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Home Remedies for COVID-19 Corona Virus

Home Remedies for Corona Virus, covid 19, eat and care your body to prevent from corona virus

I was Corona Positive, so I have tried these home remedies for COVID-19 corona virus. It was a very difficult time for me because was feeling illness and weakness all over my body. Continuous Dry Cough, headache, and pain in my legs muscle, neck, and back pain. I haven’t gone to the hospital but I tried the home remedies steps mentioned above. It took me almost 2 weeks to properly recover.

Increase Zinc in your body

Boiled Eggs

Drink boiled Milk (1 cup per Hour)

Increase Vitamin-C in your body




Multi-Vitamin Tablets

Drink warm Water

Inhale Steam water vapour

Clean your mouth & Nose with Warm Water