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Wrong Place Wrong Time BOOK SUMMARY of Gillian McAllister

wrong place wrong-time book summary


Gillian McAllister’s unique, “Wrong Place Wrong Time,” gets visitors on an awesome quest by means of time and criminal activity. In this blog post, our experts’ll check out the interesting plot, interacting motifs, and also outstanding storytelling of this exciting manual.


wrong place wrong time book summary short discription

The Story Unravels:

The story begins along with a stunning scene that establishes show business for the psychedelic experience that adheres to. Jen Brotherhood, a mom and also a legal representative, witnesses her kid commit a massacre, as well as her globe is actually overturned. Wishing it’s simply a dreadful goal, she goes to bed, however when she gets out of bed the following time, she finds herself back eventually, experiencing the time prior to the murder.

Jen’s dedication to transform the program of events and prevent her boy coming from ending up being a killer steers the narrative. As she examines the past, she uncovers surprise tricks and connections, gaining new ideas right into her son’s life as well as the scenarios that caused the massacre. In the process, she experiences several individuals that play substantial tasks in unraveling the puzzle, featuring her other half, Kelly, and newbie cop Ryan.

Styles Checked out:

” Wrong Place Wrong Time” delves into several engaging styles that add depth to the tale. One central style is the search of compensation. Driven through her passion for her child, Jen is actually figured out to discover the reality as well as make sure that justice is actually offered. The story additionally looks into the principle of identification as Jen grapples with her boy’s activities and also their effect on her belief of him and also herself. In addition, it looks into the difficulties of household aspects and the durations a mama will go to defend her youngster.

Creating Design and also Literary Devices:

Gillian McAllister’s writing style in this particular book is hectic and engaging, keeping readers almost their chairs. The author works with several fictional devices to enhance the suspense and intrigue of the tale. The use of prefiguring generates a feeling of expectancy, while recalls give essential background info and also incorporate depth to the personalities’ incentives. McAllister’s brilliant summaries assist develop a vivid atmosphere, immersing viewers in the account’s planet.

Brief Summary:

In rundown, “Wrong Place Wrong Time” is actually an absorbing time-travel mystery that complies with the tale of Jen Brotherhood, an attorney and also mama whose life takes a dramatic turn when she witnesses her kid commit a murder. The unique discovers motifs of justice, reality, and identification as Jen is carried back eventually daily to solve the mystery responsible for her son’s activities as well as discover a method to prevent the misfortune from occurring. McAllister’s creating style is actually fast-paced and also interesting, creating it a best option for fans of crime mysteries with a contact of sci-fi.


This engaging unique initially captured my interest with its own distinct ground, involving storytelling, as well as interesting story. As I dug deeper in to the account, I was entirely enthralled by the narrative. It’s a true thoughts activity with a twist, challenging you to untangle the account and also story while getting through many twists along the road.


In review, this novel is just exceptional, entirely fascinating, and also offers a mind video game unlike some other. A really excellent mystery that will immerse you completely.

For those finding a book that maintains you impatiently foreseing what follows, “Wrong Place Wrong Time” is a must-read. It challenges conventional mind and uses an one-of-a-kind strategy to fixing unlawful acts in reverse.

The personalities are compelling, as well as the tension is actually genuinely carried out. If you take pleasure in mystical, dramatic, and also time-bending stories like “The 7 Fatalities of Evelyn Hardcastle,” you’ll certainly appreciate this manual.


If you remain in the mood for a fascinating thriller that integrates factors of thriller, time traveling, and justice, “Wrong Place Wrong Time” through Gillian McAllister is actually the excellent selection. With its stimulating narration and also intriguing motifs, it’s a book that will definitely maintain you fastened from starting to finish. Do not lose out on this engrossing story of time as well as compensation!

Gillian McAllister’s unfamiliar, “Wrong Place Wrong Time,” takes audiences on an awesome quest with opportunity as well as crime.” Wrong Location Incorrect Time” explores in to a number of engaging motifs that add depth to the story. In conclusion, “Wrong Place Wrong Time” is an engrossing time-travel mystery that complies with the tale of Jen League, a legal representative and mama whose lifestyle takes a significant turn when she witnesses her son devote a murder. The unfamiliar checks out themes of compensation, fact, and identity as Jen is actually transferred back in time each time to unravel the enigma responsible for her boy’s actions and locate a method to stop the disaster from taking place. If you are actually in the state of mind for an exciting mystery that mixes elements of thriller, opportunity trip, and fair treatment, “Wrong Place Wrong Time” by Gillian McAllister is actually the excellent option.

