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Soccer Manager Tips and Tricks

Soccer Manager best guides with Tips and Tricks

Soccer manager is one of the most popular football manager games for mobile devices. You can only play this game on mobile. Here are some Soccer Manager best guides with Tips and Tricks that will help you to play the game and win matches.

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Training Tips

• Bet time to train your players: Train your players after the match, never train your Player before the match.
• Upgrade your Facilities to the maximum as fast as possible.
• Keep upgrading the training manager slot.
• Boost your players training by providing morale
• Keep Players within training capacity to avoid penalty and boost training drills

soccer manager training tips with best weekly schedule slot

Best players to Buy

  1. Axel Witsel (DMC, MC) – £25M-35M
    Born: January 12, 1989,
  2. Diego Costa (FC) – Free Agent
    Born: 7 October 1988

Best Young and cheap players

  1. Marco KANA (D, DM, MC)
    Ball Playing Defender
    Born: 2002/08/08
    Price: €7.25M
    Advanced Playmaker
    Born: 2002/07/15
    Price: €8.75M
  3. Leonidas STERGIOU (DRC)
    Born: 2002/03/03
    Price: €7.5M
  4. Samuele Ricci (M, AMC)
    Born: 2001/08/21
    Price: €8.75M
  5. Joao PEDRO (AMRL, FRLC)
    General Forward
    Born: 2001/09/26
    Price: €7M
  6. Mario VUSKOVIC (D, DMC)
    Ball-Playing Defender
    Born: 2001/11/16
    Price: €7M
  7. El Bilal Toure (FC)
    Target Man
    Born: 2001/10/03
    Price: €8.75
  8. Facundo PELLISTRI (AM, FRL)
    Born: 2001/12/20
    Price: €6.5M
  9. Joris CHOTARD (DM, MC)
    Ball Winning Midfielder
    Born: 2001/09/24
    Price: €5.75M
  10. Nathanael MBUKU (AMRL, FCL)
    Born: 2002/03/16
    Price: €7M

Best Young Players

Position: AM, FC (Target Man)
Market price: £41.5M
Age: 19
Wages: £95k
Weight: 88
Height: 194
Foot: Left
Potential: 91-95
Strength: Speed, Ariel, Finishing
Position: AM, FRLC (Finisher)
Market price: £26M
Age: 18
Wages: £56k
Weight: 70
Height: 181
Foot: Either
Potential: 91-93
Strength: Speed, Finishing, Composure
Weakness: Crossing, Long pass, Strength
Position: MC, AMRLC (Playmaker)
Market price: £25.5M
Age: 20
Wages: £59k
Weight: 59
Height: 171
Foot: Left
Potential: 91-93
Strength: Dribbling, Composure
Weakness: Strength
Position: DM, M, AMC (Box-to-Box Midfielder)
Market price: £44.5M
Age: 21
Wages: £100k
Weight: 67
Height: 182
Foot: Left
Potential: 96-98
Strength: Stamina, Workrate Tackling
Weakness: None
Position: D, DM, M, AMRL(Wingback)
Market price: £43M
Age: 21
Wages: £120k
Weight: 70
Height: 180
Foot: Right
Potential: 91-93
Strength: Speed, Strength
Weakness: None
Eder Militao
Position: DRC, DMC(General Defender)
Market price: £35M
Age: 22
Wages: £94k
Weight: 79
Height: 186
Foot: Right
Potential: 91-93
Strength: All Defending Attributes with good Passing
Weakness: None

Formation Tips

How to increase the Player’s rating on Soccer Manager?

  • Train them regularly.
  • Always keep them on the first team and play every match to increase the team chemistry.
  • Provide full Morale and keep them happy in the team.
  • Do not put them on the transfer list.
  • Always buy players which will suit your team. Use scout before buying the player to know the player will fit on the team or not.

