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Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: 7 Ways to Win More Games

Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: 7 Ways to Win More Games<br />

Master these tips and tricks to take your Clash Royale gameplay to the next level and win more games! By knowing these tips and tricks you will climb the progress ladder faster, Impress your friends and clanmates, and Unlock new cards and arenas as quickly as possible. So follow these Clash Royale Tips and Tricks.


 What you Get?

✅ 7 Tips and Tricks

✅ Tips to Upgrade your skill in the game

7 Tips and Tricks are listed below:

1. Push cannon cart or valkyrie with wall breakers.
2. Zap the fisherman when he is pulling your electro giant or golem.
3. Drop sparky behind your tower when royal hogs are rushing at you.
4. Place skeletons behind your tower to counter bandit for a positive elixir trade.
5. Place mini pekka low enough so that your opponent’s mini pekka only gets one shot.
6. Use tornado to activate king tower against graveyard after waiting three seconds after the skeletons start to spawn.
7. Drop a fire spirit in a specific positioning and timing to completely counter another fire spirit without taking any damage.

1. Push cannon cart or valkyrie with wall breakers.

This is a great way to surprise your opponent and deal a lot of damage, especially with cannon cart. The wall breakers will push the cannon cart to full speed, allowing it to catch your opponent off guard.

2. Zap the fisherman when he is pulling your electro giant or golem.

This is a great way to counter fisherman, who is often used to counter electro giant and golem decks. By zapping the fisherman when he is pulling your electro giant or golem, you can confuse him and stop him from pulling them. This will allow your electro giant or golem to continue pushing towards your opponent’s tower.

3. Drop sparky behind your tower when royal hogs are rushing at you.

This is the best way to counter royal hogs with sparky. By dropping sparky behind your tower, it will target the middle royal hog and splash onto all four of them at once, finishing them off quickly.

4. Place skeletons behind your tower to counter bandit for a positive elixir trade.

This is the safest way to counter bandit with skeletons. By placing the skeletons behind your tower, even if your opponent drops a spell to finish them off, the bandit will still walk towards your tower. This will give you a positive elixir trade.

5. Place mini pekka low enough so that your opponent’s mini pekka only gets one shot.

This is a great way to counter mini pekka with mini pekka. By placing your mini pekka low enough, your opponent’s mini pekka will only get one shot. This will allow your mini pekka to win out and counter push.

6. Use tornado to activate king tower against graveyard after waiting three seconds after the skeletons start to spawn.

This is a great way to defend against graveyard. By waiting three seconds after the skeletons start to spawn and then using tornado in a specific placement, you can almost always activate king tower. This will make it much easier to defend against the graveyard.

7. Drop a fire spirit in a specific positioning and timing to completely counter another fire spirit without taking any damage.

This is a very difficult tip to master, but it is incredibly powerful. By dropping a fire spirit in a specific positioning and timing, you can completely counter another fire spirit without taking any damage. This can give you a huge advantage in the game.

Tips to Upgrade your Skill in the game.

Pooling Units with Non-Aggressive Tanks

  • Use non-aggressive tanks strategically.
  • Position tanks to draw enemy troops away from Towers.
  • Gain battlefield control and advantage.

Exploiting Opponent’s Heavy Tank Placement

  • Apply pressure when opponent places a high-cost tank.
  • Divide opponent’s attention and disrupt their plan.
  • Capitalize on their elixir spending.

Recognizing Repetitive Plays

  • Observe patterns in the opponent’s gameplay.
  • Hold key counter cards.
  • Make predictive plays for a strategic edge.

Building a Deck Around a Win Condition

  • Choose a primary win condition card.
  • Build a deck supporting the win condition.
  • Enhance attack and defense synergy.
  • Use resources like Royal API for deck inspiration.

