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What is URL Injection?

URL injection occurs when a hacker gets hacked into your site and create or inject a new random blank pages URL. These pages often contain redirection code that redirects your site to another third party site like porn, business sites, etc.

These injections can happen due to:

  • An unsecured server file directory in Cpanel
  • WordPress Nulled or Cracked Themes and Plug-ins
Url injection bot traffic on website

What happens when URL injection happens to your site?

  • Random URL will be index in Google Search Engine (Which will have an effect on SEO and Adsense will get deactivate from your site.)
  • Lots of Bot Traffic will visit your site. It will have an effect on Google Analytics report. (Unreal Bounce Rate, Unreal Page Views, Lots of 404 page redirection, etc.) It is also known as a DDoS attack.
Fix url injection on website by using cloudflare, bot traffic fix problem

How to Fix Url Injection?

2 Simple Steps to fix this:

  1. Create a Cloudflare account and register your site to Cloudflare.
  2. Enable Under attack Mode.

Then Just need to wait for a few days, the bot traffic will be blocked from your site.

Then Go to Google Search Console and remove unwanted random URL created by URL injection.