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Book Summary Ek Chihan | Book Review

book summary ek chihan book review

Hi, I am Wilson Shrestha. I have read this book “Ek Chihan” many times and created a short summary for you awesome readers. I found this book one of the most realistic and heart-touching stories. This book is most useful to +2 NEB Students of Nepal. So I have listed all the details from this book. Hope you will like it.

Book Name Ek Chihan
Author Hridaya Chandra Singh Pradhan
Genre Social realism
published 1971
Setting Kathmandu, Nepal, during the mid-20th century
Themes Poverty, discrimination, social injustice, human resilience, family, community
Style Realistic, poignant, thought-provoking
Message A powerful indictment of social injustice and a testament to the human spirit’s ability to endure adversity

Name Relationship or Role
Asta Narayan Father
Lata Maya Mother
Purna Narayan Second Son
Nani Thunku Wife
Shiva Narayan Eldest Son
Harsha Narayan Younger Son
Dr. Godadutta Prasad Doctor
Surmaan Landowner
Ram Bahadur Karindar


Part I: An Introduction to the Asta Narayan Family

  1. The Asta Narayans: A Family Amidst Poverty and Ill Health
  2. Nani Thunku: A Pillar of Strength in the Face of Adversity
  3. The Family’s Reliance on Others and the Impact on Their Dignity

Part II: Conflict with Dr. Godadutta Prasad

  1. Enter Dr. Godadutta Prasad: A Wealthy Landowner and Symbol of Privilege
  2. The Power Imbalance Between Dr. Prasad and the Asta Narayan Family
  3. Dr. Prasad’s Unsolicited Advances and Nani Thunku’s Unwavering Resistance

Part III: Shiva Naran’s Struggles and Aspirations

  1. Unveiling Shiva Naran’s Intelligence, Ambition, and Yearning for a Better Life
  2. Shiva Naran’s Encounters with Social Injustice and Frustration with Lack of Opportunities
  3. Shiva Naran’s Determination to Break Free from the Cycle of Poverty

Part IV: A Series of Misfortunes

  1. A Wave of Misfortunes Tests the Asta Narayan Family’s Resilience
  2. Ostracization from Society and the Denial of Basic Rights
  3. Exploitation by Those in Positions of Power

Part V: Hope Amidst Hardship

  1. Glimmers of Hope and Camaraderie Amidst Despair
  2. Strength Drawn from Shared Experiences and Unwavering Love
  3. The Importance of Family and Community Support

Part VI: A Powerful Indictment of Social Injustice

  1. A Strong Message Against Social Injustice and a Celebration of Human Resilience
  2. Challenging Readers to Confront the Realities of Social Inequality
  3. Inspiring Action for a More Equitable Society

Welcome to the summary of “Ek Chihan”

Ek Chihan: A Poignant Tale of Social Struggles and Human Resilience

Set against the backdrop of mid-20th century Kathmandu, Nepal, “Ek Chihan” by Hridaya Chandra Singh Pradhan paints a stark and moving portrait of the harsh realities faced by the underprivileged. The story follows the Asta Narayan family, their lives marred by poverty, discrimination, and societal ills.

At the heart of the novel lies Asta Narayan, the patriarch, whose frail health casts a shadow over the family, exacerbating their financial struggles. As his condition worsens, the family’s desperation grows, forcing them to rely on the generosity of others, often at the cost of their dignity.

Nani Thunku, Asta Narayan’s wife, emerges as a pillar of strength amidst the family’s adversities. Her unwavering courage and unwavering love for her children sustain her through the darkest of times. Despite enduring humiliating treatment and relentless hardship, she tirelessly works to provide for her family, taking on odd jobs to keep them afloat.

The novel delves into the power dynamics between the Asta Narayan family and Dr. Godadutta Prasad, a wealthy landowner who represents the privileged class. Dr. Prasad’s influence and wealth allow him to exploit the poor and vulnerable, as exemplified by his unwelcome advances towards Nani Thunku. This stark contrast between the classes underscores the societal inequalities that plague the community.

Shiva Naran, Asta Narayan’s eldest son, grapples with the limitations imposed by poverty and lack of opportunities. Despite his intelligence and ambition, he finds himself trapped in a cycle that seems impossible to escape. The injustices he witnesses firsthand fuel his desire for a better life for himself and his family.

As the narrative unfolds, the Asta Narayan family is subjected to a series of misfortunes, testing their resilience and challenging their beliefs. They face ostracization, denial of basic rights, and exploitation, yet amidst the despair, they find moments of hope and camaraderie. Their shared experiences and unwavering love for one another provide a source of strength that helps them endure.

“Ek Chihan” stands as a powerful indictment of social injustice and a testament to the human spirit’s ability to withstand adversity. Pradhan’s masterful storytelling interweaves personal tragedies with broader societal issues, exposing the deep-rooted inequalities that permeate society. The novel’s enduring relevance lies in its ability to provoke thought and inspire action, challenging readers to confront the realities of social injustice and work towards a more equitable world.

Book Summary: The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek | Book Review

the infinite game by simon sinek book review and summary

Hi, I am Wilson Shrestha. I have read this book “The Infinite Game” many times and created a short summary for you awesome readers. This book guides readers to develop an infinite mindset which means shifting one’s perspective and approach from the short-term thinking of a finite game to a long-term approach which is an infinite game.

Book Name The Infinite Game
Author Simon Sinek
Publisher Penguin Random House
Publication Date January 17, 2019
Genre Business, Personal Development
ISBN 9781785710736
Pages 320

Quotes from the book “The Infinite Game”

Strong relationships are the foundation of high-performing teams. And all high-performing teams start with trust.”

“When leaders are willing to prioritize trust over performance, performance almost always follows.”

“An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality.

Key elements of developing this mindset include:

    1. Prioritizing play over victory.
    2. Embracing the collective over the individual.
    3. Acting proactively, not reactively.
    4. Setting long-term objectives.
    5. Focusing on long-term challenges.
    6. Prioritizing resilience over stability.

The five areas to focus on for an infinite game approach in business are:

    1. Advance a just cause.
    2. Build trusting teams.
    3. Study worthy rivals.
    4. Embrace existential flexibility.
    5. Develop the courage to lead.