Big Door Prize Book Summary: Unraveling the Mystery

tell me lies book summary

A Must-Read Masterwork.

Finally, “Significant Door Prize” is actually a fictional masterpiece that effortlessly weaves all together elements of secret, humor, and individual connection. It’s a book that certainly not only delights however additionally produces consideration concerning the details of fate and the importance of community.

Wit as well as Pun: Throughout the narrative, humor is spread kindly, providing visitors instants of giggling in the middle of the intrigue. Lastly, “Big Door Prize” is actually a fictional work of art that effortlessly interweaves with each other elements of mystery, humor, and also individual hookup. It’s a publication that not just occupies but also provokes reflection about the intricacies of fate as well as the value of neighborhood. ” Large Door Award” is an exceptional literary creation that has actually left readers mesmerized along with its own storytelling prowess. One alright day, a mystical contraption understood as the “Big Door Reward” appears out of nowhere, guaranteeing to show the most significant key of each individual’s life. Personalities That Sparkle:. ” Large Door Prize” launches our team to an assorted cast of characters, each along with their desires and quirks. Coming from the adorable town eccentric to the cynical mayor, the characters are actually given birth to with vibrant descriptions and also relatable emotional states. Intro: A Literary Treasure. ” Large Door Reward” is actually an exceptional literary creation that has actually left behind reciters bewitched along with its own narration adeptness., takes our company on a speedy journey satisfied with thriller, wit, as well as heartfelt seconds. Therefore, if you look for an exciting read that are going to maintain you hooked throughout, see to it to add “Major Door Prize” to your analysis checklist. You will not be actually let down. The Story Introduced:. In this particular area, our experts delve into the core of the narrative, making sure a stunning representation of guide’s spirit. Support the Writer:. If you’ve enjoyed this recap and wish to sustain the writer’s work, consider visiting their Buy Me a Coffee web page. Your support is going to go a very long way in helping them create much more literary jewels like “Big Door Prize.”. The Introduction of Techniques:. As Steric’s individuals take their turns with the perplexing gadget, techniques are actually exposed, bring about life-altering choices as well as unforeseen consequences. The plot thickens as the community grapples with the newly found expertise and also its own ramifications. Destiny as well as Serendipity: Guide dives deep in to the principle of future, urging viewers to reflect whether recognizing one’s future is actually a benefit or even a curse. Concepts Checked out:. This part highlights the underlying motifs that create “Huge Door Prize” an intriguing read. Dive into Significant Door Prize: A Manual Recap You Can Not Miss . Are you prepared to embark on an exhilarating quest through the web pages of “Huge Door Prize”? This engaging book has been actually making waves in the literary world, and our team are actually below to provide you along with a luring summary that is going to leave you yearning for even more. The tale hinges on the quaint town of Steric, where a peculiar occurrence sets the stage for an extraordinary experience. Someday, a mysterious device referred to as the “Major Door Prize” seems away from no place, guaranteeing to uncover the biggest key of everyone’s life. With Steric’s citizens queuing up to uncover their destinies, chaos and amusement take place. Plunge in to Huge Door Prize: A Manual Conclusion You Can’t Miss . Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating quest by means of the webpages of “Huge Door Reward”? This eye-catching manual has actually been actually producing surges in the literary realm, as well as our team are actually listed below to supply you along with a tempting recap that will leave you food craving for a lot more. Area: Steric’s dense community is a centerpiece, stressing the significance of individual connections as well as help.

Tell Me Lies Book Summary

tell me lies book summary

Intrigue and deception are two aspects of human nature that have long captivated our attention. The mysterious world of literature frequently reflects these qualities, and “Tell Me Lies” is no exception. We go into a riveting description of this literary gem in this article, unraveling its narrative complexities and investigating its thematic depth.


Carola Lovering’s novel Tell Me Lies delves into the complicated dynamics of love, friendship, and treachery. The drama is set in New York City and follows the turbulent relationship of Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco. We are confronted with the harsh truths of dishonesty and the consequences as we read through the pages of this engrossing story.

Beginnings That Are Deceptive

The story begins with Lucy in college, where she meets Stephen, a handsome and intriguing character who sweeps her off her feet. Their passionate love affair appears to be a fairytale come true, but as we quickly learn, appearances can be deceitful.

The Love Facade

The novel unfolds in alternating timelines, giving us a detailed look at Lucy and Stephen’s relationship. Despite her knowledge, Lucy is taken in by Stephen’s charm and charisma, blinding herself to the red flags that appear along the way. As readers, we are left to question the sincerity of their love and Stephen’s intentions.