From the above, we have learned the following important things:

  • How to counter specific cards:
    • To counter Fisherman, zap him when he is pulling your electro giant or golem.
    • To counter Royal Hogs with Sparky, drop Sparky behind your tower.
    • To counter Bandit with Skeletons, place the Skeletons behind your tower.
    • To counter Mini Pekka with Mini Pekka, place your Mini Pekka low enough so that your opponent’s Mini Pekka only gets one shot.
    • To counter Graveyard with Tornado, wait three seconds after the skeletons start to spawn and then use Tornado in a specific placement to activate king tower.
  • Card placement:
    • Push Cannon Cart or Valkyrie with Wall Breakers to surprise your opponent.
    • Drop Sparky behind your tower when Royal Hogs are rushing at you to counter them all at once.
  • Deck building:
    • Build a deck around a win condition.
    • Include cards that support your win condition and cover your weaknesses.

Forge of Empires Strategy & Guide: 11 Winning Tips to Master the Game

Forge of Empires Tips

Over 5 years of playing Forge of Empires, I have learned this game is more than a simulation game. After a long experiment, I have listed the 11 best strategies to help you master this game, whether you’re new or experienced at playing. Here I have listed Forge of Empires tips:

Forge of Empires Tips

  1. Prioritize gathering resources such as food, wood, and stone, as they are crucial for advancing your technology and constructing buildings.
  2. Plan your city layout carefully to maximize efficiency and minimize space. Consider factors such as road placement and building placement to create a streamlined and functional city.
  3. Research wisely, focusing on technologies that will give you the most immediate benefits, such as new units or resources.
  4. Participate in quests and events to earn unique rewards and bonuses, as well as limited-time buildings and units.
  5. Join an alliance to gain protection and resources, as well as participate in multiplayer battles.
  6. Use turn-based combat strategically, positioning your units and using their unique abilities to defeat your opponents.
  7. Customize your city and units to make your gameplay experience more personalized and enjoyable.
  8. Keep an eye out for new updates and content releases, as the developers of Forge of Empires are constantly adding new features and improvements.
  9. Stay patient and persistent, as building and expanding your empire takes time and effort.
  10. Finally, have fun! Forge of Empires is an exciting and immersive game, so enjoy the experience and embrace the challenge of building your own empire.

What we should not do while playing Forge of Empires:

  1. Don’t Rush: Like, it’s super important to not rush through the game, okay? If you go too fast, you might miss some seriously rad quests, buildings, or stuff that could totally help you out later. So, like, take your time and enjoy the journey, dude!
  2. Don’t neglect your city’s needs: It’s important to regularly upgrade your city’s roads, buildings, and resources to keep progressing in the game. Neglecting them can slow you down and make it harder to move forward quickly. So, remember to keep up with maintenance and upgrades!
  3. Don’t forget to research: To stay ahead in the game, it’s crucial to keep researching new technologies and advancements. Ignoring research can lead to slower progress and falling behind other players. So, don’t forget to keep researching!
  4. Don’t overspend: Overdoing spending in the game can use up resources and hinder progress. To prevent this, monitor your spending and save for bigger investments. Stay aware and avoid excessive spending!
  5. Don’t forget to have fun: Playing Forge of Empires strategically is important, but remember to have fun too. Take breaks when necessary and avoid letting the game take up too much of your time and energy. Enjoy the game!

How can I progress through the game faster?

To move ahead faster in the game, players need to complete quests, research new technologies, and upgrade their city. They should also use resources smartly, trade with others, and make alliances.

How can I protect my city from attacks?

To protect your city from attacks, players should build walls and towers, train military units, and team up with others to participate in battles.

How can I improve my chances of winning battles?

If you want to be successful in battles, you must educate yourself on the latest military technologies, train diverse military units, and strategically attack your opponents’ weaknesses. Moreover, it’s crucial to work with other players to gain extra support and increase your chances of winning. Remember, collaboration is key to achieving victory in Forge of Empires.

Creature of the Deep: 7 best guides with Tips & Tricks for Fish

Creature of the Deep: 7 best guides with Tips & Tricks for fish and Mistry

The ocean is home to an array of intriguing creatures, many of which remain a mystery to us. This guide is intended to give you a comprehensive overview of these diverse sea dwellers – including some of the most intriguing and unique species you may not be familiar with.

Introduction to the Deep Sea

The deep sea is that part of the ocean that lies below 200 meters, often referred to as “twilight zone”. This region has been one of Earth’s least explored ocean areas and home to an array of creatures that have adapted in harsh conditions. Due to immense pressure at these depths and cold, dark water, most species cannot survive here; making it a difficult environment for most organisms.