Welcome to the summary of “The Infinite Game”

We have to recognize what type of game we’re playing, and then play with the right mindset. In Simon Sinek’s life, we encounter two distinct types of games: finite and infinite. Finite games follow a structured pattern with discernable beginnings, middles, and ends. They involve known participants, well-defined rules enforced by referees, and agreed-upon objectives. Think of sports like football as a prime example. In contrast, infinite games transcend such boundaries. They unfold among both familiar and unfamiliar players without rigidly defined rules. Each participant has the liberty to adapt their approach at any point. In infinite games, there’s no definitive end or clear concept of winning.

Simon Sinek, in his book “The Infinite Game,” presents the idea that many struggling business owners and workers view business as a finite game when it’s actually an infinite game. This shift in mindset can explore the range of what is possible for your professional life. The first step in this process is to develop a mindset that promotes this infinite mindset.

Finite Games

Finite games are ones that have a well-defined structure, meaning they have identifiable beginnings, middles, and ends. These games have famous athletes, precise regulations that are upheld by officials, and predetermined objectives. Consider football or other sports where these characteristics are relatively well defined.

Infinite Games

Let’s now examine limitless games. These are not the same games at all. They don’t have strict limits. They take place with both known and unknown players, and there are no set rules to follow. Each participant is free to modify their strategy as they go. Infinite games lack a definite end point or obvious concept of victory.

Shifting Mindsets: From Finite to Infinite

In his book “The Infinite Game,” Simon Sinek discusses how many business owners and employees regard their work as a finite game while, in truth, it is an infinite one. Changing your perspective from one to the other can lead to new opportunities in your work life.

How to Develop Infinite Mindset?

Prioritize Play Over Victory

Instead of just aiming to beat others, just focus on maintaining a strong position of oneself in competition.

Embrace the Collective Over the individual

Believe in teamwork and collective effort and impact your organization on its employees, community, and economy.

Act Proactively, Not Reactively

Instead of worrying and reacting to problems, anticipate them and prepare for them in advance.

Set your sights on long-term objectives

Concentrate on achieving success, rather than getting fixated on short-term financial gains.

Direct Attention to Long-Term Challenges

Instead of focusing simply on identifying risks from competitors, consider opportunities and innovations to strengthen your firm.

Prioritize Resilience Over Stability

Work on not just going through challenges, but also coming out stronger.

Five Key Areas That Matter

Encourage a Just Cause

Developing a just cause is a major source of the meaning in your work. The main goals of this cause should be to benefit others and to be inclusive. It should transcend the goods and services your business provides and be aspirational, if not impossible.

Create Trusting Groups

You require a strong, reliable team in order to progress a vision. A successful business depends on ensuring the support and well-being of its employees.

Examine the Valuable Rival

Consider rivals as deserving opponents who can push you to succeed rather than as mere threats. Take note of their advantages.

Flexibility of Existence

Beyond simply responding to change, infinite leaders inspire others to envision a future that extends beyond the confines of their industry and strives to add more value to a larger community.

Gaining the Courage to Take Charge

It takes courage to remain devoted to a just cause. An uncertain future may require you to take big chances. It requires extraordinary visionary skills to imagine a world beyond societal or capitalist norms.

10 Points I have learned from this book

  1. Finite vs. infinite game concept.
  2. Mindset shift for success.
  3. Prioritize play over victory.
  4. Embrace collective impact.
  5. Act proactively, not reactively.
  6. Long-term goals matter.
  7. Focus on challenges, not threats.
  8. Advance a just cause.
  9. Build trusting, cohesive teams.
  10. Embrace existential flexibility.

Book Summary: Megaliving By Robin Sharma | Book Reveiw

megaliving by robin sharma book summary and book review

Hi, I am Wilson Shrestha. I have read this book “Megaliving” many times and created a short summary for you awesome readers. Megaliving is a life-changing book. All the aspects of life are covered in it, that is how we can achieve mastery and success in every field. This book is divided into 3 parts. All the points of mastery and success are covered in the first 2 parts.
And in the third part, it is shown how to apply them. It has a complete 30-day implementation program. By following that, we can achieve mastery in our life.

Book Name Megaliving
Author Robin Sharma
Genre Self-help
Publication Date September 20, 2022
Publisher HarperCollins Canada
Number of Pages 288
ISBN 9781443429787

Quotes from the book “Megaliving”

“A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit.”
“Without willpower, you become a victim to the evils of procrastination, laziness, and sloth.”
“The surface of your thoughts is your character.”
“If you focus on good, you will excel and reach higher planes.”

Part 1: Megaliving Philosophy

  • Purpose of the book.
  • Unleash your potential.
  • Learn from negative circumstances.
  • Embrace daily improvement (Kaizen).
  • Personal development for stress reduction.
  • Power of a powerful idea.
  • Prioritize physical fitness.
  • Stress reduction and renewal.
  • Discipline, willpower, and mindset.

Part 2: Megaliving Techniques

  • Thoughts shape success.
  • Develop a successful mindset.
  • Discipline, mental toughness, willpower.
  • Overcome obstacles using the “feel good” principle.
  • The magic of goal-setting.
  • The formula for achieving goals.
  • Rule of 21 days.
  • Rewards for motivation.
  • Success mechanism, defined goals.
  • Goal-setting workshop.

Part 3: Achieving Self-Mastery

  • Physical fitness important.
  • Start with 15-minute daily exercise.
  • Dietary impact on performance.
  • Dietary recommendations.
  • Ancient secrets for long life.
  • Maintain a youthful lifestyle.

Welcome to the summary of “Megaliving”


MegaLiving. Achieving Mastery of the Mind, Body & Character There are people who make things happen.
There are people who watch things happen. And then there are people who ask what happened? Megaliving gives you a new point of view, to improve your mind, body and character. Everybody has a potential in them, they just need to unleash that. Here author gives us a workshop at the end, by following which, we can improve our life significantly, which we will further discuss in detail.

