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Tihar Greeting Card Design Banner Post Design

Here are various Happy Tihar Greeting Card Design | Banner Post Design. I am a graphic designer and I have been working in this field for more than 5 years. I have uploaded all the designs here for free. You can use it for personal and commercial purposes as well.

Tihar is the Hindu Festival of Nepal. It is also known as the Festival of Light or Dipawali. It usually takes place in the month of October or November, depending on the lunar calendar.

If you are searching for a Tihar Greeting card Design or Banner post design then this is the right place. I have shared the Happy Tihar post design which will be more helpful for you to get inspiration.

I am going to share my experience of how I celebrate my Tihar Festival. My Festival’s first day starts with Kaag Tihar. On that Day, in the morning I will worship Crow (bird). I will provide food for them. On the second day, I worship street dogs because I don’t have a pet dog at my house. I give them good and delicious food and provide them to wear mala on their neck and tika on the forehead. The third day is Laxmi puja, on this day I worship the goddess Laxmi and eat good food and delicious sweets. Forth day is maha puja, on this day I will worship myself and appreciate my life. On the fifth day, I celebrate bhai tika, where my sister worships me and we exchange gifts. These days I still provide Graphic Design Services to my beautiful customer through

This is the image of Dio of Tihar. we used this image for our banner design to get a feeling of the Tihar festival. We as a Nepalese use dio on this occasion to lighten our houses. It is used on special days of the Tihar festival. In the image, Dio is in a circle frame and surrounded circularly by colorful marigold flowers with a white background.

Dio with orange lighting. Surrounded by orange marigold flowers. Orange elegant background and simple Happy Tihar graphic design.

Tihar poster design for walls and greeting cards graphic design. I like this design because it is elegant and eyes chatching. I like its white base dio. white background.U shape coloful marigold flowers alined.

Another my best Happy Tihar graphic desing for football club. Dio at center, surrounded with colorful marigold flower. soccer ball in between Happy Tihar text.

Happy Tihar greeting card graphic design

White background Happy Tihar banner design. Golden metal dio at center. surrounded by four beautiful marigold flowers.

Happy Tihar Goddess Laxmi greeting card design

Beautiful and elegant art of Goddess Laxmi at center of the golden frame and white lotus at bottom. Coins flying on white background. 

Happy Tihar Goddess Laxmi greeting card design

Goddess Laxmi at grey background. Happy Tihar in golden text. White lotus and its flying petels. And some sattered gold coins.

Happy Tihar greeting card graphic design

Beautiful White laxmi with white background. also gold coins on background. white lotus on bottom. White structure of Goddes laxmi.

Happy Tihar Graphic design goddess Laxmi

White background, Beautiful Goddes Laxmi art at center, lotus on buttom, spared placed gold coins. Best design for greeting cards and Graphic design.

Happy Bhaitika Tihar graphic design

Brother and sister digital art for Bhaitika for Tihar Graphic Design. Younger Boy and elder sister wearing Nepali Dress Kurtha Surwal with green splash background.

Happy Bhaitika Tihar graphic design social media post

Digital art for Bhaitika of brother and sister wearing Nepali Daura Suruwal Dress. Foods, fruits, and sweets in front of them and posing for a photograph.

Happy Bhaitika Tihar graphic design digital art

digital art piece featuring brother and sister sitting on the floor in traditional Nepali clothing with a spread of food in front of them. The boy should be sitting cross-legged. The woman should be dressed in a kurtha surwal, sitting with her legs folded under her. The spread of food should include a large bowl of fruit, a plate of sweets, and a tray of snacks. Use a white background with a green splatter pattern

Hope you like these designs. If you want to request more designs, you can comment me down below.

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