The Mysterious Megafauna

One of the most captivating groups of creatures in the deep sea is known as megafauna. These large, often bizarre creatures have intrigued scientists for years and remain a source of fascination and curiosity. Well-known examples include giant squid, frilled sharks and anglerfishes from deep-sea.

The Benthic Community

The benthic community refers to all creatures living near or on the seafloor, from tiny crustaceans to large predatory fish. This ecosystem plays an essential role in maintaining balance within deep-sea ecosystems by providing food for larger predators and maintaining its diversity. Some of its more unique members include deep-sea shrimp, tripod fish and long-legged isopod.

The Bioluminescent Beauties

Bioluminescence is a widespread trait among deep-sea creatures, used for various purposes such as attracting prey or mates and deterring predators. The deep sea is home to numerous bioluminescent creatures such as dragonfish, lantern sharks and anglerfish which emit an alluring glow when disturbed.

The Deep-Sea Corals

Many people may not know that the deep sea is home to an array of corals, both hard and soft. These organisms play an essential role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem beneath the waves, providing shelter for various species such as fish, crustaceans and even other types of coral. Some of the most distinctive and unique deep-sea corals include black coral, bamboo coral and wire coral – each unique in its own way!


The deep sea is an endlessly captivating and mysterious place, and this guide has only scratched the surface. From megafauna to benthic communities, bioluminescent beauties to deep-sea corals – there is no shortage of interesting and unique creatures to behold in its depths. Whether you’re a scientist, amateur naturalist or simply someone who finds fascination in discovery, the deep sea will surely capture and intrigue you.


  1. What is the deep sea?
    The deep sea refers to any part of the ocean below 200 meters, often referred to as “twilight zone”.
  2. What is bioluminescence?
    Bioluminescence is the ability of an organism to generate and emit light.

Tips for Beginner Divers

  • Always dive with a buddy system. Having someone there as backup in case an emergency arises is crucial for safety.
  • Before diving, always check the weather conditions. Avoid rough seas and strong currents that could prove hazardous for divers.
  • Start your dive close to shore and gradually venture deeper into the ocean, helping you adjust to pressure changes and avoid decompression sickness.
  • Always inspect your equipment before diving; ensure everything is in working order and functions correctly.
  • Use a dive light to illuminate the underwater world and help you spot creatures that might not be visible in sunlight.
  • Be mindful of your air supply. Monitor how much oxygen is left and always leave enough for a safe ascent back up towards the surface.

Tricks for Finding Ocean Creatures

  • Gain insight into the behavior of different species. Each creature will act differently, and by understanding their patterns you can increase your chances of spotting them.
  • Look for areas where different species tend to congregate, such as a rock formation, reef, or underwater cave.
  • Use a reef hook for anchoring yourself while diving; this will enable you to remain still and observe the underwater world around you.
  • Be patient. Some creatures can be difficult to spot and may take time, but by waiting quietly you may improve your chances of seeing them.
  • Consider investing in a high-quality underwater camera so you can capture images of the creatures you find. Sharing images of your discoveries with others is an excellent way for you to document what you discover.

Strategies for Exploring the Deep

  • Plan your dive ahead of time. Know the location, depth, and maximum bottom time.
  • Investing in quality equipment not only makes diving more comfortable but it may also increase the odds of discovering new species.
  • Build a network of divers. Join a local diving club or connect online to share tips, tricks, and information about new discoveries.
  • Get involved in marine conservation efforts; by protecting the ocean and its creatures you will be contributing to the future of diving and discovery.


The ocean is an expansive and captivating world full of mysteries waiting to be unraveled. No matter your level of expertise, there will always be something new to learn about deep-sea creatures. With these tips, tricks, and strategies outlined in this article, you can greatly increase your chances of discovering all that the ocean has to offer you.

TOP Eleven Football Manager 442 Formation Tactics

TOP Eleven Football Manager 442 Formation Tactics

442 Formation is one of the best and oldest formations in football. In Top Eleven Football Manager, I have been playing in this formation for 2 years. I always use these tactics while playing this 442 formation in Top Eleven Football Manager. These tactics are all...