Betrayal and its Repercussions

Without giving too many secrets away, it is clear that lying and deception are central to this story. Lucy’s path is one of self-discovery and realization as she faces the harsh reality of Stephen’s character. The consequences of dishonesty are depicted with brutal realism, emphasizing the emotional toll it takes on everyone involved.

Themes Investigated

Carola Lovering addresses issues such as trust, vulnerability, and the hazy lines between love and addiction with mastery. She compels us to examine our own knowledge of relationships and the decisions we make when love is at risk through her characters.

Contributing to the Story

Lovering has a rich, evocative writing style that keeps readers interested and emotionally committed in the narrative throughout the entire book. The narrative has depth because to the author’s use of vivid descriptions and realistic characters, which keeps readers turning pages from beginning to end.


In summary, Tell Me Lies is a compelling story of love and deception that will make readers wonder when to trust someone and how much it costs to fall in love with a lie. Carola Lovering’s skill as a storyteller is evident as she spins an intriguing and challenging tale. This is a must-read if you’re looking for a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat while examining the complexities of human relationships.

I Want a Wife Summary

i want a wife book summary
Author Judy Brady
Birth Year 1937
Nationality American
Occupation Feminist writer and activist
Notable Work “I Want a Wife”
Published in Ms. Magazine (first issue)
Publication Year 1971
Themes Gender roles, feminism, women’s rights, motherhood, healthcare

Understanding Judy Brady’s Classic Feminist Essay

  • “I Want a Wife” is a satirical essay by Judy Brady from 1971.
  • The essay criticizes the societal expectations placed on women, particularly regarding marriage and domestic duties.
  • Brady humorously lists the many responsibilities expected of women, such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare.
  • The purpose of the essay is to shed light on the underappreciated work done by wives.
  • Brady uses humor to highlight the inequality between men and women, especially regarding marriage.
  • The essay serves as a call to action, urging women to demand more from their partners and society.
  • “I Want a Wife” has become a well-known feminist text, discussing gender roles and societal expectations.
  • Brady’s essay prompts readers to rethink their assumptions about gender roles and the division of labor in relationships.
  • It highlights the discrimination and unequal treatment faced by women.
  • The essay emphasizes the often-unrecognized contributions of wives and encourages readers to appreciate and acknowledge the work done by women.
  • “I Want a Wife” challenges traditional notions of gender roles and is still relevant today as women strive for equality in various aspects of their lives.


In this article, we will explore the profound essay “I Want A Wife” written by Judy Brady. First published in the inaugural issue of Ms. Magazine in 1971, this classic piece of feminist humor serves as a satirical critique of the societal expectations placed on wives. Through clear arguments, repetitive keywords, and stylish language, Brady effectively conveys her perspective on the roles and inequalities experienced by wives. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of Brady’s essay and shed light on the issues raised.

The Unfair Demands on Wives

Brady’s essay emphasizes the unequal treatment and unfair expectations imposed on wives compared to husbands. She eloquently highlights the stark difference between the roles of husband and wife, exposing the inherent inequality that exists within marriages. Brady’s motivation for writing this essay stems from her frustration with the feeling of inferiority imposed on women and the undervaluation of the work undertaken by wives.

To illustrate her point, Brady presents an extensive list of tasks commonly expected from wives. These tasks range from keeping the house clean and organized, to taking care of the husband’s clothes, and ensuring personal belongings are readily available. By outlining these outrageous expectations, Brady aims to evoke a sense of astonishment in her readers, prompting them to question the societal norms surrounding marital roles.

Establishing Credibility and Personal Experience

Brady establishes her credibility by identifying herself as a wife and a mother in the opening paragraphs of her essay. This not only lends credibility to her arguments but also implies that she possesses a deep understanding of the subject matter. Her firsthand experience with the responsibilities and expectations placed on wives bolsters her authority and lends weight to her assertions.

The extensive knowledge Brady demonstrates in her essay indicates that her understanding of the roles and challenges faced by women is derived from personal experience. By listing numerous duties expected of wives, Brady’s language conveys the frustration and annoyance felt by many wives who find themselves burdened with these responsibilities. Her relatable tone resonates with readers who may have experienced similar challenges in their own lives, further strengthening her arguments.

The Arguments Presented by Brady

Brady’s essay puts forth several clear arguments that shed light on the issues faced by women in marital relationships. One of her primary arguments revolves around the overwhelming demands placed on women. Although she does not explicitly state this, Brady effectively conveys the message by outlining the extensive roles and responsibilities of wives. Through this approach, she emphasizes the immense workload that women are expected to shoulder.

