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Parijat Biography

Name: Parijat’s real name was Bishnu Kumari Waiba. For her writing career, however, she chose the pen name ‘Parijat’.

Date of Birth and Death: Parijat was born on September 16, 1937 in Darjeeling, India and passed away on December 4, 1993 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Spouse’s Name: Parijat never married and did not have a spouse.

Children’s Names: Parijat did not have any children.

Living Address: Parijat lived in several places during her life. She spent her childhood years in Darjeeling, India before moving to Nepal where she settled for most of adulthood.

Creations: Parijat was an accomplished writer and novelist best known for her iconic work “The Blue Mimosa,” published in 1966. This book achieved worldwide acclaim and has been translated into numerous languages. Additionally, Parijat wrote numerous other novels, short stories, and poems that remain timeless classics today.

Parijat was an accomplished writer and novelist best known for her groundbreaking work “The Blue Mimosa,” published in 1966. This book enjoyed immense popularity, being translated into numerous languages. Additionally, Parijat created numerous other novels, short stories, and poems throughout her career.

Thus, to summarize: Parijat was a renowned Nepali writer and novelist renowned for her works that earned her worldwide recognition. Although she never married or had children, her literary creations left behind an incredible legacy. Throughout her life, Parijat lived in various places such as Darjeeling and Kathmandu but her most renowned work “The Blue Mimosa” has been translated into many languages and continues to motivate readers around the globe. Additionally, Parijat produced several other novels, short stories, poems which demonstrate her exceptional talent as a writer. Overall, her contributions to Nepali literature have cemented her place among one of Nepal’s most revered authors of all time.

How she got famous?

Her unique writing style captured the essence of Nepali society and culture perfectly; her most acclaimed novel “Shirish Ko Phool” (The Blue Mimosa) is considered to be a classic classic work in this genre, chronicling the life of a young widow living within conservative Nepali society. Parijat’s use of straightforward yet powerful language combined with her capacity for capturing raw human emotions made her works popular; even recognition from within Nepal itself through several honorable awards from government institutions throughout the country.

Parijat Nepali was renowned for her strength of character and indomitable spirit. Despite facing numerous hardships in her personal life – including polio that left her disabled – Parijat never wavered from writing. A feminist at heart, Parijat’s works often highlighted women’s struggles within Nepali society. Additionally, her works displayed great empathy towards others with great sensitivity and understanding; testament to how passionately she pursued literature with this commitment that continues to inspire aspiring authors around Nepali and beyond.

What about her Personal Life?

Personal life was filled with struggles and difficulties. She was born in 1937 in Darjeeling, India but moved to Nepal as a child when her family relocated. At 20 years old, Parijat contracted polio which left her disabled for life; yet despite this she pursued writing passionately and became an influential literary figure in Nepal. Married twice but both marriages ended in divorce; unfortunately there were no children born to her until 1993 when tragically she passed away at 56 due to falling from a flight of stairs at age 56 years old. Despite facing numerous personal obstacles throughout her lifetime, Parijat’s legacy as a writer continues to inspire generations of Nepali writers and readers alike.

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