There is no such thing as negative circumstances, We can learn from everything. Any mistake in life should not be seen as a mistake, because this is a victory in defeat as well, which allows us to grow. We grow as much as the limits we set for ourselves. Your Mind And Its Unlimited Potential. KAIZEN. This technique means constant and never-ending little improvements, which will help you to reach your full potential.
Every winner has this trait. look at any great leader, and you will notice that they all have one thing in common, and that is daily improvements. Be it reading books, be it exercising, be it meditating, or be it something else. Greatness does not comes easily. You have to act great to be great. Nothing can stop a person who refuses to be stopped.
Problems will always be there, but you have to condition your mind to tackle them. Do you often feel distracted? Do you feel lack of discipline? If yes, you must exercise your mind. If you do not use your mind daily, then it will not be sharp, and it weakens just like any other body part. A weak mind gets destructive thoughts easily.
From researches, it has been proven, that anyone can enhance their mental functioning. You can achieve this by following megaliving program. Personal development. It is about improving yourself and reducing stress. Be it by reading books or listening to audiobooks, or by watching sunrise. The point is to pay attention on things that improve your life.
To change everything, all we need is a powerful idea. Like, “no matter what you do, go all the way in or don’t go at all”. It means it doesn’t matter what you do, either do it with full dedication or don’t do it at all. Now whenever you do anything, and keep reminding this quote over and over again, then your improvement is sure.
Someday it will become your reality, and you will be giving your best. Reading books gives you this kind of many ideas. Physical fitness. You should spend at least 30 minutes daily on exercise. It is just 2% time of your day. But the results you will get, will completely change your life. If you want, go to the gym, or go for swimming or simply go for a walk, but do the exercise surely.
Your energy, mood, concentration, will be on its peak. Just give it a try. Relaxation and personal renewal time. The body and mind are like racing cars, they will perform better when kept cool. For example just look at M. S. Dhoni. He is always calm. We often wonder how he keeps himself calm and composed, wins matches for us.
These things come from exercise and repetitions. Try to be calm in every situation. Give yourself time to relax. Don’t take too much stressed. The ultimate superpower. To unleash the power of your mind, you must be aware what it is capable of. And to make it work like a peak performer, some golden rules are given here: Your success is determined by the way you think most of the time.
Your thoughts shape your world. Today’s thoughts will make your tomorrow, so be careful of what you think today. The type of thoughts you have in your mind, that makes your outer world. If you want to change your life, then start feeding positive information to your mind. You are responsible for what you think.
So try to avoid negative thinking, and adopt positive thinking. A successful mindset does not build in a single day. It takes at least 30 days. So practice it for at least 30 days. There is a success mechanism in your mind that craves for success. Set goals, and work for achieving them. Your mind will feel better and will motivate you to achieve more.
That is how mind works. Discipline and will power are the real qualities that ensure your success. With discipline and persistence, kaizen can be developed. The magic of discipline. Discipline and mental toughness are two such qualities, through which, you can maintain a balance between fitness, spiritual health, and professional goals.
Discipline ensure you are focused on your goal. Without discipline you become a slave of your mind. Without mental toughness, bad and negative thoughts overpower you. You will worry more, sleep more, and become less productive. There are some of points about discipline and work ethic: Winners are disciplined.
Take a look at any successful person, they have abundance of discipline and will power. Remember, all these things are within you as well, you just need to unleash them. Use your will power. There is a rule that applies on everything, and can be applied on discipline and will power too. Either use them or waste them.
When you train them, they grow. Same happens with will power and discipline. If you are procrastinating on something, use your will power to do that anyways, and after a while you will be doing all the work you need to do. Have big hopes and good thoughts. Even when you think you are weak. You just need one big push.
Have a right mindset, and push your self with sheer will power, and you will see magic happens. You must have noticed, many people comes to home, feel tired and goes to bed. These people once used to think they will change the world, but now they feel tired. Ever wondered why? It’s a state of mind. People are not tired.
They are just not interested, and that is where they need discipline. The feel good principle. When you eat too much, sleep too much and smoke too much, you feel good, and it encourages you to do these activities more. These are the obstacles you need to overcome. You do those things because you feel good doing them.
Make a list of all the things, like not exercising, worrying too much, seeing obstacles instead of opportunities. Now make a strategy to eliminate them one by one. And best way to do so, is to apply feel good principle to the positive things, and avoid negative things. You can follow this strategy in few steps:
Step 1-the decision
Make a decision, to change your behavior. It has caused you so much pain and failure in the past. But now its time to change that. Like your habit of procrastination has caused you failure so many times and now you are financially broke. Now think how much it hurts to be financially broke. Writing is a good practice to impact your subconscious mind.
Step 2-the challenge technique
Now after you have written it down, work toward that decision. But whenever a negative thought comes, take it as a challenge, either pinch your self or do something weird, so as to distract your focus. Bottom line is that negative thought cannot distract you. Eliminate them any way.
As soon as you master this technique, negative thoughts will not be able to harm you.
Step 3-the new reality, the slide strategy
Now that you have taken decision and challenged old patterns, its time to replace this old pattern with a new pattern. In this strategy, we are going to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
Mind is like a slide projector. At a time, you can only run a single slide. So, when you suffer because of procrastination, you should do work. Understand this habit of procrastination, challenge it, and end it by working at that time only. Visualize in your mind the benefits of completing a particular task.
When you will feel good while working, it will become an addiction. So keep doing hard work and feel good. This is the secret to being successful. Megathinking. It’s about your thinking. Success and confidence depend on how you have programmed yourself. You become what you think. But the problem is we can think positive for sometime, but it is difficult to make it a habit.
Here we are going to learn how to make it a habit. The magic of goals. All successful people have one habit in common, they set goals. Setting clear goals is the first step and a foundation of success and mastery. Without clear goals, you can’t reach anywhere, because you have no direction. There is a formula to achieve your goals:
Step 1 First of all decide what you want
Find your goals, recognize them, and visualize them. Decide where you want to see yourself in next 5, 10 or 20 years.
Step 2. Attach deadline with your goal, and develop a strategy to achieve it
When you know the directions, it becomes easy to reach your goals. Here direction means strategy.
Write down your goals and write down deadlines with that. Than write down a daily plan to achieve that. If a goal is too big, divide it into small parts.
Step 3. We consider pressure as a bad thing
But some times pressure is necessary to bring the best out of you. Like, in a pressureful cricket match, we see lot of runs being scored in death overs, because there is a pressure to set a bigger score on players.
Similarly we can also make pressure. One way for it is publicly announcement. Announce your goal publicly. It will build a pressure on you to achieve it anyhow.
Step 4. Take support from people
Now when you are trying to make money, then create your mastermind group. If you want to be physically fit, get support of trainer.
Get support of everyone who you need.
Step 5. Remember the rule of 21 days
This rule says, when you do something consistently for 21 days, it becomes a habit. So whatever you do, meditation ,work out, or anything, continue it for 21 days to get full benefits of it.
Step 6. Enjoy the journey and reward yourself
Set a reward for your tasks. Like, on completion of particular task, you gift yourself something. It will encourage you to work. The success mechanism. From researches it is clear that, people who have achieved greater success, are the people who had defined goals and deadlines. If you want success without these two elements, then it’s just lake gambling.
Now the question is how to develop these qualities? Your goal setting workshop. Take a paper and write on it, everything you want to get, and to be remembered for. Keep it simple but it must cover all aspects of life. This mission statement will guide you. Write your personal mastery goal. Like your fitness goal, or learning any other skill.
Also set your material and fun goals. What things you want to get and what kind of fun you want in your life. Set goals regarding finance also. It’s a crucial thing. Also write down the amount that you want to achieve in next 5, 10, or 15 years. Your body: achieving self mastery. Top leaders, executives and peak performers, have one thing in common, their physical fitness.
They know that to maintain the quality of life, how important it is. So don’t say you don’t have time for that. Make the best decision of your life and start to do exercise. It has several benefits like, increase in stamina, higher energy, better muscle tone, and confidence. Start with easy, start from 15 minutes a day.
Enjoy the exercise and maintain a positive attitude. Write down your physical goals for next 1, 5 or 10 years. Visualize yourself in a better shape. Make a daily program and keep working on it. The magic of diet. You become what you eat. Whatever you eat will decide your performance in every aspect of life. Go for veggies instead of meat.
It will change your life. It has many benefits such as improved energy, good skin quality, longer life. All you have to do is to eat lots of veggies, less carbs, more protein, less fats, and no meat at all. Eat more fruits, and eat watery fruits like watermelon and cucumber. Divide your meal into parts. Ancient secrets for long life.
For perfect health, breathing properly is necessary. Practice deep breathing. Breath, hold for a second, and than release. After practicing it for a few weeks, it will increase your energy dramatically. Practice alternate nostril breathing. Inhale from one side of nose and exhale from the other side. Try to wake up early once in a week so that you feel close to nature.
It will improve your breathing. Chew properly. As we all know that the digestion process is very energy consuming, so we have to make it easy for our system by chewing food properly. Stop feeling old. Maintain a youthful life style, learn new things, go for workout, learn new skills, read good books, and act young without worrying about your age.
Adopt a good posture, chest up, shoulders in, head upwards. Practice yoga. It will give you strength from inside. Our gurus and munis used to live longer than an average person just with the help of yoga. Your character: attaining excellence & private victory. You can lead a team only by improving yourself.
You can’t be a leader if you can lead your self. And leaders are made with thoughts. You can’t produce good results with negative thoughts. A pleasure of proactivity. Remember, you are responsible for what happens to you. Being proactive means ignoring obstacles and noticing opportunities, it means not to complain, but to work hard, no matter how difficult it is.
All successful people are proactive. They don’t see failure as a failure, they see it as an opportunity, where something can be learnt. So learn from your setbacks and failure. Control your circumstances instead of being controlled by them. An average person can’t handle failure, but only a proactive person can think of learning from them.
The lost art. Your inner world decides your performance outside. Your thoughts and your goals should be aligned. Every task is done twice, once in your mind and second in reality. Principle of personal management is, put your goals first. Activities that lead you to your goal, should be on priority. Wright down your mission statement.
A mission statement is a clear written plan, about your goals and a strategy to achieve it. Your mission statement should be very clear since it will lead you further. You can achieve any goal, the key is, if every thought and every action is in your direction of goal then you will eventually get to your goal.
Every step in some other direction will lead you away from your goal. Always remember the 80/20 principle. Your 80% results come from 20% of work. So work well on that 20%. Eight keys to path of mastery. Only a sheer desire and commitment can lead you to where you you want to go. What you want to achieve, collect information bout that.
Learn from experienced people in your field. They can give you some instructions from their experience. As we know, you need to do small tasks everyday to make it a habit. Consistency is necessary to eliminate distractions. Stick to your goal. Failures are inevitable, but if you are not persistent, you will fail anyway.
Learn something new in your field daily, and push your self to learn more. Learn to take more risk, to achieve more. Even after being disciplined and successful, you still need to keep learning, because competition is increasing constantly. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse. Hard work doesn’t mean that you forget to enjoy.
Work hard, enjoy, live every moment. Work extremely while you are working. Enjoy extremely when its time to have fun. When you become successful, share your knowledge with others. It will make you feel good, and will also make you an expert in that field.


