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Connect Personal Worldlink’s WI-FI in Public Worldlink’s WI-FI

Access Worldlink’s Super Fast WI-FI Anywhere, Anytime.

Connect in Android Devices

  1. Go to Settings and Select Wi-Fi
  2. Select “myWorldLink” SSID from the List
  3. Select “PEAP” in EAP Method
  4. Select “MSCHAPV2” in Phase 2 authentication
  5. Select “Do not validate” or “Unspecified” in CA certificate
  6. Type your WorldLink Account username in Identity
  7. Ignore other fields
  8. Type your WorldLink account password in Password
  9. Click “CONNECT”

Connect in iPhone / Windows / Mac

  1. Go to Settings and Select WI-FI
  2. Select “myWorldLink” SSID from the list
  3. Type your WorldLink account “Username & Password”
  4. Click “CONNECT”

Note: To Change / reset worldlink online password,

Through SMS: Type “wl reset <username> and send to 35465.

Through myworldlink app: In Home screen, Tap on “customer login password” and “Reset Request

Change worldlink wifi password