Another significant argument made by Brady concerns the inequality between men and women. She presents a scenario where she, as a man, desires to pursue an education while having a female spouse who takes care of all household responsibilities, including childcare, appointments, and managing finances. Brady asserts that such unequal expectations need to be addressed and that society places an excessive burden on women. Her arguments effectively capture the attention of readers, drawing them into the discussion and compelling them to consider the inequalities present in marital relationships.

The Impact of Brady’s Essay

Brady’s essay has had a significant impact since its publication. Originally featured in Ms. magazine, it resonated strongly with the publication’s feminist audience. By critically examining the expectations imposed on wives, Brady challenges societal norms and encourages readers to reevaluate the traditional roles assigned to women. Her essay provides a platform for discussion, raising awareness about the inequalities faced by women and promoting gender equality.

Furthermore, Brady’s use of repetitive phrases, such as “I want a wife,” serves to emphasize the overlooked responsibilities and contributions of wives. By shedding light on these hidden aspects of married life, she prompts readers to reflect on the societal assumptions that often go unquestioned.

What she is searching for in a wife:

  1. Supportive and caring
  2. Household duties
  3. Childcare responsibilities
  4. Managing social relationships
  5. Career support

What she does not want to have in a wife:

  1. Financial responsibilities
  2. Career aspirations
  3. Emotional needs
  4. Independence and freedom
  5. Personal appearance
  6. Intellectual pursuits


“I Want a Wife” was written during the second wave of feminism, a period of feminist activism that began in the 1960s and continued into the 1980s. During this time, women were fighting for equal rights and opportunities in all aspects of life, including work, education, and politics. The feminist movement also challenged traditional gender roles and expectations, which often limited women’s choices and opportunities.

Brady’s essay was written in response to the idea that women should aspire to be wives and mothers, and that these roles were the most important and fulfilling for women. The essay uses satire to highlight the absurdity of these expectations and to argue that women should have the same opportunities and freedom as men. The essay also critiques the way that society undervalues the work that women do in the home and in caring for others.


Main Points

In “I Want a Wife,” Brady lists various responsibilities and duties that women typically perform, such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare. She then goes on to talk about how she wants someone to do these duties for her. Brady’s tone throughout the essay is sarcastic and biting, highlighting the absurdity of the expectations placed on women in society.

Brady also points out the double standards that exist between men and women in marriage. For example, she notes that while men are free to pursue their careers and interests, women are expected to put their own desires aside and focus solely on their husbands and children. Brady argues that this is unfair and that women should be able to have the same opportunities and freedoms as men.


The main theme of “I Want a Wife” is the unequal distribution of labor and responsibilities between men and women in marriage. Brady highlights the fact that women are expected to do all the domestic work while men are free to pursue their careers and interests. She argues that this is unfair and that women should be able to have the same opportunities and freedoms as men.

Another theme of the essay is the double standards that exist between men and women in society. Brady notes that while men are praised for their independence and ambition, women are expected to be subservient and selfless. She argues that this is a result of deeply ingrained gender roles and that it is time for society to change its expectations of women.

Overall, “I Want a Wife” is a powerful critique of the gender roles and expectations that exist in society. Brady’s essay continues to be relevant today, as women still face many of the same challenges and inequalities that she highlighted over 50 years ago.


Q.1. What does Brady’s wife mean? Does this perfect wife really exist? Explain.

Answer: Brady refers to a woman who sacrifices a lot for her husband, takes care of all his needs, children, and housework, but this ideal wife does not really exist because the expectations placed on women are excessive and unrealistic.

Q.2. What special duties does Brady describe for a wife? How does she classify these duties?

Answer: Brady describes duties such as arranging appointments, cooking, organizing social events, and keeping the house clean. She classifies these duties into five general categories: caring for children, managing household chores, being sexually available, organizing meetings and events, and sacrificing one’s own career.

Q.3. What does Brady complain about in his own life? What does he think is the cause of his problems?

Answer: Brady’s main complaint is his inability to pursue further education due to his current circumstances. She is also overwhelmed by the fact that wives are expected to handle daily responsibilities such as housework, scheduling appointments, planning meals, and sacrificing their own careers. He believes these problems arise from the unfair division of labor between husband and wife.

Q.4. At what point does Brady consider leaving his wife? What would happen to the children if he left?

Answer: Brady mentioned that he would consider leaving his wife if he found another woman more suitable for the traditional wife role. If he leaves, he will leave his first wife solely responsible for the care of the children.

Q.5. This essay was first published in Ms. magazine. In what sense is this feminist publication appropriate for its audience? Can you imagine where else it appeared?

