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Harvest Town Guide with tips and tricks

Here you can get Harvest Town Guide with tips and tricks. Harvest Town is a pixel-styled simulation mobile game. It offers a lot of freedom and incorporates a lot of RPG features to create a realistic and intriguing rural life. Harvest town is gray before you arrived, so please use your hands to color it up! We can do various activities like Clear weeds, clip tree branches, and decorate your own cottages. Raising your own animals, such as chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep, and horses, etc. You can even adopt gorgeous cats and dogs and live a working farmer’s life. You can also engage with other players by participating in online multiplayer racing, market trading, visiting their farm, and creating a real-time online player interaction platform.


Harvest Town Beginner’s Guide with Tips & Tricks

  1. Always collect the daily reward. As there’s usually something rare and useful on the seventh day.
  2. Instead of exploring throughout the first few days, focus on completing the game’s key objectives.
  3. To ensure that you don’t lose your progress when playing offline, always select the Local Save option in the options menu.
  4. Only Craft the items that are necessary at the moment rather than wasting essential items on something that’s not required.
  5. Don’t waste your diamonds on unnecessary stuff like a new haircut or clothing.
  6. To automate the cutting process, press and hold the interact button.
  7. For the first week, make completing the delivery truck your top focus.
  8. Complete the daily task in exchange for coins.
  9. Plant your trees away from waterways to avoid the chance of the fruits falling into the water.
  10. Make friends using the friend list option and send them gifts on a daily basis, asking them to return the favor.
  11. Always prioritize upgrading your tools.
  12. Rebuilding the bridge isn’t necessary until you’ve reached Manor level 20.

Harvesting Crops:

Harvest town seasonal crops

The most important in this game is to harvest crops which helps to gain more coins and diamonds. Some crops are grown all over the farm but you have to buy crops from the nearby groceries to cultivate your farm and start production. You have to grow crops season wise, Every season allows you to grow different ones. Growing and selling the most valued crops is the best way to make money in the game.

Here I have listed season wise crops you have to harvest for more earning:

SPRING SEASON – Biluochun (20.417)

SUMMER SEASON – Maojian (17.91)

AUTUMN SEASON – Cotton (15.2)

WINTER SEASON – Jinjunmei (21.64) 

[Jinjunmei is the best performing crop, making it ideal for growing in a greenhouse.]

You need to water very seeds to grow but you get lucky, the rain will water the seeds and you can save the water pot for next time.

seasonal farming at harvest town

Best seasonal crops to plant for great result:

SPRING Rose 7.428571428571429, lifespan: 7

AUTUMN Pumpkin 7.5, lifespan: 4

AUTUMN Radish 7.666666666666667, lifespan: 3

SPRING Onion 8.0, lifespan: 2

SUMMER Wheat 8.0, lifespan: 2

ANY Garlic 8.666666666666666, lifespan: 3

AUTUMN Clivia 8.714285714285714, lifespan: 7

SUMMER Lavender 8.714285714285714, lifespan: 7

SPRING Tulip 8.833333333333334, lifespan: 6

ANY Potato 9.0, lifespan: 4

SPRING Strawberry 9.0, lifespan: 5

SUMMER Peanut 9.2, lifespan: 5

AUTUMN Sunflower 9.333333333333334, lifespan: 3

AUTUMN Napa Cabbage 9.5, lifespan: 2

SUMMER Watermelon 9.8, lifespan: 5

AUTUMN Grape 9.923076923076923, lifespan: 13

SUMMER Okra 9.928571428571429, lifespan: 14

SUMMER Corn 10.285714285714286, lifespan: 14

SUMMER Tomato 10.545454545454545, lifespan: 11

AUTUMN Goldenrod 10.583333333333334, lifespan: 12

AUTUMN DaHongPao 12.72727, lifespan: 11

SPRING Chili 13.181818181818182, lifespan: 11

SPRING Bean 13.909090909090908, lifespan: 11

SUMMER WaxGourd 14.5, lifespan: 12

SUMMER Jasmine 14.666666666666666, lifespan: 12

AUTUMN Cotton 15.2, lifespan: 15

SPRING Longjing 16.545454545454547, lifespan: 11

SUMMER Maojian 17.90909090909091, lifespan: 11

WINTER Purer 18.166666666666668, lifespan: 12

SPRING Biluochun 20.416666666666668, lifespan: 12

WINTER JinJunMei 21.636363636363637, lifespan: 11 

Build relationship on harvest town


To craft, go to your bag, and then click the ‘Crafting’ Tab. Under there, is a collection of unlocked items that are available for you to create.

