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Tesla is a Name of a car which is found in a Giga factory on Pubg Mobile. You need to click 3 buttons to start manufacturing a Tesla car. So first of all you find 3 Buttons to unlock the manufacture of the Tesla Car or build a Tesla Car on Pubg Mobile. I will show you these step by step:

  1. Drop on GigaFactory
  2. Find and turn on 3 buttons to manufacture a Tesla car.
  3. After pressing all 3 buttons your car will be constructed and you can use it.
  4. You also can find a Drop behind the Tesla Car.

To Drive Tesla In Auto-pilot mode first, you have to drive that car to the road and point or mark on the blue line on the map so the autopilot button will be unlocked. Then press Auto-drive and your car will drive automatically.

build a Tesla Car on Pubg Mobile

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