an important role in most love stories, but this one is different because there is no third party involved in the lovers’ lives.

When we think of love, we can describe it in a variety of ways, see it in a variety of ways, and experience it in a variety of ways. Before falling in love, one must understand the true essence of love. While I say this, it may sound like it’s an adolescent love story about two people who fell in love but don’t understand what love is. But, in reality, this is a narrative about two adult individuals who understand what love is and how valuable it is. They were intelligent, considerate, and even successful in life. However, because the two of them experienced love at different times and in distinct ways, their love was incompatible. They ended up nowhere but vanity as a result of the fight between two types of love. I never imagined that time could play such a significant part in one’s life. Time may be both a healer and an adversary.

Aside from love, the author has done an excellent job of addressing many aspects of our society. The author has thrown light on the hypocrisy of leaders, their useless ideas, and meaningless activities to which blind followers commit their valuable lives through a fictitious place called Pagal Basti. The author has made the reader aware that any civilization might devolve into a Pagal Basti if its individuals are not responsible for their actions and have no conscience. In the story, Pagal Basti isn’t a location where insane people are locked up; rather, it’s a place where ordinary people act insanely.

Pagal Basti is one of the best novels in decades due to the author’s thoughtfulness and a high degree of intellect, his unique method of expression, and sophisticated language employed in the plot. It gives readers the opportunity to consider how love differs from ego. It’s well worth your time to read.