Have 6 hours of sleep. You don’t need more sleep than that. But it must be a quality sleep.
Keep 1 hour of your morning reserved for personal improvement exercises like meditation, visualization, and reading books. Write down at the beginning of the day, what is the most important task for today. Have a positive mindset. Whenever a negative thought comes in mind, through it out. Have good phone manners.
Always talk with enthusiasm and confidence. Here is a trick, if you are sitting and get a phone call, stand up than reply, it will boost confidence in your voice. It often happens to us, that a brilliant idea pops up into our mind and after some time we forget that idea. So always keep a paper and a pen with you.
Whenever an idea hits, write it down. Every Sunday evening, do something to calm yourself. Listen to soothing music, read books, visualize, or simply relax. It will boost your focus. Improve the quality of your communication, with yourself and also others. This improves the quality of your life. Stay on your purpose.
Don’t run after money. Just do your best. Practice laughing for 5 minutes in front of a mirror. It will improve your mood. Practice meditation. It will improve your concentration. Try to be humorous throughout the day. It will make you feel good as well as other. Learn to manage your time effectively. Time is precious, and if managed well, good results can be seen in even 6 months.
Star with people with positive mindset. These people inspire you, rather than draining your energy. Don’t take your health and family for granted. Focus well on them. Try to remember people’s name and always meet them with enthusiasm, and a smile on the face. Be soft when it’s time to show kindness, but be tough in tough conditions.
Never discuss your financial and personal life with anyone. Take a luke warm bath to remote the fatigue of the day. Don’t forget to give yourself a reward after every small achievement. Learn to breath properly. Practice deep breathing. Maintain a diary, write your thoughts there. Writing has magic in it.
It will give you clarity about future. Stress is a result of a response to a particular situation. So be a good responder, to keep stress away. Listen to audiobooks while driving. Listen to soft music while working to enhance productivity. Learn the art of forgiving. It will give you peace of mind. Remove this thought from your mind that you can’t learn something new.
Any person can learn anything. When you meet someone, stand firm and open. Chest out, head high, shoulders in. Act tough, and as a result you will become tough eventually. Once in a week see the sun rising, listen to soft music, do 100 push up, read a book. Be a little bit mysterious, Don’t let everyone know everything about you.
Learn the art of public speaking. This art can be learned. Listen to motivational speakers. Go to gym and do the weight training. It will make you physically as well as mentally tough. Don’t argue with your boss. You might win the argument, but you can lose much more. In a business meeting, wear dark colored suit, not a light colored suit.
It reflects power. Regularly send hand-written notes to your business clients and relatives. This will strengthen your bond. Hand-written letters have some magic in them. For a happy life, there are two rules: balance your all activities, and don’t do anything extreme. While reading personal development books, it is not necessary to apply all lessons.
Try to implement the lessons you think should be implemented. Do not eat 3 hours before sleep. Maintain a good reputation. It will be helpful to you in your social sphere. Be kind, Create your image as highly competitive, strong and positive person. Talk to a wise person. These kinds of conversations teach many things.


