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Dollar Card in Nepal

Nepal has also launched an International Payment Gateway, which is also known as the dollar card in Nepal. Most of the Banks have this Card Service i.e. (Nabil Bank, NMB, NIC Asia, etc.). With this card’s use, you can buy International goods from foreign E-commerce websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc., and can do many other International Goods and services transactions.

Dollar card in Nepal, some banks which provides dollar card

Use of Dollar card in Nepal

  1. Facebook Boost, Instagram Boost
  2. Google Adwords (Advertise your product and services on Google search engine, Google ads, etc.)
  3. International E-commerce Shopping (Amazon, Flipcart, Alibaba, etc,)
  4. Google app Purchase
  5. Game coin Purchase (Diamond, Gold, Top-up, etc.)
  6. Can be linked to Paypal Account
  7. Domain and Web Hosting Purchase
  8. International Education Course Online (Udemy, Skillshare, etc.)
  9. Netflix Subscription
  10. Google Console Account (Publish Android Apps on Google Play Store)

How to get Dollar card?

Steps to Get Dollar card

  • Bank Account (Nabil Bank, NIC Asia Bank, NMB, etc.)
  • Fill KYC Form(Know your Customer Form). You need PP size photo& Citizen Photocopy.
  • Then, Just load Cash to your card.

Dollar Card Details

NMB Bank is best to issue Dollar Card.

NMB Bank Charge Rs.500 to issue Dollar card and charge 1-time Rs.500 to load balance up to $500 for 1 year. No Extra charges, No Transaction Fee, valid up to 3years.

I have issued this card from NIC Asia Bank.

First of all you have to pay Rs.750 to Issue this card for 3 years of validity.
If you want to load the balance on the dollar card you just have to pay $500 on Nepalese Rupee. You will not have to pay the First service charge 1 time. If you want to Reload the balance on that card you have to pay Rs.250 per reload. The Bank will also charge 0.5 % on each Transaction.

When I ask NIC Asia Bank about Dollar Card, they forward me these details.

Features :
Limit: Maximum $500 within one year
Issuance Fee: Rs.750/-
Cash Load Fee: Rs.250( Free for 1st Load)
Transaction Fee: 0.5% of transaction Amount
Tenure: Valid for 3 years
Renewal Fee: N/A
It can be issued instant over the counter.

$ Card can be used for the below-mentioned segment,
1.International video streaming Service –Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar
2.Social Media Advertisement –Facebook, YouTube, etc.
3.International e-commerce platform –Alibaba, etc
4.International newsletter and Magazine Subscription
5.Payment to International Business Institutions.

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