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How to create a storyboard?

Follow these steps to create a storyboard:

  • Pre-Production
    1. Story Genres
      (Romance, Friction, Horror, Thriller,Comedy, Sci-fi, etc.)
    2. Character
      -Primary (Main Character)
      -Secondary Character (Support for Primary)
      -Trisery Character (Villain)
  • Research
    Analyse location, stage planning, character looks, Environment & weather, etc.
  • Concept Art
  • Story Writing
  • Break Down
  • Scripting
  • Story Boarding
    1. Make a Short list
    2. Sketch it out
    3. Fill in details
    4. Fill texts
  • Production
    1. Modelling
    2. Texturing
    3. Rigging
    4. Animation
  • Post-Production
    1. Compositing
    2. Color Grading
    3. Color Correction

How to make a viral video?
I have explained how we can make a video viral in the following points:
Content Quality
The most important thing to get your video viral is its content quality. There many factors that should be included in your video to make your video go viral; I have listed some very important factors:
• Timely
• Informative
• Inspiring
• Audience Involvement

Include Video with
Your video must include a minimum of four (4) of the following points
1. Challenge
2. Money
3. Glamour
4. Unique/Creative
5. Prank
6. Emotion
7. Drama
8. Feature Celebrities