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pro 11 complete guide with tips and tricks

Pro 11 Complete guides with Tips and tricks

Pro 11 is an online football manager game for mobile devices, where you can get a different experience than other football manager games. I like to play this game because it is simple to play and understand the game in a few hours. You also can watch the match live and instantly change the tactics accordingly. Pro 11 complete guides with tips and tricks will help you to win the match with a better vision of the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Keep the best playing player on your squad and sell players which you don’t use.
  • On your squad, select every player and train them individually by clicking on the Train button.
  • Check the AvR (Average Rating) of each player to know how they perform during the match.
  • You will get 1 free training session for your squad, always use and upgrade your player.
  • You should upgrade the training facility as soon as possible.
  • On the Fan Selection tab, you need to select your favorite football club which will reward you every day.
  • On the Fan Select tab, you will also compete with other fans of the same club for rewards for being at the top of the league.
  • Go to the youth academy tab and search for youths and include them in your squad, this will increase your goodwill.
  • You will choose the player that will play for the team on your tactics tab, and you can also change the formation that suits your best squad.
  • Always try to upgrade your squad from the transfer market.
  • The transfer market is always open here, you just need to search for the best player that comes in your budget.
  • Get the best rating and good quality player at an affordable price.
  • On your transfer market, there are different Min Rarity like Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical.
  • Mythical players are the best players which you can find at an affordable price, train them very well and play them. These players will surely bring a win to your team.


If you are searching for a good attacker, select ATTACK and then choose a minimum skill. I suggest you choose a minimum of 85 at the beginning. Then select the drop-down menu of maximum price and choose the affordable. Now you have to choose Min Rarity, I will suggest you go for Mythical player first and click the Search button. If you did not get the Mythical player then drop how to Legendary player, then the epic player, and so on. Young players are fast developers and can adjust to your team as soon as possible. It doesn’t mean Experience players are bad but you can get a good amount of money when you sell the young player compared to the old.


Here you will see a vertical bar, which will tell the mentality of the team. The small circle on the vertical bar will choose the team mentality, when the circle of the vertical bar is bottom then your team mentality will be Catenaccio which means fully defensive. If you choose the bar one step up then it will be a Defensive mentality, in this player’s position will be slightly forward than the previous on Catenaccio. After that there will be slightly defensive, Normal, Slightly attacking, Attacking, and all-out attacks.

In this tab, you will be able to change the formation of the squad by drag and drop or choosing formation from the right bottom formation icon. I will suggest you keep your players in a position where they are comfortable. By this, they will perform better in a match.

If you sweep your screen to the left, you will get the Advanced tactics option where you can choose your playing style, Attacking style, focus sides, etc. Always play the style which suits your team, play the ball where you have the best player and find out the opponent’s weakness. There are different types of playing styles like Balance, Over the wings, Through balls, Direct, Long balls, Short passing. After that, you will find focus sides to select your focus sides like Balanced, Left side, right sides, and central. You can also choose your captain, corner kick taker, free-kick taker, and penalty kick taker from here.

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Here you can earn Staff Boost and claim rewards.  Select the Stadium tab and upgrade your Stadium which includes Seats, Food & Drinks, Toilets, Parking, Merchandise Store, and many more to unlock. Next on the Achievement tab, you can claim rewards by completing mini-missions. Here you also can find a staff tab, where you can hire staff and upgrade them by using the staff booster. On another tab History, you can get your club details like Club Achievement, Biggest win, Best player, and many more.