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Step by Step Begin online Investing in Share market in Nepal

Step-1: Create a Bank Account from Siddhartha Bank / NIC Asia / Citizen Bank / Nepal Investment Bank / NABIL Bank etc.
Step-2: Create a Demat Account on same bank which you made your Bank Account
Step-3: Get CRN Number
Now you will be able to Apply Share from your Bank
Step-4:   Get a MeroShare form from Bank and Fill up form for MeroShare Account and get User ID and Password.
Form now you can Apply Share Online from MeroShare (

Step to sell share online in Nepal

Step-1: Go to Share Broker’s office Near you.
Step-2: Fill up the form (Details of Natural Person)
Items required:
2pcs PP size Photo
Bank Account Details
Demat Account Details

Share bata karodpati book summary in Nepali

Read This Book for More Details and I have mentioned a summary of this book please check that first.

Nepse Update


P/E Ratio= Price per Share / Earning per share
(Undervalue Stock= P/E Ratio less than 15
Overvalue Stock=P/E Ratio more than 25)

Networth per share(Book Value)= (Total Assests-Total Liabilities) / Total Public Share

EPS(Earning per Share)= 1year earning of 1 Unit Share

Divident Yield%= (Annual Dividend per Share / Current MRP. of 1 Share)*100

Sarbottam cement Analysis

-IPO Price- Rs. 750 (20% Up or 20% Down)
-Public Share Issue- 25 Lakh Units
-Share Bonus after 3 Month of IPO, which includes 10%Bonus Share and 25% Cash Dividend.
-Company will get 50% discount on income tax for 3 years.
-This share can be reach up to Rs.2500 per unit in a short period of time.

I am going to invest in Sarbottam cement from a different Family Account. You should also apply this because it has very low risk and high gain.