Soccer Manager best guides with Tips and Tricks

  1. It’s essential to scout specific players.
  2. Keep an eye on the free-agent list for some quality players.
  3. Accept Quality Loan Players.
  4. Use the shortlist feature to your advantage.
  5. For a stable team, carefully handle incoming offers.
  6. Keep an eye on the player’s contract expiration date.

It’s essential to scout specific players.

Apart from sending scouts for assignments, you might wish to learn more about a player you discovered while exploring the transfer area. You can hire someone to scout this player for you, which will provide you with a wealth of information. However, keep in mind that scouting takes time, so only scout if you’re sure you’ll have enough. Keep in mind that it is very easy for a competitor to steal a player while you are in the transfer section.

Keep an eye on the free-agent list for some quality players.

Sometimes good quality players without a club and will be available at the transfer market in free agent which will cost you a bit only. Especially you should look for young players because they will have a good potential to develop as a better players.

Accept Quality Loan Players.

There will be good quality players for loan offers so you need to get those players because they will be cheaper than other good quality buying players. You should only accept quality loan players which will fit in your squad.

Use the shortlist feature to your advantage.

It is very difficult to get the player you want in Soccer Manager 2021. You need to add the players you like to join your club in the shortlist tab. Review those players time by time to get to know about their contract so that you can offer a good price to buy them. You also need to sell some players which you don’t use oftenly to get a financial transfer boost.

For a stable team, carefully handle incoming offers.

Other clubs will send you an offer for your players, don’t sell your players without reviewing because it might be your crucial player. So If you want to sell your player, find the next alternative for that player and you also can go for a better player than the current one. Sell the players which you will not use and replace them with a better player which will upgrade your squad.

Keep an eye on the player’s contract expiry date.

Keep an eye on the player’s contract expiry date because your player will be free to go. So keep them in contract and search for free-agent players to join your club. Frequently keep an eye on them to get good quality players on budget value. You can also find well-known players from it.

Players and their roles:


There are 2 types of Goalkeeper;


Performs just as any keeper, with the responsibility of protecting the goal.

Modern Keeper:

Basically a Sweeper Keeper. This is a goalie that is quick and fast and is able to come off the goal-line to clear the ball. This basically means that your goalkeeper plays both as the keeper and as the last man back. Very few goalkeepers are capable of this role.


General Defender:

The basic role of a Centre-Back. These defenders are well-balanced in terms of their defensive abilities


As the name suggests, this type of Centre-Back. will be the main tackle-maker, playing more defensive as the Centre-Back:

Ball-playing defender

The opposite of the Stopper. This kind of CB will be looking to create a play with his strong passing abilities.

Full back

Plays a more defensive role and stays back while attacking.

Wing back

Plays a more offensive role and pushes forward to help out in attack


Ball-Winning Midfielder

Plays a defensive role in the midfield, making the tackles in the middle of the pitch

Deep-Lying Playmaker

Tends to start the play deep in the midfield, playing passes forward from the deep midfield.

Box-to-Box Midfielder

Helps out in both attack and defence, moving up and down the pitch. Usually fits with a well-rounded midfielder with good stamina

General Midfielder

Similar to the General Defender, this role is a basic and balanced role for midfield players


Tends to control the midfield with his presence, supplying his surrounding teammates.

Advanced Playmaker

Focuses on providing chances for attacking players rather than for the entire team.

Wide Midfielder

Plays as a normal midfielder but positions far out wide. Tends to provide support in both attack and defence


Plays wide but focuses mainly on coming forward and providing for the attacking players.


Wide Forward

Plays like a winger, but focuses on scoring goals rather than providing assists. It is better to play the wide forward with an inverted foot, to allow for cutting in

Support Striker

Maintains a close partnership while providing full support to the main striker

General Forward

The basic role for an attacker, well balanced like the General Defender and Midfielder

Target Man

Stays up-front in a good position ready to receive the ball and score the goal


Likes to push against the defensive line and beat the offside trap with pace

Deep-Lying Forward

Tends to drop back and play as the provider for other forwards and wingers.