This program is designed to transform yourself into a peak performer in the game of life. No matter how successful you today are, what is your mental attitude, body and character. This 30 day program has the power to take your to the highest level. If you devote even an hour a day to the program, learn it and apply it in your life, then in just one month, you will notice many improvements in your life.
The program is simple and easy to follow. Each day will have exercises, some success tips which you have to apply. We will see this program according to our mind, body and character.
DAY I: Today is the first day of your life. In Parts I & II, you learned about the power of the mind, and about the incredible powers to transform your life.
Today it’s the time to apply all those changes. Write your top five physical goals. Write the top five improvements which can be made in your character, which can be in your public and private life both. Understand their importance, and before going to sleep and immediately after waking up, read them aloud for the next 29 days.
DAY 2: Learning to concentrate or focus, for long a time, on a single goal or purpose, is necessary. otherwise the real progress or long lasting achievement won’t come. Practice the Burning Candle exercise everyday for 15 minutes. Sit at a quiet place. Stare at a lit up candle for without blinking. This will increase your concentration power and focus without getting distracted.
Start your cardiovascular training from today. If you are exercising for the first time, then start by walking 15 minutes. If you already do exercise, then continue it. You need to do this for 28 days.
DAY 3: Condition your mind to see positives and being grateful in every situation. One of the best ways for this is to ask questions.
Ask questions to yourself like, How can I make today better? What can I be grateful for? Nature has a brilliant effect on our body and mind. Spend time with nature. Follow this for one week. Start writing your daily results, ideas, inspirations, and challenges. Writing is a magical practice.
DAY 4: Autosuggestion is the biggest tools for personal mastery.
Use it to achieve your goal. Write down your goals. Your goals should be precise and clear. Read it aloud over and over again, so that it gets feeded into your subconscious mind. Do not worry, under your circumstances, whether it will come true under or not. Your mind creates the opportunities and results. Give your self a body massage.
It will calm and relax your body. Read “How to win friends and influence people” by Del Carnegie, to increase your social influence.
DAY 5: There is a key to success in life, to maintain mental concentration on present, not on past or future. Keep staring at a single object. It can be practiced by staring a single object.
In ancient times, Tibetans used to follow a technique, of chanting mantras which used to enhance their concentration skills. Chant “Mmm” for five minutes everyday. Gradually lower your voice with each repetition, and practice to speak it in the lowest voice. Showing politeness to everyone strengthens your character and your relationships.
Appreciate people. Remember that no one can insult you without your permission. If someone is rude with you, do not stoop to their level, rather remain calm. Do not raise your voice. Be a self-disciplined person while keeping yourself strong.
DAY 6: You should become a mental explorer, a person who is always prepared for learning about the mind and its incredible abilities.
The first step to this is to have an open mind. Meditation, yoga, and focusing on visualization. Sleep less and live more. Your body needs only six hours of sleep. But some people sleep much longer than that. The best way to increase your productivity is, to sleep one hour less everyday. The most basic laws of the Nature is, the more you help others, the more you get.
Develop the habit of helping others, especially those who need you very much.
DAY 7: The biggest secrets that people don’t know is, that they have a photographic memory, which is hidden inside of them. The best way to increase your memory is, to give commands to your subconscious mind, when it is ready. First become completely relaxed.
Lie down in a quiet place. Take twenty deep breaths. Visualize that with each exhale, tension is leaving your body. Repeat for five minutes, and give your body a command, “I have a perfect memory, I remember everything.” Do this for 21 days. Edison failed 10,000 times before making the light bulb. Rather than whining over problems, and asking why it always happens to you, better start challenging problems, and look at them as tests of character or opportunities with which you can progress.
DAY 8: Here you will learn one more exercise, to change your performance. Two Minute Mind. Stare at a hand on your watch for two minutes, and do not let any other thought to come to your mind. Perform this technique three times a day, for 21 days. it will improve your concentration. Join a yoga class. It will give you energy, together with many other benefits.
Good friendship gives you not only a good life, but also a longer life. Use today to improve your friendship. Make a list of five people who you want to become good friends with. Make a list of why their friendship is important to you. Finally, make a plan to improve the friendship.
DAY 9: Optimism can change your life.
And it can be learned too. Think about good things in your life that you are grateful for. Physically strong people are mentally strong too. Develop physical strength. Do some exercise for today, push ups, military chest up, military chest press, biceps curl, running, and squats. Now that you have been writing for some days, focus on increasing it’s time.
Write for five to seven minutes, whatever you have learned about personal power and positive qualities over the past eight days.
DAY 10: Read something inspiring and valuable today. If you act old, you will be old. Why to believe that your life will progress according to a certain schedule and process. The first step is to behave and feel young.
Improve your posture, ensuring that your back is always straight. It helps you to breathe properly. Do not walk like an old person. Go for travel, it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Explore new places.
DAY 11: You need to guard yourself from negativity all the time. Be relaxed, see your clear and negative self-image.
Now watch this negative image break into thousands of pieces. Replace it with a clear, bright, a quality picture that you desire. First time, do this process at least 20 times, and for next 21 days, do it five times a day. For past 10 days you have been doing exercise. Now its time to increase the time. Increase it to 20 minutes.
Make a list of all your worries. Your debt, you personal and health problems, now write possible solution in front of those problems, and ask yourself, what can I do today to solve at least any 1 problem.
DAY 12: Set aside 30-40 minute in the beginning of the day, and do meditation, yoga or book reading in this time, and from today follow this 40 minutes regime daily.
Make a list of befits that you got from the first day. Plan for future. Write inspiring notes to yourself. Watch “It’s a wonderful world “ by Jimmy Stewart. It will improve your mood.
DAY 13: Pick up a news paper and read an article, like health section. Select any noun from that, like “health”. Now write everything you remember about health.
It will sharpen to your mind. Make a list of what you have eaten for last 2 days. Now see what you were eating in whole milk, fried products. Cut down these products 25% this week. Make a list of all the time wasters. Stop gossiping on phone, and focus on not wasting time in non-important things.
DAY 14: Make a list of your 10 dreams.