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Top Eleven Football Manager Guide

Top Eleven Football Manager Guide

Top Eleven Tactical Details ExplainationArrows in Top Eleven Football Manager It is used to give specific instructions to individual players regarding their movement and positioning. Here’s how you might use them: Upwards Arrow (Attacking): When to use: Use this when...

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Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: 7 Ways to Win More Games

Clash Royale Tips and Tricks: 7 Ways to Win More Games

Master these tips and tricks to take your Clash Royale gameplay to the next level and win more games! By knowing these tips and tricks you will climb the progress ladder faster, Impress your friends and clanmates, and Unlock new cards and arenas as quickly as...

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Mobile legend Guide: Best Tactics with Tips and Tricks

mobile legends tips and tricks

Mobile Legends is a game that offers endless opportunities for mastery and domination on the battlefield! In this blog, we will be providing you with tips and strategies that will help you unleash your full potential and become the ultimate Mobile Legends player. So, are you ready to elevate your gameplay to new heights? Then let’s dive in!

Here are some tips for playing Mobile Legends :

    1. Explore the vast array of heroes in Mobile Legends and discover the ones that best align with your playstyle. Each hero possesses a unique set of abilities and roles, so it’s crucial to find the ones that make you feel confident and effective.
    2. Maintain close communication with your team. In-game communication is an indispensable aspect of success in Mobile Legends. Ensure that you keep your team informed of your location, intentions, and actions, especially in critical moments.
    3. Map awareness is the key to success. Keep an eye on the minimap and stay updated on the movements and activities of your enemies. Utilize vision items and abilities to gain the upper hand and spot enemy heroes before they spot you.
    4. Positioning is a critical aspect of team fights. Make sure that your positioning allows you to deal maximum damage to the enemy while taking minimal damage in return.
    5. Farming minions is an excellent way to accumulate gold and experience, helping you get ahead in the game. Minions are an abundant source of gold and experience, so make sure to take advantage of them.
    6. Make the most of your abilities. Each hero has a unique set of abilities, and using them intelligently can make all the difference in fights. Use your abilities judiciously and in the right situations to maximize their impact.
    7. Perfect your last hitting skills. Last hitting refers to landing the final attack on a minion or monster, and it’s an essential skill to have in Mobile Legends. Last hitting can help you gain an edge in gold and experience, giving you an advantage in the game.
    8. Don’t hesitate to seek help. If you’re facing difficulties in the game or require advice, don’t be afraid to reach out to your team or other players for assistance. There’s always room for improvement, and seeking help can be an excellent way to learn and get better at the game.
    9. Communication is the lifeblood of Mobile Legends. Make sure that you keep in touch with your team and use in-game chat or voice communication to coordinate your actions and strategies.
    10. Keep an eye on the minimap. The minimap is a valuable tool that provides real-time information about the location of your teammates, enemy heroes, and important objectives. Check the minimap regularly to stay ahead of the game.
    11. Effective farming can give you a significant advantage in the game. Focus on last hitting minions and killing monsters in the jungle to accumulate gold and experience.
    12. Choose the right hero for the right situation. Mobile Legends offers a wide range of heroes with varying abilities and roles. Some heroes are better suited for dealing damage, while others excel at supporting their teammates. Pick a hero that aligns with your playstyle and the needs of your team.
    13. Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings. In Mobile Legends, it’s crucial to stay alert and aware of your surroundings, keeping an eye on the minimap and looking out for enemy heroes that may be lurking in the bushes. Be prepared for anything and everything.

    These tips will surely help you unleash your full potential and become a Mobile Legends master! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. And as for the best hero in Mobile Legends? Well, that’s a subjective matter and depends on the playstyle and needs of the player.

Who is the best hero in Mobile Legends?

