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After Effects

3D House and Cloud.


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Step 1: Photo-> Select and Separate in a layer on Photoshop and save in PSD.

Step 2: Import in After Effects -> Import as (Composition-Retain layer size)

Step 3: Add Effect & Preset. (Fractal Noise) Add to Background Layer.

Factal Type-> Terrain

Noise Type-> Spline


key Frame-> Evolution -> 2X+0.0

Blending Mode-> Screen

Key Frame-> [Transform] Offset Turbulence -> 960, -2000

Dissort -> Corner Pin

Step 4: Cloud Shadow

Dublicate cloud Layer-> Facial Noise, Blending Noise=None

Toggle Switch -> Mode-> Multiply

Opacity -> Decrease


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Solid Layer- Gradient Ramp Text- Composition (Ctrl+Shift+C) Solid Layer- Complete Black Color Effect & Preset- Lens Flame on a black solid layer Null Object beneath the black solid layer Pen tool (Create Path) Null Object (mask path)-Copy & Delete Pen tool path pastes on position path of Null object. Connect Light center to the position of Null Object Toggle Switch- Blending mode(Screen) New Solid Layer Effect & Present- CC partial word on New solid layer CC Ball Effect & Preset -CC Ball

Solid Layer-3D

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Text-3D -> Create shape from Text.
Text-> Content (Add) Stroke- Color & Size
Delete-> Text
Shape from Text- Fill Color=None/ Stroke=18px
(Add)-Trim path (end value=0) -> (end value=100)
-Rotate Tool.
Charge classic 3D to Ray 3D
Geometric option-> Extrude Depth->Extrude Depth (increase value)

Ctrl-Y – Solid Layer

-Circle shape layer-> Stroke (Color&Size)

Ellipse path –Copy (Ctrl-C)

New Shape Layer Small Circle (Stroke None & Fill Color)

Trim Path

After Effects Shortcut Keyboard Key

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New Composition: Ctrl+N Composition Settings: Ctrl+K New Solid Layer: Ctrl+Y Solid Layer Settings: Ctrl+Shift+Y Full-screen any Panel: Place Mouse Cursor on any panel+~ Set Work Area “Start & End”: B & N Trim Time-line to work Area: Ctrl+Shift+X Add Footage/Image to Time-line: Ctrl+Alt+/ Fit Footage width to comp size: Ctrl+Alt+F Go to Next Keyframe: K Go to Previous Keyframe: J Go to 1 Frame ahead: PageUp or Ctrl+Right Arrow Go to 1 Frame Back: PageDown or Ctrl+Left Arrow Move Layer order Up or Down: Ctrl+Alt+UP Arrow or Down Arrow Shift Layer on Top or Bottom: Ctrl+Alt+UP Arrow or Down Arrow Toggle Hold Keyframe: Ctrl+Alt+Click or Press “H” Layer Start or End: “[” or “]” Trim Layer on the timeline: Alt+”[” or “]” Split layer: Ctrl+Shift+D Free Transformation Mask: Ctrl+T Precomposition: Ctrl+Shift+C Adjustment Layer: Ctrl+Alt+Y

Photoshop Notes

Step 1: Pick Polygonal Lasso Tool and draw a straight outline of a flag with the help of Shift bar. Start from down.
Step 2: After making an outline of a flag, use Stroke for a blue outline of a flag, i.e.  width: 10 px Color: Blue Location: Inside
Step 3: Fill the inner part of the flag with Red Color.
Step 4: Use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to make a circle shape for Sun. Then Press Delete for white Color to the Sun.
Step 5: For Moon, again make a circle with Elliptical Marquee Tool then use minus Elliptical Marquee Tool to Cut the Circle.

Step 1: Black Background

Step 2: Type Blood (White Text Colour)

Step3: Rasterize Layer

Step4: Rotate Image 90° CW

Step5: Click Filter, then Stylize Tab, the use of wind From Left to right. CTRL+F to increase wind effect

Step6: Rotate Image 90° CCW

Step7: Now select that text image layer and Go to channel tab, then add new select that channel layer then delete the text layer. After this add a new layer. Fill Red color to that layer. Press CTRL+D

Step8: Click menu Filter Gallery, Select Sketch Option and then Stamp

Light=20, Smoothness=5

Step9: Go to Channel, then Add New Channel (Alpha1)

Step10: use fx Bevel & Emboss.


Size: 5

Smoothness: 1

Press Ok

Step11: Now get back to Layer, then add a new layer and hide Blood layer by pressing the eye icon. Fill Red color to that layer.

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