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Thakali Khana Set

Believe again if you think Nepal is just known for its steaming dumplings, Sel Roti (Nepali ring-shaped rice bread), and Thukpa (Nepali Tibetan noodle soup). Though Nepalese people eat Dal-Bhat-Tarkari (lentils-rice-and-vegetables) on a regular basis, Thakali cuisine or Thakali Khana Set is gaining much-needed appeal.

Origin of Thakali Khana

Thakali food is prepared by Thakalis who dwell in Mustang’s Thak Khola area. The Thak-Khola Valley served as an accessible commerce route over the high Himalayas in ancient times. Because trade was so important to the Thakali people, they were able to import vegetables, however, most of the vegetables they received were dried because they resided in the upper Himalayan region.

When you enter any Thakali restaurant or Thakali kitchen, the unique thick fragrance of ghee from the kitchen fills the dining area. While you wait for your main meal. With an increasing demand for Thakali Khana Set, the cuisine is no longer exclusive to Thakali kitchens. In Nepal, there are 600 Thakali Bhanchha Ghars (Thakali Restaurants), 400 of which are located within the Kathmandu valley.