It’s never a straightforward answer to determine the quintessential champion in Mobile Legends. Each hero showcases their own unique set of abilities and roles, thus rendering the notion of a “best hero” subjective. However, there are certainly some champions that stand out in the current meta and possess the versatility to fulfill a range of positions. Here are a few examples:

  1. Franco – this tank hero packs a punch with his arsenal of crowd control abilities, making him a powerhouse for initiating team fights and throwing enemy heroes off-balance.
  2. Karina – an assassin hero whose unparalleled burst damage and mobility make her a daunting adversary in solo encounters.
  3. Rafaela – this support hero boasts a formidable kit of healing and crowd control abilities, transforming her into a valuable commodity for any team.
  4. Layla – a marksman hero armed with long-range attacks and impressive sustain, she excels in the art of poking enemies and dishing out consistent damage.
  5. Argus – this fighter hero boasts high burst damage and the capability to initiate and pursue enemies, making him an imposing figure in both the early and late game.

In conclusion, the champion that’s ideal for you is dependent on your playstyle and the demands of your team. It’s always a smart idea to experiment with different champions and determine which ones you find most enjoyable to play.

How do I choose the right hero for the right situation in Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends has a wide range of heroes with different abilities and roles. Some heroes excel at dealing with damage, while others are better at supporting their teammates. It’s important to choose a hero that fits your playstyle and the needs of your team, so make sure to experiment with different heroes and see which ones you enjoy playing the most.

How do I improve my gameplay in Mobile Legends?

Enhancing your performance in Mobile Legends, the electrifying multiplayer online battle arena game, requires a synergy of strategy, quick reflexes, and an unrelenting thirst for victory. To master the battlefield, one must immerse oneself into the intricacies of each hero’s abilities and strengths, devise cunning tactical plans, and cultivate a relentless competitive spirit.

An indispensable aspect of any champion’s success is their mastery of in-game mechanics, such as map awareness, item builds, and objective control. One must remain vigilant of the enemy’s movements, react swiftly to any sudden ambushes, and capitalize on any advantageous skirmishes to secure objectives and gain an edge over the opposition.

Additionally, it is crucial to maintain a steady rhythm of practice, constantly honing one’s skills and adapting to new challenges. Whether it’s through solo or team training sessions, the pursuit of mastery never ends. One must also stay abreast of updates, patches, and the latest strategies employed by the most successful players, continuously elevating their gameplay to new heights.

To summarize, ascending to the top of the Mobile Legends ladder requires a combination of technical prowess, adaptability, and a persistent competitive drive. The journey to glory is fraught with obstacles, but with unwavering determination and a steadfast resolve, one can persevere and emerge victorious on the battlefield.

Supremacy 1914 | A Complete Beginner Tips & Guide.

Supermacy 1914 A complete guide with tips and Tricks

Supremacy 1914 | A Complete Beginner Tips & Guide.

It’s been more than a year I have been playing this game continuously. It’s interesting and strategy is the main tactic to win this game. You have to be aware of your surroundings and make good relations with everyone. Join their Coalition or share the road with them. Take war with 1 enemy at a time cause multiple enemies will kill your troops from both sides.

  • Choose a country near the ocean and should not be surrounded by enemies.
  • Build Recruiting Office in every Province.
  • Build WORKSHOP on half of the provinces and BARRACKS limited to 1 or 2.
  • Build Fortress on your borders.
  • Produce Armoured cars and Cavalry.
  • Attack the weakest country around you.
  • Join Coalitions near you.
  • Make many allies as much as you can.
  • Set your relation Share Map with AI to increase Popularity

Upgrade your Factory to Level 1 as soon as possible to produce Artillery. Artillery is the most important at the beginning of the game to attack and defense. It will save your infantry from the enemies. I usually keep this behind the infantry so that the enemy could not attack directly. It is most useful from the long-range. While in short-range it is useless because infantry can easily destroy this.

Keep producing a lot of Artillery and Iron cars. The combination of Iron Car and Artillery is the best during the attack as well as in defense also. Enemy troops will be busy destroying the iron car at that time artillery will do its work by attacking the enemy from long distance

Here is how you can create Flower Defense.

Flower Defense Tutorial step 1

Step-1: Collect your Infantry in one place.

Flower Defense Tutorial Step 2
Flower Defense Tutorial

Step-2: Select them and press the split command. Then choose 1 Infantry to move one step forward.