List 3 of them as short term. Now visualize yourself achieving those dreams, and feel what it would feel like when those dreams will came true. Today increase your work out timing even more. Try to be enthusiastic and kind today. Go to sleep early, and wake up before 6 am in the morning. Be humble. Save 10% of your income every month.
Fast once a month, it will help you a lot.
DAY 15: Today practice affirmation. Like, “every day, I get better and better”, “I have everything for which I am very grateful”. Keep doing this kind of affirmations everyday. From today, start doing all these tasks everyday. For anti aging moisturize your face. Use an anti aging cream, called Retin-A.
Do weight training. Walk. Wear a band, or keep something with yourself, on which “The Enthusiastic band” is written on it. Whenever you will see this band, it will remind you to be enthusiastic. Nothing can be achieved without enthusiasm.
DAY 16: Take a vacation to make yourself stress-free and refresh.
Do aerobic exercise to loose your belly fat. Make a list of people you love, and write a love a letter to all of them, and tell them how much you love them.
DAY 17: Practice KAIZEN. Find a skill in which you want to achieve mastery, and from today start working on that. Energize yourself. From today, try not to worry too much.
Do meditate. Take a power nap when you are tired. Start writing your journal in detail.
DAY 18: Today, after dinner, listen to soft soothing music. It will satisfy your soul. If you think healthy, you become healthy. Picture in your mind a better image of yourself, and you will be able to see the change in reality.
An ideal person surely follows these things: To maintain self-control in any condition. To control all of your senses. To control your diet. To control your temper and desires. To show humility in success, and not to lose hope in failures.
DAY 19: Increase your creativity. Keep looking for new ideas for improving creativity.
Since you have been exercising for 18 days, you will be noticing changes by now. Write down those changes. It will inspire you. To become a leader, today read on some qualities in you. Believing in your dreams. Stay enthusiastic, be courageous. Develop in yourself a burning desire to become successful. Take well calculated risk.
DAY 20: Today make a decision to raise your standards, like successful people do. Change your attitude. Develop a habit of being outstanding. Take a vacation for the entire day today. Work to enhance your concentration and focus. Spend most of your time with nature. Brainstorm yourself. Write your success journal.
Write down 25 goals that you want to achieve and plans for them.
DAY 21: It is essential that you strengthen your mental creativity muscle. With an increased creativity, you can create many new ideas, which will help you to achieve personal excellence. Do something creative today. Visit an art gallery, or do something else.
you are doing exercise for past 20 days. you can feel yourself better than before now. Write down 5 benefits from exercise. It will encourage you to do more. Become a leader, believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Show courage. Show enthusiasm. Develop a burning desire to succeed. And do a long term planning.
DAY 22: Raising your standards. Take a decision to make your life better. Raise the expectations from yourself. Do not accept mediocrity. Change your attitude to be the best. Practice serenity. It will relax your mind. It only comes with practice. It will enhance concentration even more. Practice it for next days.
DAY 23: Never accept defeat. Practice to believe in yourself. Follow your heart with determination and enthusiasm. Go for a walk. It will give you both peace and happiness. Today try to remember peoples’ names. Do smile, and try to be a good listener throughout the day.
DAY 24: Imagine yourself in a grocery store, and try to remember 10 things you need to buy.
It will strengthen your memory. Now you have been exercising for 3 weeks. Now you must be feeling confident, energetic and healthy. Today do even longer workout, and also maintain it for remaining days. Megaliving program has taught you that how your point of view determines your success and happiness. Today ask questions to yourself in solitude, and try to find their answers within yourself, and you will be able to make best decisions for yourself.
DAY 25: Today use master blaster technique. Go out and do something that you fear to do. Like meeting new people, public speaking. In a quite moment, imagine yourself in next 2,10,20 years with this routine. It will increase your determination even more for physical training. With the help of this book, you have gained a lot of knowledge.
Now its time to build your character. In past 23 days, you have taken steps consistently, to stay more confident and motivated. “To make your character strong as rock”, make it one of your most important goals. set your goals and values high. Believe in yourself and your human potential.
DAY 26: Words have a huge impact on our lives.
what we speak and think all the day, becomes our reality. To develop your mental toughness, consistently repeat this: “I am tough, I am powerful”. After work out is done, take a massage from a massager, or massage yourself. It will make you feel relaxed. Today read Napolean Hill’s book “Think and grow rich”, for at least 1 hour.
This book greatly impacts your personal and financial growth.
DAY 27: From today start listening to great thinkers, such as Norman Cincent Peale. Read the books of Emerson and Carnegie. Stop thinking what is missing from your life, rather, have dreams to achieve your ultimate goals and work for them. From today fast for one day a week.
It will flush out all the toxins from your body. Try to be a good listener. Try these things: do not talk too much, visualize yourself as being the world’s best listener, do not interrupt others.
DAY 28: Today morning, appreciate the power of silence. Sit in the quietest room of your house for at least 90 minutes.
Focus on the silence. Enjoy it. You will want to get up after a some time, but what you have learnt from this program, finish this task. It will definitely make you feel better. You have been exercising for past 27 days, today play some sport and don’t let yourself be bored. Some life tips: do not share your private and business matters with anyone.
Spend one night every week with your spouse. Keep experimenting new ideas. Do not make enemies.
DAY 29: Happiness does not come from doing nothing and resting. Happiness only comes when you achieve something, and know that every day you are getting better. Raise your standard, and be the best version of yourself.
As we learned in day 5, voice conditioning improves our health. Today do humming exercise. It will make your voice deeper. Live your own life. Do not compare yourself with others. Set goals for yourself and start working towards them. What others says about you, it doesn’t affect you at all.
DAY 30: Develop powerful concentration skills.
It allows you to feed your mind with the right thoughts. Go back to 2nd day of this program, and do burning candle experiment. It will improve your concentration. What you put in your body, affects your mind. Make a list of what you have eaten in last 24 hours. List out those things, which are hard to digest.
Now replace them with vegetables and fruits. Plan your own personal mastery mastermind. Think about the 4 most positive people around you. Share your mastermind concept with them, and in these meetings, brainstorm on those ideas and personal excellence techniques. So guys this was 30 days Megaliving Program.
The best thing in this is that every day you have to take out some time and implement this program. If this program is implemented properly, then you can implement this successfully, but the right planning is needed. We hope that you will surely implement this program in your life. One more suggestion, watch this video over and over again if possible, so that you can implement these exercises properly.