Answer: This essay is very suitable for a feminist publication because it serves as a critique of the expectations many men place on their wives. It focuses on the enormous amount of labor that women have to do to stay on top of their daily lives, much of which goes unnoticed or completely ignored by their husbands. This essay may also be suitable for the opinion section of a magazine.

Q.6. Does this essay have a clearly stated thesis? If so, what is it? If you believe the thesis is implied, explain it in your own words.

Answer: No, this essay does not have a stated thesis. I believe the thesis is that she wants someone to do everything for her that a wife does.

Q.7. Do you think Brady wants the kind of wife he describes?

Answer: He probably wants a wife who does all the things mentioned in the essay. This ideal spouse does not exist, but when you love someone enough they come close to it. I think that Brady wrote this essay because she was tired of female responsibilities around the house and wanted to go to school to learn and rise in society.

Ijoriya by Subin Bhattarai Book Review & Summary

ijoriya book summary and review

About Writer

Writer: Subin Bhattarai
Born on November 5, 1982, in Khotang, Eastern Nepal
Spouse Name: Anchal Sharma
Living Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
Popular Creations: Summer Love

Book: Ijoriya
Category: Novels
Publisher: FinePrint
Language: Nepali
Edition: 1st
Pages: 317
Weight: 200 g
ISBN: 9789937746595
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: 9th September 2022
Price: Rs.580.00

Unveiling the Meaning

“Ijoriya,” derived from the Maithili language, holds a significant symbolic meaning. Translated as “Moonlight” (जुनेली), this title perfectly captures the essence and lyrical quality of the novel. Just as the moonlight illuminates the darkness, “Ijoriya” shines a light on various aspects of life, weaving a harmonious tale that resonates with readers.


In the realm of Nepali literature, Subin Bhattarai’s novel “Ijoriya” has emerged as a powerful and enchanting creation. Released on September 9, 2022, this novel has captivated readers with its profound exploration of friendship, women, Madhes, liberation, love, and affection. Written in the eloquent Maithili language, “Ijoriya” transports readers into a world of emotions and melodies, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

Unveiling the Story

Friendship, the Essence of Ijoriya

At its core, “Ijoriya” delves into the intricate dynamics of friendship. It explores the unbreakable bonds that form between individuals, transcending time and circumstances. Through vivid character portrayals and heartfelt dialogues, Subin Bhattarai unveils the power of friendship as a pillar of strength throughout the novel.

A Celebration of Women

“Ijoriya” also serves as a tribute to women, portraying their strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit. The narrative beautifully depicts the journeys of female characters, their struggles, aspirations, and triumphs. It highlights the invaluable contributions of women in shaping society and challenges prevailing stereotypes, inspiring readers to appreciate and empower women in their own lives.

Madhes: A Land of Significance

Set in the backdrop of Madhes, a region in Nepal, “Ijoriya” captures the essence of its vibrant culture, traditions, and societal complexities. Subin Bhattarai skillfully weaves the cultural fabric of Madhes into the storyline, providing readers with a deeper understanding of its rich heritage and diverse communities.

Liberation: Breaking Boundaries

As the plot unfolds, “Ijoriya” explores the theme of liberation, both personal and societal. It delves into the struggles individuals face in breaking free from social norms, oppressive structures, and self-imposed limitations. Through captivating narratives, the novel inspires readers to embrace their true selves and pursue a life of freedom and authenticity.

Love and Affection: The Melodies of Ijoriya

Love and affection permeate every page of “Ijoriya.” The novel intricately depicts the intricacies of human emotions, exploring various forms of love: romantic, familial, and platonic. Subin Bhattarai’s evocative storytelling enables readers to experience the depth and intensity of these emotions, resonating with their own experiences of love and connection.


“Ijoriya” by Subin Bhattarai stands as a testament to the power of words to transcend boundaries and captivate hearts. This compelling Nepali novel intertwines themes of friendship, women, Madhes, liberation, love, and affection, creating a symphony of emotions that resonates with readers.

Through his eloquent prose and vivid character portrayals, Subin Bhattarai takes readers on a transformative journey, inviting them to reflect on the significance of human connections and the pursuit of personal freedom. “Ijoriya” is a literary masterpiece that shines a spotlight on the depth of Nepali literature and reaffirms Subin Bhattarai’s status as a visionary storyteller.

As readers immerse themselves in the pages of “Ijoriya,” they will embark on a poignant and melodic exploration of life’s intricacies. Subin Bhattarai’s novel invites us to embrace the power of friendship, celebrate the resilience of women, appreciate diverse cultures, break free from societal constraints, and cherish the myriad forms of love and affection that enrich our lives.

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