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Nepse Update


This is my Share market Guide, which helps me to analyze the company share of Nepal. NEPSE UPDATE has different up and down growth from which you have to choose the Share you want to invest and get profited. Here are only shares that I have evaluated to get knowledge if it grows or not.


Share Analysis

Chilime Hydropower Company Limited

Bhotekoshi, Rasuwa District
Established= 1995 AD
Comercial Generation= 8th Bhadra 2060 (24th August 2003)
Shareholders= NEA 51% General Public= (Locals 10% + others 39%)
Energy Production= 1,47,899.9 MWh or (22.1 MW)
Buy Value= >650
Sell Value= 700<
High to Low Value= 752 – 382

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited

Tamakoshi, Dolakha District
Established= 7-March-2007 A.D. (2063/11/25 B.S.)
Comercial Generation= 2078 B.S.
Shareholders= 51%(NEA has 41% stake, NTC has 6% and CIT & RBS each has 2%) General Public= (General Public 15% and residents of Dolakha District 10%)The remaining 24% share will be taken over by contributors in Employees Provident Fund (EPF), NEA & Companys staffs and staffs of financial institutions providing loans.
Energy Production= 456 MW
Buy Value= >700
Sell Value= 1000<
High to Low Value= 908 – 219

Butwal Power Company Limited

Established= 1966 A.D.
Comercial Generation= 2078 B.S.
Shareholders= NEA 0.86%
Shangri-la Energy Limited 56.27%
Government of Nepal 7.42%
Interkraft Nepal AS 1.58%
United Mission to Nepal 1.37%
Other General Public Shareholders 29.29%
Energy Production= 17.1 megawatts (MW) through its two plants in western Nepal
Buy Value= >450
Sell Value= 500<
High to Low Value= 562  – 350


Rasuwa District
Established= 7 Bhadra 2059 (July 23, 2002)

converted into a public company: 6 Bhadra 2071 (22 August 2014)
Comercial Generation= 19th Asar 2071. 
Energy Production= (5 MW)
Buy Zone= Below 500
Sell Zone= Above 600
High to Low Value= 605.00 – 186.50


Buy Zone= Below 800
Sell ZONE= Above 900
High to Low Value= 1,500.00 – 380.00


Buy Zone= Below 700
Sell ZONE= Above 800
High to Low Value= 1,176.80 – 279.00

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