10 Points I have learned from this book

  1. Unleash Your Hidden Potential.
  2. Embrace Continuous Improvement (Kaizen).
  3. Discipline and Mental Toughness.
  4. Positive Thinking Shapes Reality.
  5. Set Clear, Public Goals.
  6. Harness Positive Pressure Effectively.
  7. Consistency Forms Strong Habits.
  8. Prioritize Physical Fitness.
  9. Eat Balanced for Vitality.
  10. Ancient Wisdom for Health.

Book Summary: Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi | Book Review

content inc book summary and review

Hi, I am Wilson Shrestha. I have read this book “Content Inc.” many times and created a short summary for you awesome readers. This book is a guide for content marketing that helps you create valuable content to build a loyal audience. It is a foundational marketing tool and provides practical insights on how to develop a successful content marketing strategy. Its focus is to build trust and authority within your specific niche and it also offers a roadmap for effectively engaging and monetizing your audience through the power of content.

Attribute Description
Title “Content Inc.”
Author Joe Pulizzi
Genre Marketing and Content Strategy
Main Focus Content Marketing, Building a Loyal Audience, Monetization
Key Concepts – Creating Valuable Content
– Establishing Trust and Authority
– Developing a Content Marketing Strategy
Target Audience Businesses and Individuals interested in Content Marketing
Purpose Providing a Framework for Successful Content Marketing Strategies
Notable Takeaways – The importance of valuable content
– Building trust and authority within a niche
– Effectively engaging and monetizing an audience through content

content inc book summary and book review

Content Inc. Framework Outline Summary

The Sweet Spot: Create content with a sweet spot of Knowledge or skill with your passion.
The Tilt: Develop a unique approach to present the sweet spot that makes you stand out in your field.
Building the base: Concentrating on one platform to build a strong following base before diversifying to other platforms.
Harvesting Audience: Leading your audience toward subscription to your email newsletter.
Diversification: Spreading and getting more audience from various platforms.
Monetization: Creating products for your gathered audience and exploring additional income sources, such as affiliate products, book royalties, subscription fees, or private consulting.

List of 3 Applications from the book.

  1. Identifying Your Sweet Spot: Know your area of knowledge and skill with a combination of passion and interest.
  2. Developing a Content Tilt: Make your content unique and it should represent your style so that your targeted audience will be more engaged. So brainstorm ideas to find your own content tilt to set you apart from others.
  3. Prioritizing Consistency: Consistency is the key for content creators, so commit yourself to a regular publishing schedule, whether it is for a blog, YouTube Channel, or any other platform. Consistency will keep your audience coming back and engaging but also help you refine your content tilt over time.

Welcome to the summary of “Content.Inc”

Application 1 is “The Sweet Spot”

When reading the first part of Content Inc. – Joe tasks the reader to list his knowledge and skill areas. Knowledge is defined as an area you know more about than the average person. For example,   one of Joe’s knowledge areas is 80’s baseball cards. As for me, one is nutrition for vegans.

Skill areas, on the other hand, are defined as the ability to do something well, or in other words,   knowledge used properly. One of Joe’s skills is public speaking, while one of mine is speaking   German and Spanish. For more examples, you may check out the blog post review in the description.

Now it’s your turn. What are your skill and knowledge areas?   Pause the video for a moment and just brainstorm for 5 minutes. If you’re not sure about something,   write it down. You could always remove it later. So, are you ready? You may pause it now. Hope you’ve written a few of your knowledge and skill areas.
Now that you have them, you may pick one and add one of your passions on top of it.  This combination is your sweet spot. For example,   mine is an intersection of video editing skills and a passion for marketing & business.   What is your intersection? You may pause the video now, and write it down.

Application 2 is “The Tilt”

No matter how skillful knowledgeable and passionate you are, this might not be enough to make you stand out. That’s where “The Tilt” comes in, which has two meanings: One is just to lean, incline, slope, or slant. Just as the Tower of Pisa in Italy has a tilt. The other is to aim or thrust. Just as one tilts a lance in a joust.

This is to say, that when your content has a tilt, it should represent both of those meanings. You need to be different, and a leader in your category at the same time, who is quote “Marking the unmapped land” for those behind him. For example, the channel How to Cook That by Ann Reardon sits on her sweet spot of the skill of cooking, and passion for teaching.

But, there are a lot of cooking channel owners that love to teach. What makes Ann different is that she focuses on the quote “Impossible food creations”, like a cake, that when cut open, appears as an Instagram logo. For myself, it is animation videos for YouTube and a 100-scale rating for the blog. Note: My focus should be on one platform according to Joe.

But, as of now, I choose to go on with both, because of a previous commitment, which is probably less effective, but a commitment is a commitment. That said, if you haven’t yet started or committed to anything, it would probably make sense for you to concentrate all your power on one platform. Now, it’s your turn.

What makes your sweet spot different? Where could you be the clear leader? You may pause the video and brainstorm the ideas in your mind. Then, you could let it sit a bit before you decide. Ready? Brainstorm. Go!

Application 3 is “Be Consistent”

The biggest reason why Content Marketing fails is because it either stops or isn’t consistent.

Joe Pulizzi, Content Inc. You might have heard it a million times, I know I have. Consistency is essential. If you lack consistency, it’s a bit like not keeping a promise. In addition, a side benefit of consistency is that it may also help you find your content tilt in case you haven’t found it yet. Just start, and you may learn your tilt along the way.

For example, Jay Baer – A six-time New York Times best-selling author, and a marketing keynote speaker, started his business surrounding email marketing. But, his analytics showed that there was more demand for social media. So, he tilted there. I, on the other hand, started my YouTube channel as general self-improvement book reviews and then tilted to marketing animation videos.

Here’s a quote from the popular host and producer of the show This American Life – Ira Glass on the subject. “Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met.