Step-3: Now press the Delay button.
Flower Defense Step 3

Step-3: Now press the Delay button.

Flower Defense step4

Step-4: Again Select the collected Infantry. Split 1, move forward then press the Delay button. 

supremacy 1914 flower defense tips and tricks

Step-5: Repeat the process again and again.

Here are some of the advanced tactics in this video. Follow this and become a hero in this game.

Step-1: Begin Recruiting

Your first reaction could be to establish workshops to improve your technical skills. We advise you to take a different path.
Instead, move your cursor to the right side of the screen to get a fordable menu. Begin by establishing a recruiting office in each province.
It’s a quick procedure, but the end result is well worth it. This action assures that you will have enough troops to secure your borders in the coming days.

Step-2: Strengthen Your Defense

It’s pretty normal for newcomers to launch an attack right away. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Instead, strengthen your defense immediately to deter them from striking early (and to be ready in case they do).
You’ve already started constructing your army, so it’s time to focus on physical, non-human defense. Your new soldiers should be able to guard your borders, therefore it’s time to focus on defending the provinces that are landlocked.

Build at least three barracks in each landlocked province to accomplish this. You could want to construct fortifications for increased defense.

Step-3: Communicate With Your Neighbors

It’s time to build some partnerships now that you have some basic protection in place. While you may desire absolute, unequaled power, you may need to collaborate with other armies in order to achieve it. You can always back-stab them later, so don’t worry.

Request an alliance by sending a message to the leaders in your area. If they refuse to cooperate, you can at least try to reach an agreement on non-aggression.

Remember, you’re the new kid on the block, so there’s no assurance they’ll bite. Having said that, having some powerful allies never hurts. In fact, for the first week or so of game-play, it may be essential to your survival.

Step-4: Gather Resources

Another common rookie error is failing to purchase resources soon away. As the game progresses, prices begin to rise, so now is the time to stock up on essentials.
Negative consumption should be used to deplete your resources so that you can create more of the higher-cost resources. You could, for example, live off of cheap fish while generating grain. As a result, you’ll have money coming in, allowing you to expand your barracks without starving your army.
It’s a good idea to always have at least 24 hours’ worth of supply on hand. Because the game continues to play while you’re not online, you’ll want to make sure your soldiers’ morale remains high and that they’re ready for battle.

Step -5: Decide the country you want to develop.

After you’ve finished all of your basic research, you’ll need to determine which province(s) you want to concentrate on expanding. Obviously, this is mostly a matter of personal preference.

However, you can choose which regions to concentrate on strategically. Is it possible, for example, for one province to provide double resource protection? Or is there a surplus of iron, wood, or grain? Consider your future intentions and identify areas where you can achieve your objectives.

Supremacy 1914 is a browser-based strategy game that puts players in control of a nation during the First World War. Players must manage their resources, build up their armies and navies, and negotiate with other nations to achieve victory. The goal of the game is to conquer Europe by either conquering all enemy capitals or having more Victory Points than any other player at the end of the game.

The key to success in Supremacy 1914 lies in strategic planning and resource management. In order for your nation to be successful you need to plan ahead for potential conflicts while managing your resources carefully so that you can build up an army capable of defending your territory as well as attacking enemy forces when necessary. You also need to make sure you have enough money coming into your treasury from taxes and trade agreements so that you can afford new units or upgrades when needed without going bankrupt!

One important aspect of this strategy game is diplomacy – negotiating treaties, trading resources between nations, forming alliances – which will help keep enemies away from attacking while allowing allies access through friendly borders if they choose it strategically beneficial for them too! Diplomatic victories are just as important (if not more) than military ones since they allow players access into regions where they may not have had before – giving them an advantage over competitors who don’t use diplomatic means often enough or wisely enough!
In order maximize efficiency on both fronts – militaristic & diplomatic – one needs stay informed about what’s happening around them: researching technologies; keeping tabs on rival powers’ movements & strategies; monitoring public opinion within own country etc… This will give insight into how others might act/react towards certain actions taken by player themselves thus allowing better decision making process overall leading ultimately towards achieving desired outcome i e winning supremacy over Europe !