List of Craftable Items:
Name Obtaining Recipe
Small Stool x1 Carpenter Wood x10
Glue x3
Wooden Table x1 Quest Wood x50
Glue x3
Wooden Nightstand x1 Quest Wood x40
Glue x3
Garlic Pendant x1 Quest Garlic x10
Fiber x5
Hemp Mat x1 Quest Fiber x10
Silk x1
Wooden Sword x1 Quest Mahogany x3
Wooden Fence x4 Quest Wood x20
Chest x1 Quest Mahogany x10
Glue x3
Wood x50
Wooden Road x10 Quest Wood x20
Torch x1 Quest Wood x10
Hay x5
Scarecrow x1 Quest Hay x10
Fiber x2
Wood x20
Potted Flower x1 Pickup 10 Garbage Tin x1
Iron Wire x2
Mixed Seeds x1
Farmer Sprinkler x1 Farming Skill lv. 1 Copper Ingot x5
Silkworm Rack x1 Logging Skill lv. 2 Mahogany x20
Silkworm x10
Iron Wire x3
Fishing Trap x1 Fishing Skill lv. 1 Stone x50
Copper Ingot x2
Teeth x2
Hive x1 Pickup Skill lv. 2 Wood x100
Mahogany x10
Mucus x3
Small Bomb x1 Battling Skill lv. 2 Heart Stone x1
Coal x1
Bonfire x1 Logging Skill lv. 4 Wood x20
Stone x10
Hay x10
Gravel Road x10 Quest Stone x20
Stone Stool x1 Mining Skill lv. 4 Stone x50
Cement x1
Waterstone Stone Pillars x1 Mining Skill lv. 2 Stone x10
Cement x2
Stone Table x1 Mining Skill lv. 4 Stone x80
Cement x3
Wooden Gate x1 Quest Wood x10
Glue x3
Silver Gate x1 Purchased from the Smithy Silver Ingots x5
Mahogany Gate x1 Purchased from the Carpenter Mahogany x3
Fur x3
Nail x2
Silver Fence x4 Purchased from the Smithy Silver Ingots x5
Mahogany Fence x4 Purchased from the Carpenter Mahogany x5
Fur x5
Glue x5
Wooden Bench x1 Purchased from the Carpenter Mahogany x5
Nail x1
Wooden Stool x1 Purchased from the Carpenter Mahogany x10
Nail x2
Wooden Short Sofa x1 Purchased from the Carpenter Mahogany x30
Nail x3
Fur x10
Wooden Long Sofa x1 Purchased from the Carpenter Mahogany x50
Nail x3
Fur x20
Wooden Teapoy x1 Purchased from the Carpenter Mahogany x40
Nail x3
Carapace x10
Mugwort Pendant x1 Events Lavender x5
Fiber x1
Stone Fence x4 5 Hearts with David Hanks Stone x50
Chili Pendant x1 5 Hearts with John Gray Chili x10
Fiber x3
Brick Road x10 Complete 10 Exchange Truck orders Stone x30
Cement x1
Carapace x1
Mahogany Road x10 Complete 400 Order Van orders Mahogany x10
Nail x1
Glue x3
Life Potion x1 5 Hearts with Lee Wah Revival Grass x1
Ginseng x1
Copper Chest x1 Gained from events. Copper Ingot x40
Ruby x5
Wood x400
Silver Chest x1 Gained from events. Silver Ingot x50
Beryl x5
Stone x600
Gold Chest x1 Gained from events. Gold Ingot x40
Star of fire x5
Fiber x200
Darkgold Chest x1 Gained from events. Darkgold Ingot x30
Star of Spring x5
Nail x20
Copper Fence x4 Gained from events. Copper Ingot x20
Wood x50
Iron wire x5
Gold Fence x4 Gained from events. Gold Ingot x10
Stone x50
screwdriver x5
Copper Road x10 Gained from events. Copper Ore x100
Mahogany x10
wood x100
Silver Road x10 Gained from events. Silver Ore x150
Cement x5
Stone x200
Gold Road x10 Gained from events. Gold Ore x10
Rope x5
Hay x100
50px Gained from events. Copper Ingot x50
Copper Gate x1
Heart Stone x10
Nail x20
50px Gained from events. Gold Ingot x20
Gold Gate x1
Heart Stone x20
screwdriver x20