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How to write a blog

Writing a blog is the easiest part which will brainstorm your mind. You don’t have to do anything, type simple words that come into your mind after you have researched and learned about the topic. You have to note down the researched information about the topics so you can get references and remember them while writing.

A blog begins with a Title that must be related or it must include keywords. While writing the articles, separate them into different paragraphs.

 Before beginning to write a blog you should know my standard operating procedure (SOP) which will help you to write good content and get a good rank on search engines.

First of all, you must research keywords that have a good amount of traffic and people will search them on the internet. The traffic must be minimum or more than 100. If you find do search volume of traffic then your second step will be its keyword ranking difficulty, it must be less than 10 for the beginners.  You can also check for CPC more than 0.10 and Backlink  (less is better)

Where can you find these data?

To get these data you can use paid tools like ahrefs or even you can use free tools like Ubersuggest or Use google ad manager as well.

How to start?

Do deep research about the content that you are going to write. Then analyze competitors (check the top 10 ranked content about the topic). Then write better content with more words than your competitor, add more missing topics and images. Your blog must be easy to read and the audience will understand your blog.

After doing these steps you should share your content on social media and create more backlinks than your competitors.

How to choose Keywords?

Keywords are the most important element for blogging because if you have good keywords with a decent amount of traffic then your content will rank higher on google. Various elements matter while choosing good keywords, such as;

  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Traffic
  • Business Potential
  • Match search intent
  • Keyword difficulty

Question to ask yourself before getting into #1 competition

-Competitors fail to match relevant content.

-Can I get more quality backlinks than the top pages.

-Similar DR range?

-Authoritative than the competator?

How to Find Low Competition keywords?

Nowadays, there is big competition on the internet for bloggers which made the internet more relevant and people can get answers to what they are searching for easily. Still, even there is a big competition we can find good low competition keywords you following these steps:

  1. Brainstorm a list of topics.
    (Broad keywords of related niche) seed keywords. (5-10) Broad topics related to eachother.
  2. Expand your keywords on ahrefs.
  3. Filter Keywords
  4. Search & Match search intent

Heading Templets

These templates will assist you to write the best heading for your blogs.

  1. How to [Achieve the desired outcome]
  2. [Number] Proven [Acyiond/ways] to [Achieve Desired Result]
  3. [Number or How to] simple/easy ways to [Achieve Desired outcome] [Challenge]
  4. [Number] Reasons you’re [Not Achieving Desired outcome]

Introduction Templets

The introduction is the first paragraph of the content so you must write a good and easy-to-read introduction that will define your content in brief. To create a good intro you must include

A – Attention

I – Intrest (Stories/Facts)

D – Desire (Solve Problem/Proof)

A – Action (Let’s get started/Table of content)

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