It’s gonna take a while. It’s normal to take a while. You’ve just got to fight your way through.” I’m super guilty here. So, let’s cut this one short so that I could actually publish faster.

10 Points I have learned from this book

  1. Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Creating Valuable Content
  3. Establishing Trust and Authority
  4. The Six-Step Framework
  5. Consistency
  6. Audience Monetization
  7. The Importance of a Unique Angle
  8. Focus on Subscribers
  9. Content Diversification
  10. Learning and Application

Book Summary: Your Next Five Moves By Patrick Bet-David | Book Reveiw

your next five moves book summary

Hi, I am Wilson Shrestha. I have read this book many times and created a short summary for you awesome readers. This book is about providing knowledge about business and how you can run it properly for future growth. I am also mentioning this book is one of the best books I have ever read. Below are some of the main important points that I have collected from the book Your Next Five Moves book Summary. Hope you will like and enjoy it.

Book Information
Book Name Your Next Five Moves
Author Patrick Bet-David
Author Background Entrepreneur, CEO of PHP Inc., Owner of Valuetainment YouTube channel
Genre Business, Strategy & Self-improvement
Publication Year August 18, 2020
Another Book by Author “Drop Out And Get Schooled”

Lesson to Learn The art of business strategy and how to achieve success in entrepreneurship.
Key Concepts
Self-awareness, problem-solving, team building, strategy, power plays, decision-making, Strategies for scaling and success

Notes from the book your next five moves

List of 5 Moves from the book.

  1. Clarity (Master Knowing Yourself): First of all you will have to be clear on what you want and who you want to be.
  2. Strategy (Make a Clear plan): Develop a plan that will help you to achieve your goal.
  3. Building the Right Team: Focus on Exponential Growth, not on just linear growth. To do that building the right team with talented peoples is a key aspect of this move. Then you will move to more profitable phase, create momentum and long-term Survival.
  4. Growth and Scale your business: Before Scaling your Business you must master on your skills, focus and career. Learn to navigate important meetings effectively, understand what motivates team members.
  5. Power Plays: Learn and master to apply power and leverage people to achieve your goals.

Welcome to the summary of “Your Next Five Moves:

Move one is Master Knowing Yourself: Master the Art of Business Strategy”. Did you ever think “Oh my god how do entrepreneurs do it? How can they work that much, and withstand all the pain that they do?” The simple, but not easy answer is that they know what they want to achieve and why they are doing it. They’ve dug deep and asked themselves the questions of who they want to be, and how will it look exactly, and keep asking it again and again.

Because they think of the vision daily, it helps them keep going. Here are two things that could help you understand yourself better: The first is to take Patrick’s identity quiz and find out if you’re driven by: One – Advancement, Two – Individuality, Three – Madness, or Four – Purpose. Check out to find it.

The second is to immerse in biographies of the greats, read about or learn from the people who have achieved what you want, and imitate their behavior.

Move two is: Master the Ability to Reason: Once you start researching yourself constantly, it will gradually become easier to make decisions, but that is not enough. To solve your business problem, you’ll also need to take high responsibility, and not blame outside circumstances.

As the Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus says: “We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them”. Finally, after having those two subjects nailed down, you’ll need a system for deep and rational problem-solving. One such system is Patrick’s “Solve for X” system. It breaks the solution into three parts.

One – Investigate, which contains: The urgency, potential gain or loss, and causes of the issue. Two – Solve, which contains: Whose advice or help is needed? What are the potential solutions? And what are the potential negative consequences of those solutions? Three – Implement: Whose buy-in is needed? Meaning, who may be affected by the problem, and should be prepared for it? Who’s responsible for what? And what are the new protocols to avoid this in the future?

Move three is Master Building the Right Team: After digging into your purpose and learning to deal with circumstances, you can now take other people on the journey with you, and multiply your power. But, why would they want to join? One possible reason is that they clearly understand your set of principles before they join, and it brings them a frame, stability, and purpose.

In other words – They have a reason to wake up in the morning, and they know what they should do to be rewarded. Note: Always keep repeating the principles, including after the hire, so that they’re never forgotten. Another possible reason is: Because of the benefits package you have. Whether that be yearly trips, mentorship, additional courses to help them improve, or another thing.

Invest in your employees first, and in return, they will most likely look to also help you and the company.

Move four is Master Strategy to Scale: Now that we have a clear vision, can address the problems that come our way, and have people with us, it is time to stop thinking about survival, and start thinking about flourishing.

In order to do that let’s first understand the four phases of a business according to Patrick, they are: One – Formulation, Two – Survival, Three – Momentum, and Four – Plateau. We want to move to step three and four because that’s where the money is. Most businesses get stuck on the survival phase, because they only invest in linear growth activities, and not at all in exponential growth activities.

An example of linear growth is building documented processes and improving them. Watch the E-Myth Revisited summary to learn more. An example of exponential growth is making an innovative campaign. For example, Mitsubishi had a campaign in which they offered to pay an entire year for their customer’s fuel. This way, in contrast to linear growth they changed one offer and their bottom line changed dramatically, and not just bit by bit.

If you want your business to grow fast – Invest in exponential growth, but be careful! You still need to have systems and keep your ego in check to stay in control, and not to lose all your progress.

Move five is Master Power Plays: Simply put – This move could be summarized as “How to get to the top and stay there”. Here are three of the tactics Master Patrick mentioned in this part: One – If you want to compete with the best in the industry you’ll need all the power you can gather.

Therefore, cut out all distractions from your life that are not essential for moving ahead. Things like: TV and video games, and yes social media consumerism. Two – At those stages of the process some meetings have a gigantic effect on your business. Therefore, you must learn how to navigate in them like a master, and as Arnold Schwarzenegger says: The best way to master anything is to reps and then some more reps.

Just like in the gym, meticulous preparation and rehearsals of the upcoming meeting will be well worth the investment. Three – It’s fine to be able to gather your power, but imagine how much you’ll multiply it if your people will give all their efforts… In order to get the best out of your people – Know what drives them, (Patrick’s identity quiz could help with that) but better yet keep an organized chart of everybody’s motivations, and always, I mean ALWAYS have their motivations in mind when you talk to them or give them a task.

Conclusion: Checkmate. Baaam, you score! According to Patrick – If we follow those five moves and keep following them, keep learning, and understand that improvement has no end, and basically in other words adopt Carol Dreck’s growth mindset with repeated persistence – We’ll have a high chance for success.